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Tips On How To End A Boring First Date

Tips On How To End A Boring First Date

Be non-engaging.

Only talk about things you want to talk about. One-sided. But even so, not too much of that either, since you’ll show passion for what enjoy talking about. Of course, be polite, but engagement/active listening should be on a minimal level. Good, nice banal and boring topics include: weather, chairs, trees, plates, laundry, pencils…you get the idea.

  Go dutch or be cheap.

Turn that traditional pay set-up on its head (this goes both ways). If you’re not into the girl, go dutch or insist she orders with a coupon. If you’re not into him, make sure you get your own check and that you owe him nothing. However, when neither party has any expectations on billing etiquette, this might not be as effective. Then again, no one really likes a Scrooge.

  Pull out a “Red-flag.”

Depending on the cringeness-factor of the date, you might want to use this sparingly. You need to balance this a bit. Just reveal something about yourself that isn’t incredibly appealing but not jarringly horrendous. Keep it peachy. If it’s quite severe of a date, any of these standard remarks could be readily used:  “My ex…(anything)” or “You remind me of my Mom/Dad.”

  Plan a backup intervention.

This should only be used as a last resort. To deliberately end a date, you can come up with an excuse of an either urgent or unexpected significant event that requires your immediate attention. “My shift starts in 30 minutes.” “I promised I’d meet my friend for her birthday.” “I have to commute.” Avoid clichés like “I need to feed my dog” or overly dramatic scenarios like, “My cousin’s grandmother’s grand aunt is getting a CAT scan for her Alzheimers.” The more truth in your excuse, the better.

These tips are incredibly powerful. Like Ben Parker says, use them responsibly 😉 Good luck daters!

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