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How I Manage To Seduce A Faithful Married Man And He Fell Like A Toy (full story)

How I Manage To Seduce A Faithful Married Man And He Fell Like A Toy (full story)

First of all, let me make one thing clear – I do NOT approve of adultery and would never commit such an act against my husband. Adultery is a sin and an affront to your wedding vows, not to mention the insult to your spouse and the potential damage to your marriage, career and family. Of course, I’m speaking using my definition of adultery which may vary from what many people would say. Adultery is the act of cheating on your spouse which means having sex with another person without their knowledge and approval. So long as you and your spouse are in agreement, sex is just sex so why not enjoy it with others as well? It’s when you do it behind their back that it becomes a sin.

Thus while a man can commit adultery with me, that doesn’t mean I am committing adultery as my husband is fully aware of everything I do, or at least in general. It’s not like either of us keeps a scorecard or feels the need to report to the other every time we’re with someone else, but we also know that we are OK with it so long as it’s just sex.

I’ve always loved it when men pay attention to me. Seeing the lust in their eyes when they look at my boobs and ass, I feel so sexy and desirable knowing that they wish they could fuck me. It build my self-confidence and it’s a definite ego-booster to catch a guy staring at me when he thinks I don’t notice but even more so when he’s not supposed to – like a married man whose wife doesn’t approve of him looking up the skirt of another woman.

For the vast majority of married men, that’s as far as it goes – looking. Some will flirt a little which can be a little embarrassing for both of us when it gets to be ridiculous. But face it, 99.9% of men don’t cheat on their wives, at least not in a physically sexual manner. It’s not that they are all faithful and morally straight. Just look at how many married men were exposed in the Ashley Madison debacle! The reality is that most men don’t cheat because they’re afraid of getting caught.

This is where the thrill comes in for me. What does it take to make a husband desire me so badly that he finally puts aside his fears and take the irrevocable step to break his wedding vows? Even if I went directly to them, I doubt hardly any would accept an offer for sex and might even think I was just trying to entrap them.

The ultimate thrill then is after what can be even years of flirting and seduction that he finally takes me into his bed. When I feel his adulterous erection penetrate me it’s like I am taking his virginity again, taking something from him that he can never regain – his faithfulness to his wife. When he cums inside of me it’s such an incredibly emotional moment for us both as he literally is mating me without his wife’s consent.

My standard rule is I only fuck a married man once if he’s cheating on his wife. It’s sort of like the virginity analogy in that once it’s gone, what’s the point in doing it again? I have ZERO desire to be someone’s mistress. There’s just too much risk in that and the last thing I need is to get involved in someone’s divorce.

While I may not fuck him again, that doesn’t mean the thrills are over. In most cases these are men I know, often from church, so I see them every week or so afterwards, usually with their wife and family. I love the tingle I feel when he looks at me and I know he’s remembering how much he loved fucking me. It makes me feel so naughty to talk to his wife, who often may even be a friend of mine, and know that I had her husband and that now every time they have sex he is thinking about me instead of her.

Yet despite what the porn industry might lead you to believe, it’s not easy to find such men which makes it all the more special when I do. It would be easier if I was open to having sex with the serial cheaters but what’s the fun in that? The last thing I want is to be a notch on someone else’s belt!

Chapter 2 – The Hunt


People are always asking me where I meet the people I have sex with. The assumption usually is bars, nightclubs, that sort of scene. Well, as a married 30-something with two kids, I really don’t hang around those place too often and when I do, it’s usually with my husband or friends so it’s not like I’m looking to hook up. I believe Groucho Marx said something like, “I would never belong to a club that would have me as a member.” Similarly, in most cases I would never want to have sex with a man I meet in a bar – married or single.

So if I’m going to find someone to have sex with, then it would make sense that I take advantage of the places I spend the most time at. Although I’m not teaching this year, in the past the number one place I spent time at would have been school but this wasn’t an option. First off, it was mainly populated by kids – not what I go hunting for. Second, the surest way to get fired was to have sex with another teacher.

After school, the next “place” I spend time with is my church. This doesn’t necessarily mean the building but more the organization. Through the week I attend services, meet with my bible study group, assist with the youth groups, meet with our couple’s group, and generally just assist with administrative or other chores that need to be done.

People seem surprised at first when I say that my church is my primary source of hookups. Usually this changes when I start to explain my reasoning and they find themselves agreeing with my logic.

First and foremost, although this is somewhat cynical, a lot of people who attend church are there for show or because they’re dragged there by their spouse or family. A husband whose wife pulls him to church isn’t paying attention to the sermon… he’s looking at women like me!

A lot of people attend church for their kids, be it out of a sense of duty or guilt, it doesn’t matter. Same thing… what does a father do when he’s hanging around waiting for his kids to do their thing?

Some couples attend church because of problems they are having in their marriage, as if attending church will fix things by some divine intervention. Usually this is driven by the wife who think if only her wandering husband would get right with God then he’d be the husband she wants him to be. He’s just going through the motions of course but it brings out all sorts of possibilities.

Finally, church is considered “safe”. I can talk to a husband at church without raising the same level of attention as I would if it was at a store or restaurant. After all, it’s church, right? How could there possibly be anything going on between us in the middle of church?

Over the years I’ve fucked a half dozen or so husbands. They all have pretty much fallen into the same categorization – mid-30’s or early 40’s, usually successful in business but with a marriage that has suffered for it or maybe just getting boring. It would seem it would be easy to find these guys and seduce them but it’s actually quite a challenge. I would guess at least 90% of the guys I think MIGHT be a possibility never respond in a positive way and of the remaining, most of them may talk a big game but they never go through with it.

So it was with Donald. I’d known him since high school actually as he was a friend of Steve’s. We never dated, let alone had sex, and other than an occasional hello I never really got to know him until a couple of years ago when he and his wife decided to join our church.

Donald’s wife, Lindsey, was one of those “power” wives who immediately jumped into the middle of everything. While Donald pretty much stayed in the background, she was the one to always offer a prayer request, the one to volunteer for the latest committee, to drive the kids to their activities. Every church needs these sort of people yet at the same time she could be a little annoying!

Steve hadn’t kept in touch with Donald after high school so they renewed their acquaintance. I remember when he first introduced me to him.

“Hey Kelly, come over here a minute,” he’d called over to me after the service one day. At the time we only had the one girl and I was holding her in my arms trying to keep her quiet.

“Kelly, this is Don, remember him from back in school?” Steve said, “Don, this is my wife Kelly and our daughter Mia.”

Donald turned to me and I couldn’t help but smile as I noticed he gave me the quick once-over. It was summer and I was wearing a short sundress with spaghetti straps and no bra and I knew my nipples were poking through nicely. The short hem didn’t come even half way down my thighs to my knees and with my having to adjust to hold onto Mia it tended to ride up even more.

“Oh wow, so you guys actually got married!” Donald exclaimed, patting my husband on the back, “That’s incredible.”

I smiled and answered, “Yes, I knew from our first date that I was going to marry him. Just goes to show God works miracles.”

“Well I have to say, you’re looking great Kelly. Seriously, you look like you could still fit into that little number you wore at the homecoming dance.”

Donald’s face quickly reddened and I looked at Steve to see if he had caught it. In any case, Donald tried to apologize.

“Oops, sorry there Steve… I think that was after you had moved to California.”

Steve was gracious though, as he always was when someone complimented me. “No problem, I’m pretty sure I know the one you’re talking about and yeah, it was something to remember!”

“I think every guy at the dance remembers,” Donald chuckled and then realized he had probably quit while he was ahead – if he even was at this point.

“So anyways, all married with children now I see,” Donald quickly changed the subject. “I’ve got two of my own although we started a little sooner than you guys it seems.”

Donald looked through the crowd and then pointed in the direction of a group of kids. “That’s Chris my son, the one tormenting his older sister Taylor. He’s in 5th now and Taylor’s entering 6th.”

“Wow, I guess you guys did get quite a head start on us,” Steve laughed pointing at the baby in my arms.

“Let’s just say the wedding dress had to be a little big,” Donald said to Steve, winking. I was surprised he would be so flippant about it but then I could see where there was no sense in hiding it as sooner or later someone would start putting anniversary and birth day dates together.

I left the two of them to catch up on old times and no doubt, old flames. I’d met Lindsey briefly at a church dinner where we both were serving. Of course she had to take charge of everything which sort of drew the ire of a number of the older women who weren’t any too pleased at having this new girl tell them what to do. At the same time, the dinner went flawlessly and I had to admit that Lindsey had a lot to do with that. Afterwards I asked her if she would be interested in joining my bible study but with her schedule it didn’t work out so I asked if she and Donald would like to join our couples group. It consisted of married couples with kids still living at home so we barely qualified and had only joined a few months earlier ourselves. It was usually held at the church as the number of member had grown to where most people couldn’t host it at their home.

Lindsey and Donald became regular members of the group and as usual, Lindsey stepped right in and quickly dominated discussions. A few of the other women made some comments “thanking” me for inviting her which made me feel a little bad but then whenever something needed to be done, we always had someone ready to volunteer.

Personally I would’ve preferred a smaller group as often times it felt more like a service than a group meeting. My women’s bible study usually has four to five ladies showing up on any given day so it tends to be much more intimate and personal. Our couples meeting had anywhere from twenty to thirty people so intimacy was NOT part of the equation. On the other hand, it DID make it easier to socialize with the other people, especially the men, without drawing a lot of unneeded attention. This definitely worked to my advantage and in the past six months wince we’d joined I’d struck up a number of “acquaintances” with several of the husband. Nothing had come to fruition yet but at least the seeds were planted. Prior to this group we had belonged to a group for young married couples without kids which was similar in format. I’d managed to bag two of the husbands in the two years we belonged so hopefully I could do the same or better with this group!

One of the sessions dealt with marriage problems after the birth of a child. Afterwards during the refreshments I saw Donald grabbing a drink by himself so I decided to see what I could do to get something started.

“Hi Donald, haven’t had a chance to say hello since Steve introduced us,” I greeted him with my hand extended.

Donald shook my hand lightly, took a sip from his cup and smiled. “Well then shame on me for ignoring such a pretty woman.”

I smiled at the compliment. “So what did you think of tonight’s topic?”

Donald’s lips pursed as he seemed to try to come up with the right answer. “Well, honestly it’s been quite a while since we had to deal with this but looking back I can’t say we really had all the problems that were mentioned tonight. Of course it helped that I could afford a nanny to help out Lindsey with her schedule and all. How about you and Steve? Things still going well?”

“Oh yeah,” I answered immediately, “We’ve been so lucky with Mia. You know she slept the whole night through the third night home from the hospital? I woke up in the morning in a panic!”

Donald laughed. “Yeah, our first was sort of like that but just look out for the second one! Payback’s a bitch.”

Donald looked around furtively as if he was worried someone might have heard his last comment, Then he smiled at me saying, “Sorry, didn’t mean to offend any sensitive ears.”

“They’ll get over it,” I assured him, waving his comment away, “So 7th grade now, eh? You know I teach 8th grade so I have some idea what you’re facing these days. How’s the little princess doing?”

Donald’s eyes rolled. “Oh you got her pegged. Maybe we need a session on dealing with puberty!”

“Yeah, I imagine that can strain a marriage,” I said softly.

Donald took a couple of sips before answering. “You can say that again!” he finally huffed, more to his drink it seemed than to me.”

I suppose I could have pushed him for more on how his marriage was suffering but it seemed like we’d made enough progress for one evening. One thing I’d learned by now is that putting on too much pressure is the surest way to lose the fish off your line.

For the next few months that sort of set the tone for Donald and me. We never said much to each other any other time but after the group session we’d somehow always find ourselves at the refreshment table at the same time and exchange a few words. Gradually we would be a little more open and flirt just a little bit. Nothing serious, just more teasing than anything. I’d say it was more like his daughter would be doing with some boy in her sixth grade.

One night it was a little chilly and I had on a light sweater without a bra underneath with a pair of tight jeans that really hugged my butt. The sweater really wasn’t warm enough so my nipples were poking out like crazy. It didn’t help that the more excited they became, the better it felt when the material rubbed against them as I moved making them respond all the more!

“A little chilly tonight?” Donald asked me as I approached for our usual banter time.

“Yeah, they really need to turn up the heat, don’t you think?”

“Oh I don’t know, I’d say it’s about perfect right now,” he joked with a deliberate look at my boobs.

“Now Steve, behave yourself!” I joked, pretending to be embarrassed.

“Well, I always figure if a woman doesn’t want to be looked at then she would wear a bra,” he teased me.

“Well, if you weren’t staring at my boobs you wouldn’t know I wasn’t wearing one, would you?”

Donald just grinned over his drink as he checked out to see who might be listening. “Hey, don’t look at me. Every guy in the room was checking you out tonight – as if you didn’t notice.”

“Yeah but only one’s commented to me about my nipples,” I retorted.

“Are you complaining?” he said with a sly grin.

I checked out the crowd and saw we were pretty much obscured by the people standing around looking in other directions so I decided to try something.

“Maybe you’d like to do more than stare at them, eh Donald?” I practically whispered as I brushed my hand against my boob, rubbing my nipple for just a moment.

Poor Donald, I don’t think he was prepared yet for this as he reddened and set his drink down on the table.

“On THAT note I think someone might be looking for me,” he said hurriedly, looking over my shoulder to see if his wife was anywhere in sight.

“Meow!” I teased him, snapping my arm in a whip motion.

Donald just shook his head and walked away but I felt rather pleased with myself. That night I told Steve about my encounter.

“I don’t know Kelly, you may be playing with fire on this one,” Steve warned me, “That Lindsey is a tiger and if she ever thought for one second you were after her husband she’d tear your throat out! Besides, I don’t know how Don is these days but back in the day he wasn’t exactly a player.”

Steve paused and ran his fingers over my bare chest as I lay next to him in our bed. “Or is that it? You never bagged him in high school so now you’re going to make up for it?”

I grabbed my husband’s hard dick and moved my head down to give it a kiss. “Can’t a girl just want to get laid without some major philosophical hoopla?”

As I started to suck my husband’s cock, I knew one for sure… I was going to get laid that night!

Chapter 3 – The Seduction


The first move is always the hardest but that doesn’t make the rest any easier. As I expected, the next time Donald and I had our little banter session it was all about the lesson that night and nothing with any sexual innuendoes. I say expected because most guys are like that. They get a little carried away and then feel guilty. If I had tried to push I would have only intensified those feelings and likely lost him off my line.

The following week though I came a bit more prepared. The weather was still chilly so I wore a pair of black leggings with a long sweater that came to my knees almost like a dress. It buttoned down in front but I left it unbuttoned with a white blouse underneath that was mostly hidden so long as I kept the sweater closed in front of me – which I was careful to do all night as the blouse was also quite sheer. Of course there was nothing underneath it so not only did my nipples pop through, but their dark outlines could be easily seen thought the sheer fabric. Not exactly the type of outfit for general consumption but exactly what I needed to follow up my early success with Donald.

“You look much warmer tonight,” he started off and I was pleased that he finished with a nod towards my boobs which were pretty much concealed under the heavy sweater.

“Actually a little TOO warm tonight,” I sighed, “I wanted so bad to take this off but then I don’t think your wife would have appreciated.”

With that I allowed the sweater to part and reveal my boobs with my nipples in full display behind the thin material.

“I think you made the right call there,” he said, almost choking on his drink which he had just started to swallow when I parted my sweater.

“I wore this just for you tonight Donald,” I said as I moved in a little closer to him.

Donald looked away but then he couldn’t take his eyes off my breasts. He kept glancing away thought to be sure nobody was looking, especially his wife but she was at the opposite end of the room fully engaged in some debate over who knows what.

“So what do you think Donald… Like what you see?”

Donald took a long breath, more to stall I think before he had to answer.

“Kelly… I know we’ve been teasing and such but I’m not sure where this is going.”

“Going?” I asked innocently, “Who said it was going anywhere? I just wanted to show you my boobs a little better. Isn’t that OK?”

“So you’re still the slut, eh?” he came back, “I thought you and Steve had such a great marriage.”

“Oh but we do,” I answered back, “But that doesn’t mean we can each have some fun.”

Donald reached out and pulled my sweater together but in the process his fingers brushed against my breasts and I felt a tingle.

“Well, I can guarantee you one thing, Lindsey would never go along.”

“Who said anything about Lindsey? This is just between you and me.”

“Hey, it was great talking to you tonight Kelly,” he said hurriedly and then bolted.

I smiled as he hurried over to his wife. He hadn’t said no after all!

Then I got pregnant and once Donald learned it was like all sexual banter was off limits. It would have been funny had it not been so frustrating. One night when I was about five months and starting to develop a pretty nice bump, we finally crossed paths at the refreshments table after a few months of avoidance on his part.

“Well hello stranger,” I greeted him, “Seems like you’ve been avoiding me.”

“Why do you say that?” he asked, trying to be attentive while at the same time it appeared he was anxious to be someplace else.

“Well, for starters we haven’t talked in months!”

Donald nodded towards my protruding stomach. “I sort of figured you had other things to deal with than teasing married men.”

I know he meant it nicely but it still sort of irritated me. “Why do people think just because you’re pregnant that you don’t think about those things? I mean like did Lindsey do that?”

I wasn’t sure if he was grinning or what, sort of an in between look so I waited for the answer.

“As a matter of fact she did. Total off-limits the moment she found out.”

“Really?” I couldn’t help but blurt out. I know some women think sex during pregnancy is “dirty” or otherwise harmful to their child but that’s been debunked by every credible medical expert on the planet. In fact, my OBY-GYN encouraged us to maintain a healthy sex life as long as it was comfortable.

“Oh? What’s wrong?” I heard behind me and turned to see Steve standing there with an empty glass, evidently on his way to get a refill of punch.

“Oh nothing, we were just talking about tonight’s lesson,” Donald hurriedly said and then he quickly made his goodbyes leaving me alone with Steve.

“OK, so what was THAT all about?” he asked.

I tried to explain and as soon as I got to the part where Lindsey had shut off Donald when she was pregnant Steve couldn’t help but chuckle.

“I can believe it, she seems the type,” he said giving me a hug, “Not like my sexy slut wife who just gets hornier the further along you go. Speaking of which, isn’t it time we got home?”

I poked him in the ribs with my elbow. He knew why and he just hugged me all the more.

“OK, OK, sorry to push but I can’t help myself,” he sighed in my ear.

Of course he couldn’t – he’s a guy and guys can’t help but get horny thinking about the babysitters waiting for them at home. What could I say? She was a GREAT sitter and since she would be staying the night it really didn’t matter if we hurried home but I knew my husband better than to ask him to delay any longer.

I realize that I have many things to thank God for when it comes to my body but there’s one thing I never knew he’d blessed me with until my first baby. While some women put on lots of weight during pregnancy and turn into low-orbit blimps, people have told me even in my 9th month that from behind they couldn’t tell I was pregnant. Oh sure from the side I have a basketball under my shirt but it’s like all my weight gain is the baby without spilling over to the rest of me. The only exception, and one my husband really appreciated, was my boobs. Normally a solid B cup, it’s like the day I get pregnant they start to grow and by the time I’m in my 2nd trimester I’m actually a true D cup! Unfortunately it’s only a temporary benefit and within a few months of delivery they’re pretty much back to normal, my boob-obsessed husband LOVES my breasts!

Being I carry most of the weight with the baby, it also means I don’t have a huge problem getting back to my normal weight within a couple of months although muscle tone and such takes a bit longer. I HATE a few stray stretch marks but they are mostly hidden once I get back into bikini shape. Yes, I actually do wear a one-piece suit for a couple months after delivery, something Steve seems to find great joy in teasing me about as until my first baby, I don’t think I’ve ever worn one in my entire life.

In any case, things stayed pretty low-key between Donald and I during the summer months after my delivery. During the summer we only had group sessions every other week instead of weekly and even then attendance was low. It wasn’t until the kids were back in school that normalcy was regained. Donald and Lindsey were amongst those that pretty much took the summer off from group so I was happy to see them entering the room at our first meeting after the start of school.

Everyone seemed to have stories about back-to-school issues and so there weren’t any problems getting people to speak up like we have at times. Of course Lindsey had to be one of those to chime in on everyone else’s story and then finally she rose. There was something about her demeanor though that drew my attention – and those of the rest of the group. The always confident, always “in charge” Lindsey looked like she would burst into tears at any moment. Everyone suddenly quit talking and the room was deathly quiet.

“I know people think that Don and I have the perfect marriage with two wonderful kids, a nice home, and you name it. But something happened recently. We weren’t going to come back to group but I told Don we had to or else I would leave him. So now he can tell you what happened.”

I had no idea what this was all about, nor did anyone else it appeared. The room was filled with a stunned silence as everyone turned to stare at poor Donald who looked like he wanted more than anything else to just run out of the room and never come back.

Lindsey was seated now with her eyes focused on her poor husband like a laser. Any signs of tears had been replaced by something more akin to anger or revenge. Whatever Donald had done, she was going to make him pay for it. As curious as I was, I couldn’t help but think to myself, “What a bitch!”

Don stood up slowly and addressed the group. In a few quick minutes he confessed to having dealt with an addiction to pornography for most of his life, an addiction which he had apparently successfully kept hidden until recently. No mention was made of what Lindsey found or how she found it. It could have simply Playboys or something as dark as child pornography or anything in between. I guess in Lindsey’s eyes it didn’t matter. Porn was porn and for her husband to dabble was akin to cheating.

Donald finished by apologizing to his wife and then to the group for his behavior, promising to make good on his vow to Lindsey that he would seek counseling and make the necessary changes to his life. With that our pastor stood up and offered prayer for Donald and his family, and then for all men facing the struggles of addiction, be it porn or drugs or whatever. I’d wondered why the pastor and his wife had attended tonight as they normally didn’t. Well, in the future I’d be paying closer attention to those nights when he showed up!

Needless to say, Donald and I didn’t do our little dance around the refreshment bar afterwards. He and Lindsey quickly made their exit without so much as a word with anyone once we broke up. On the way home, Steve and I talked about the incident.

“Wow, that was pretty intense, didn’t you think babe?”

I sort of grunted agreement, still a bit weirded out by the whole thing.

“Thank God I have a wife like you,” he said sweetly, reaching over to hold my hand.

I couldn’t help but laugh a little at that one. “Yeah right. Imagine if I had got up and told them about YOUR porn collection!”

We both laughed together at that. Indeed, Steve had this giant hard drive which was practically filled with all sorts of porn. The only person I knew with a bigger collection was my dad and then only because he’d had more years to collect his. Still, Steve was doing a pretty good job catching up, especially with all the home videos he collected from various parties and get-togethers with other families and couples. At times I get a little worried that somehow the wrong people might find out what they have as much of it is illegal and would land them in jail or at the very least, brand them a sex offender for the rest of their lives. Back in the early days of the Internet, my father would download all sorts of crazy stuff but I know these days he stays off-line for the most part and doesn’t go near anything that would draw attention. Same for my husband. Fortunately they both have their own local sources so they don’t have to deal with the Internet Nazis.

“So what do you think?” I asked Steve who knew exactly what was on my mind.

Steve grunted which wasn’t really a response. Then he came back with, “I don’t know… hard call to make. On the one hand he’s in so much hot water and Lindsey is probably watching him like a hawk so odds are he’s off limits in any case, On the other though, I bet deep down he’s not happy about all this. You don’t do what he’s done for so long and suddenly go cold-turkey. You know… he MIGHT be ripe for the picking about now come to think about it.”

And people ask me why I love my husband so much! Like how many men would encourage their wife to seduce another man, especially one in the situation Donald was in right now? If anything I could tell he was turned on by the whole idea if the lump in his lap was any indication. I reached over to rub my hand over it.

“I love you so much Steve,” I said gently as my hand massaged his growing cock through his jeans.

“Oh you DO, do you?” he teased me. “Then why aren’t you sucking my dick instead of just playing with it?”

OK, so he had a point! I quickly corrected my behavior…

The following Sunday I didn’t see Donald or any of his family at church. It sort of worried me as I hoped nothing had escalated any further between him and his bitchy wife. The night for our next group meeting came and it looked like they were going to be no-shows for that as well when they came in just at the last minute before the opening prayer. Donald looked like a deer in the headlights and I was sure he feared the worst but everyone greeted them as normal and nothing was said one way or the other.

There were no surreal moments this night and afterwards I saw Donald standing alone and quickly made my way to him.

“Kelly… not a good idea,” he said as soon as I was within ear shot. I knew better than to think anything was going to happen with Lindsey on the prowl so I’d come prepared.

“I just wanted to say I thought your daughter did well at the service a couple of weeks ago and you should be proud of her.”

Their daughter had sung a short solo as part of the choir so it was a good thing to say to give Donald plausible deniability just in case anyone asked what we talked about. That someone being Lindsey of course. I reached out to shake his hand which at first he hesitated to accept but then took my hand just long enough for me to pass a note. A little old school but a heck of a lot safer than an e-mail or text message for which a permanent record would be maintained.

“Thanks Kelly, I’ll be sure to pass that on to her,” Donald replied, quickly tucking the note in his pants pocket without even looking at it. With that I left before his wife saw us talking.

On the way home Steve didn’t even get the car door shut before he was asking me how things went.

“Heck if I know Steve! For goodness sakes, I just gave him the note and for all I know he hasn’t even read it yet.”

“Well, he better not forget it’s in his pants pocket before Lindsey does the laundry.”

I giggled naughtily, “Oh I doubt he’s going to forget. I just hopes he flushes it right afterwards.”

It’s not like I had written him a long letter, just a single short note with an e-mail address and three words, “Chat With Me”.

“Hopefully he’s smart enough to not use his regular e-mail account or keep a history log going,” Steve remarked.

“He seems pretty smart,” I remarked.

“Yeah, then how did his wife find out?”

I had an answer for that one. “I was talking to some of the other wives and from what I hear, it’s not like she found some treasure trove of hard-core bestiality porn. Apparently all she found were some stories he’d downloaded from some porn story site.”

“Oh really?” Steve said, raising an eyebrow, “I wonder if it was the one you use?”

It sort of surprised me as Steve rarely mentions my on-line activities, most of which I think he tolerates more than anything else. From the beginning we agreed that so long as I kept it vague enough for us not to be identified and didn’t post anything illegal that he didn’t mind me having fun with my “hobby” as he called it. It WAS interesting, though, to think about what Donald had been reading. Wouldn’t it be amazing to find out that he was one of my “fans”? Even more so, what if he was one of the ones who contacted me and sent me tributes? Most of the guys who send those to me don’t include their faces so unless I saw Donald’s dick I wouldn’t be able to tell if it was him. In any case the odds were in the stratosphere that he would be one of those guys but it still made me feel a little tingle between my legs thinking of the possibilities. Then I thought some more and figured it was virtually impossible as he would have recognized me from any photo I might have sent him to use when he masturbated about me. Oh well…

Every night for the next week I checked that e-mail account which I’d set up just for him so it wasn’t like anyone else would be contacted me through it. Not so much as a peep though. The one night it was late and I was just about to shut down my iPad for the night when a message appeared.

“Kelly?” was all it said. My heart was pounding as I answered back. I didn’t ask who it was as I knew it could only be one person, even if the address was something totally unrecognizable.

And so started a series of chats that went on for a month! Sometimes they lasted for just a few exchanges, at others for as long as an hour. He was using his work iPhone for which fortunately his company allowed personal use as well so he could load personal e-mail accounts and even chat via them. Apparently this was a “benefit” he hadn’t told Lindsey about so for as far as she knew, all his personal communications were through his home phone with his work phone strictly regulated to work-use only.

We continued to see each other at church and couples meetings but stayed away from each other so as not to draw the attention of his ever-watchful wife. Still, there were those opportunities when our eyes would meet and I could see it in them… the growing desire that I’d been working so long to cultivate.

It wouldn’t be long now… I was sure of it. All we needed was the right time and place.

Chapter 4 – Another Notch In My Belt


It was October before anything could happen. In the preceding weeks we’d gotten more bold in our chats but at the same time, I can’t say we ever went TOO far. Flirtatious comments and lots on sexual innuendo but never anything like, “I want to fuck you.” No matter how secure the communications might be, I think he was still reluctant to say anything that couldn’t be explained away as just some flirting and playing around.

Then came the chat I’d been waiting for so long. I chat with a lot of people and many of them ask me if I masturbate when I chat with them. Usually I tell them no but even with those who I try to make feel better by saying I do – I don’t. First, it’s hard to type and finger yourself. Second, when I masturbate I like to concentrate on what I’m doing, not multitasking. This, however, was one of those nights when I laid in bed stark naked, one hand between my thighs as I typed awkwardly in response to Donald’s questions.

Was I available Saturday afternoon? That’s right, afternoon, not evening. Why not? Could I make it to a hotel on my own? Like duh. Then he explained that his son had an out of town soccer match with his travel team while Lindsey was going to take their daughter to a movie as part of a mom-daughter afternoon. That left Donald with a 3-4 hour window of opportunity, one he didn’t want to spend doing yardwork apparently!

I couldn’t help but feel a bit taken for granted when after I said it was OK with me, he gave me the room number at the hotel where he’d already made reservations. A little presumptuous perhaps? But then I really couldn’t blame him as it wasn’t like I’d given any signs of playing hard to get.

That was all and after shutting down I joined my naked husband in bed – not that he ever wore anything in the first place.

“You’re pulling my leg,” was his immediate response.

“No… I AM pulling your dick but not your leg,” I joked as a laid on my side and stroked his soft dick – a condition I didn’t expect it to maintain for long.

“A hotel room, eh? That cuts down on his time so why not just ask you over to his place? That’s what you prefer anyways, isn’t it?”

Steve was right, I WOULD have preferred to be invited over as it added a special element to fuck a husband in the same spent on the bed where his wife would be sleeping just hours later. Then again, I could see where Donald would be apprehensive of his wife noticing anything out of place or the slightest smell she didn’t recognize. Pretty risky when he wouldn’t have enough time to ensure the place was cleaned and ready for her return.

“Think he’d let me watch?”

“Steve!” I said, giving his now hard dick a little extra tug, just enough to make him jump a little and get the message, “You know better than that.”

Steve just shrugged it off saying, “Hey you can’t blame a guy for asking.” Then he brightened again with another “aha” moment. “Video?”

I didn’t even answer him this time but gave him a really hard tug this time and he got the message this time! My perverted husband. But I love him!

Saturday came after what seemed to be an eternity. Steve offered to drive me, an offer I gladly accepted as downtown parking can be ridiculous.

“Behave yourself now,” he said to me as he kissed me before I left to go inside the lobby.

“Oh I will!” I said with a roll of my eyes. I turned and walked away, fully aware that my husband’s eyes were fixated on my ass and legs which were on full display starting with my five inch hooker heels, thigh high fishnet hose, short skirt that barely came to the tops of the hose, topped by a skintight sheer white top with long sleeves that fit me like a glove and showed off every curve to its best. It hugged my bustline like Saran Wrap, my nipples showing through as if there nothing covering them at all. A gold chain around my ankle – a gift from my dad many years before, a wedding ring courtesy of my husband, a diamond cross hanging from a delicate gold chain around my neck, and half-carat diamond earrings were it for jewelry. With a skirt this short I wore a high waist thong which did little to nothing to cover my butt with just enough to keep my pussy covered, especially since I’d let my pubic hair grow for the past few months. Nothing too bushy but nicely trimmed and maintained.

I glanced back suddenly and sure enough, Steve was still standing there with his arms crossed admiring his wife as she trotted off to meet another man like a hotel hooker. I smiled as I saw I also had the attention of several other guys as well which was fine with me. After all, what’s the point in getting all dressed up if nobody sees you?

I entered the elevator alone, pressed the floor button and waved goodbye to my husband as the doors closed. It was like the doors were a symbolic transition point where I left my husband and now was offering myself to another man. Yes, I love my husband and I want nothing more than to be his wife, but for the next few hours I would be giving myself to another man. True, I wouldn’t be submitting myself to him as I did to my husband or father, but so far as he was concerned, I would be his for the taking so long as he showed me what I wanted – his lust and desire for me over his wife. So long as he satisfied MY needs, I’d make sure to satisfy his!

The room number he’d given me placed him on the 15th floor. I barely got started when the elevator stopped and in rushed a young boy in a wet bathing suit followed by what was likely his younger sister and harried mother. The boy pushed the button for the 10th floor and everyone settled in. I looked at the mom as she tried to gather all their things and then finally she got it together and noticed me for evidently the first time. I almost laughed when she quickly pulled her son closer to her, as if I was contagious or something.

“You know, I don’t bite,” I told her sarcastically. Then I couldn’t resist adding, “Unless that’s your thing.”

She looked about my age yet I could tell we had virtually nothing in common. She turned her attention to her kids and when she caught her son peeking at my legs she pulled on him to turn him around so he couldn’t see me. I don’t think the elevator could have gotten to her floor fast enough!

Finally I arrived at my floor and walked down the aisle until I reached the door with his room number. My heart was pumping as I took a deep breath before knowing softly on the door. Within a few seconds it opened and there was Donald, dressed in a nice pair of slacks, a long-sleeved dress shirt, and black dress shoes. I could smell the scent of his cologne and noticed he looked freshly shaven. Glancing at the bathroom as we stepped in wordlessly, I saw the shower had been used which accounted for the fresh look.

“Soooooo, here we are,” he said nervously as he closed the door behind me.

“Do you like my outfit Donald?” I asked, trying to lower the tension level.

Donald’s cheeked puffed and he let out a deep breath. “What can I say? You look… stunning.”

“I bet Lindsey never dresses like this for you, does she?”

Donald just shook his head as his eyes roamed over my body, noticeably lingering at my boobs and ass although he seemed quite taken with my legs as well.

“Well, then THAT leads me to a few quick rules before anything starts, OK?”

He looked at me with a curious expression. I guess he hadn’t planned on there being any rules to follow but I knew from past experience this was perhaps the most important few minutes of our encounter.

“OK then Donald, Rule #1 is that’s the last time we talk about Lindsey. From now on it’s just me and you, nobody else, got it?”

“Sure, no problem,” he quickly agreed.

“Good. Rule #2… for the next few hours I am your wife and you will treat me as such. In return, I’ll treat you the way a wife SHOULD treat her husband.”

He seemed a little surprised by that one but he didn’t argue, not that I expected him to, so I continued. “Rule #3. What happens here stays here. We never talk about it ever again. No photos, no videos.”

I added the last part as I’d seen his phone on the table by his room key and I wanted to be sure he wasn’t having any ideas about recording anything. Otherwise it was a simple rule and he had no issues so far.

“My 4th rule is you will treat me as a lady and respect me. Nothing hurtful, no tying me up, no biting and especially no anal sex.”

Donald hadn’t struck me as the kind of guy into anything kinky but then you never know. Sometimes those are the exact guys who ARE into it as their hidden personality is revealed. Better safe than sorry and get it out on the table now rather than fighting him off later.

Then for the big one. “Finally, I want you to promise me that you will never ever cheat on your wife again. And that includes anything with me. This is a one-time thing and I will NOT become your mistress or lover. I will do my best to bring your fantasies to life today and those memories will be yours if you ever think about cheating on her again.”

“You never mentioned this was a one-time thing,” he started to resist.

“Let’s be honest Donald, up until now we haven’t even really said what this was in the first place, have we?”

It was true in that everything leading up to know had been more flirting than actual straight talk. Never once had either of us actually said we wanted to have sex. It was all implied so now it was time to nail it down.

“Soooooo, tell me you want me Donald,” I whispered seductively standing in front of him in the middle of the room.

Donald looked more like the kid in the elevator now than a grown father and husband. His cheeks were flushed and his breathing was quick and shallow. Dang, I hope he wasn’t about to pass out!

“I want you Kelly… Oh god I want you so bad.”

He started to reach for me but then I surprised him by pushing him away. For the moment I was calling the shots…

“Just stand there Donald… don’t touch me… let me do it.”

I approached him and I could tell he wanted so badly to reach out and grab me but he followed my direction and stood there like a statue. I bent my knees and crouched down, my hands working on his belt and then the button on his slacks. I looked up at him and smiled as I slowly lowered the zipper. The sound of it opening seemed abnormally loud in the silence. Once it was down I reached for the sides of his slacks and pulled them down to his ankles. He was wearing boxer style underwear, black, that hugged him tightly and showed off the outline of his dick quite nicely. I placed my hand over it and gently rubbed it in small circles.

“Mmmmmmm, I’ve been waiting to do this for a long time Donald,” I whispered as I pressed my face into his crotch against the soft material of his underwear. I could feel the heat of his dick against my cheek even though for the moment he wasn’t erect. In fact he was surprisingly flaccid despite the size of the bulge. Most times by the time I get a guy’s pants down he’s already hard as a rock!

“You smell so sexy,” I sighed as I rubbed my nose into him. In fact he did! Yep, he had definitely showered before I’d showed up as I could smell the floral scent of the body wash. I had to say I was thankful for his consideration as some guys seem to think the musky scent of a sweaty crotch is somehow sexy… NOT!

I felt him placing his hands gingerly on my head but I pushed them away without saying anything. He got the message… it was my show for the moment.

“Let’s see what we’re working with here,” I said all business like as I leaned back and worked his underwear down to join his pants at his ankles. Out flopped his dick and my eyes widened at the pleasant surprise that greeted me. Damn, Donald was hung! Even though his cock flopped down the moment his underwear was no longer supporting it, I was impressed at the length and more than anything, the thickness. Wow, it was like a giant sausage! And talk about one of my favorite things… his pubic hair was incredibly thick and long, it was like a forest between his legs!

“Whoa!” I said, looking up at him with a smile as I balanced myself by holding onto his hairy thighs, “You never told me you were built like a porn star.”

“Well, you never asked,” he replied with a grin, obviously pleased that I was impressed. It was true, I rarely ask a guy about his dick as frankly, for the most part it really doesn’t matter to me so long as it works. The vast majority of men fall in the mid-range with more leaning on the small side than the large. I’ve never exactly been one of those girls who gets all fired up over a huge dick. If anything, they’re more of a pain – and I mean that literally! Still, I couldn’t help but feel a special hunger for Donald now, even more than before!

Grabbing his cock, I could barely get my fingers around it even now and it took almost two hands to grip him from stem to tip. He was circumcised and had nice brown ring around his dick to show for it. The head was HUGE and I couldn’t wait to get it in my mouth.

“Oh Kelly!” he moaned as I licked up the side of his cock and then around the head. I kissed the tip and ran my mouth along the shaft using my tongue and lips to wet him and make it easier to stroke him. I looked up at him and as soon as he saw me looking he averted his eyes away.

“You can watch me Donald,” I encouraged him as I stroked his cock slowly with my hand, “In fact, I LIKE to be watched when I suck a man’s dick.”

It didn’t take much to convince him! Keeping my eyes locked on his, I slowly took the head of his dick in my mouth. Damn, it was big and felt so soft and smooth against my tongue.

As I worked on his cock, Donald never took his eyes off of me. I knew he wanted to grab onto me but I wasn’t ready for that. I had a mission for the moment and until that was complete he would just have to wait.

Slowly, ever so slowly, his cock began to grow. In fact, I was worried at the start that maybe he was so worked up over cheating on his wife that maybe he wasn’t going to be able to get it up at all! Those fears were put to rest as I felt him swelling in my mouth, reaching further and further back into my throat as I worked on him.

“So you’ve never watched a girl suck your cock before?” I asked, taking a breather when his dick had poked down into my throat enough to where I barely controlled my gag reflex, “Really?”

Donald shook his head, as if he was afraid to trust his voice at this moment. His cock was rigid now and again I was impressed. Typically I find guys with larger dicks tend to have less firm erections. It’s amazing at times how much a small cock can grow in size, doubling in length and width or even more. In contrast, most really big dicks tend to grow only a small percentage and often fail to attain that steel pipe status. Well, Donald’s was the best of both worlds in that while it didn’t double in size (thank god!) it certainly did grow and it was amazingly stiff. I pride myself on being able to deep throat any cock but his was going to be a challenge!

“I want you to cum in my mouth Donald,” I said, preparing myself for what was to cum. I’d been stroking and sucking him for ten to fifteen minutes by now and my mouth was starting to get a little tired so time to complete my initial mission.

I didn’t wait for a response before settling down in front of him, taking a deep breath, and slowly pressing my face further and further into his crotch, taking his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. The trick to this was to get past the gag reflex and into your throat. Most girls I know that say they can’t deep throat are afraid to push past that point, thinking they WILL gag or worse, puke. I try to tell them that they WILL if they just keep it at that stage but if they just push through it as quickly as possible then it’s all downhill after that.

Well, that’s usually true. In Donald’s case I felt like I was taking a log down my throat but I was determined to do it. I wanted him to watch until his entire cock was in my mouth and throat, my face pressed into his pubic hair until my lips circled the very base of his dick. In the end I did it but I have to say, it was one of the most difficult ones I’ve done!

Pulling my face off of him, I gasped for air and smiled as I looked up at him in triumph. Without wasting further time I worked relentlessly on his cock with my hands and mouth until I felt him starting to thrust and I knew he was close.

“Cum in my mouth Donald,” I told him for the umpteenth time now, “Fill my mouth with cum.”

Donald grasped my head with both hands and this time I didn’t fight him off. He pulled me into him as I felt the first surge of sperm as he ejaculated into my open mouth with perfect aim. I knew he was watching as the next load shot across the gap between the end of his dick and my waiting mouth. Then I took him in my mouth and sealed around his shaft with my lips as the remaining loads of his adulterous sperm filled my mouth.

I held onto his dick as I looked up at him and opened my mouth, sticking out my cum-covered tongue for him to see. Then I closed my lips and swallowed, and then again to get the rest down. Reopening my mouth, I showed him that it was all gone and down into my belly.

Mission accomplished. I knew Donald’s first orgasm would likely be quick so now that it was over we could concentrate on having sex without worrying about him cumming inadvertently. We had a couple of hours so I wasn’t worried about him reenergizing at least one more time. Standing up, I licked my lips and grinned. “So tell me Donald, how did you like your first blowjob?”

Donald looked a little ludicrous standing there with his semi-flaccid cock while his pants and underwear hung around his ankle. But it didn’t keep him from grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

“THAT was insane!” he panted, almost as out of breath as I was.

“Well why don’t you take off those clothes now and get on the bed,” I said to him. I waited as he quickly stripped, carefully hanging his clothes over the chair.

“Oh no… take off the comforter,” I groaned as he started to just climb on top of the bed, “Have you ever SEEN what’s on them?” Indeed, just take a black light to any hotel room and you’ll be grossed out by what you see. At least the sheets have hopefully been washed!

Donald threw the comforter onto the floor and climbed in bed, laying on his back with his dick sticking up like a periscope from a sea of lush pubic hair.

“Watch me Donald… watch your wife strip for you.”

I swayed gently to the music in my head as I slowly stripped off my clothes for him. It’s always a question as to what order to go as different men have different fetishes. My policy is to strip such that the things he’s interested in the most are revealed last. In Donald’s case I’d noted he seemed fixated on my boobs which were still larger than typical having not yet lost all of their pregnancy “enhancements”. I’d say I was still a full size C in fact. It didn’t hurt that Lindsey was practically flat but then she was so skinny she didn’t have much of a figure to start with.

Even when I stripped off my thing I noted that while Donald certainly took an eyeful of my trimmed pussy, he was still locked in to my boobs so I took my time revealing them. By the time I was all but naked, my nipples were so hard that even exposure to the cool room air did little to affect them. I still had on my hose and heels and I debated quickly as to whether to keep them on or get nude. A lot of guys are turned on by hose and heels though for some reason Donald didn’t seem the type. I got the idea that he was a man who liked his woman stark naked in bed so I slowly rolled off my hose and kicked off my heels until I was standing before him as naked as the day I was born.

Well, expect for my jewelry. The wedding ring was staying on – I NEVER take it off no matter who I’m having sex with. The earrings weren’t a bother but I removed my ankle bracelet and cross as I didn’t want the delicate chains broken during who knows what was going to happen in that bed.

I slowly climbed into the bed beside the nude husband lying there anxiously waiting for me. This time when he put his arm around me I didn’t resist. From now I was his…

“Love me Donald,” I whispered huskily to him, “Love me like you’ve never loved anyone before.”

Donald gently pressed me onto my back as he laid on his side next to me. I watched with a smile as he ran his hands all over my naked figure, from my ankles to my neck with special attention to my boobs at first. Oh yeah, he LOVED my boobs! Then he leaned over and started to suck on my nipples as his hand moved down and pressed between my thighs. I opened them, inviting him inside. He fingers began to caress my pussy as his mouth and tongue played with my breasts.

“That’s it Donald, suck my nipples, use your tongue on them,” I encouraged him. He was rubbing his finger against my wet pussy so I reached down and gently maneuvered his finger to the entrance of my vagina and pressed him into me. He quickly took the hint and pushed his forefinger deep inside of me. I lifted my hips up to meet his finger, sighing as he fucked me with it.

“Kiss me,” I asked him softly, “Love me Donald.”

As our lips met and tongues collided, I was in heaven. YES! He wanted me, he desired me. I felt so much like a woman at that moment but I wanted more.

“Make love to me Donald,” I sighed, “Love me!”

OK, so a little theatrical but I wasn’t about to tell him that in reality, only one man COULD make love to me and it wasn’t him. That wasn’t the point though. I wasn’t asking him to make love to me so much as I was asking HIM to do it from that perspective. I wanted to take Lindsey’s place in his heart… and libido. I wanted him to remember making love to me as he had never done to his wife.

At the same time, I DID want him to love me. I wanted to feel loved, to be loved. I didn’t want him to just fuck me like a whore, I wanted it to mean something to him, to be something he would never forget as long as he loved.

At first I was a little worried that maybe I had rushed things along. It had been enough to get him hard the first time, what about the second? True, we’d been making out like teenagers on their parent’s couch for the last forty five minutes or so now, but was that enough time for him to recover?

Well, two things seemed to take effect. First, whatever feelings of guilt and nervousness that may have been affecting him before were evidently history now. Second, I knew he WANTED to fuck me and that, more than anything else, made me feel incredible. THIS was what I wanted from the first moment I saw him and his wife together. He wanted me… more than Lindsey, more than his own wife.

“Here, put this under me,” I whispered as I grabbed one of the pillows and tried pushing it under my butt. I lifted myself up and Donald positioned the pillow under me so it supported me in a more easily accessible position.

As much as Donald wanted to fuck me, there was something else he wanted first, something he’d never been able to do with his wife. Well, if Lindsey wouldn’t let him do it then I was more than happy! Donald worked his way until he was barely on the bed and put his arms under my legs, pushing them up with his shoulders as he lowered his face into my crotch.

“Mmmmmmm, somebody’s hungry for pussy I see,” I teased him nicely. “I hope you don’t mind but I’ve been letting it grow out a bit.”

Donald laughed, lightening the mood just enough. “Actually I love it this way. I want to make love to a woman, not a little girl.”

My pussy tingled. First, in anticipation but also at the way he’d phrased his response. He didn’t say he wanted to fuck me, he said he wanted to make love to me. I wondered if he had any idea of how significant that was to me?

For a self-proclaimed first timer, Donald wasn’t bad in the pussy eating department. No doubt with all the porn out there for a guy to learn from he had some idea of what to do to start. I probably could have given him a few pointers but then I didn’t want to make him think he wasn’t doing a good job so I just let him do his thing. Not that it wasn’t enough!

My first orgasm rocked me quickly as I was already on the edge before his tongue ever touched me. I moaned and cried out as I gripped his head and pulled him in tightly into my crotch. God it felt so damn good!

“Did you cum?” Donald asked me so sweetly after I finally collapsed back down onto the pillow.

“Are you kidding?” I gasped, “haven’t you ever seen a woman having an orgasm before?”

“Actually…” he didn’t finish the sentence but I got the message. Didn’t surprise me, that was for sure.

Without another word he pulled himself up and over me, holding his weight off of me as we kissed. Mmmmmmm, I could taste myself on his face and lips and I LOVED the scent of my pussy that now dominated over his cologne.

“Oh Kelly…” he whispered as I felt him pressing into me. Then he suddenly thrusted forward, driving the thick head inside of me as I felt like I was being split in two.

“I’m so sorry Lindsey,” he said as he pressed even deeper into me. I don’t think I was supposed to hear that last line so I ignored it and pretended I hadn’t. IF anything, it just made this moment all the better for me! He was mine now and he would never be hers again.

“Fuck me Donald… oh God fuck me hard!” I cried out, encouraging him to drive it even deeper. God, he was so big inside of me!

I was happy that I had blown him to start as now he seemed to be able to go on forever without cumming which worked out well as we tried out various positions on the bed. Finally I was riding him cowgirl, slowly rocking forward and back as I took the moment for us both to relax and catch out breaths yet at the same time, I didn’t want his dick out of me for one second more than necessary.

“You’re incredible Kelly,” he groaned as he held onto my bare hips while I gently worked his dick in my pussy. “I’ve never felt like this before!”

This was perfect… exactly what I had dreamed it would be. Donald’s body and mine were joined together as one, sharing our mutual lust and needs as only sex can achieve. I loved the feel of his thick pubic hair smashed against my pussy as I took his dick inside of me. To look down and see his cock all but disappear inside of my body while at the same time feeling him within me, was just beyond words. The way he looked at me, the animal lust and sexual desire that consumed him, made me feel so good about myself. I felt sexy, beautiful, like I was the most important woman in the world at that moment.

I was about to answer when suddenly this shrill tone went off. What the heck? It was his cell phone which had somehow found its way to the table next to the bed. When had he moved it? And why was it going off now anyways?

“Oh my god, it’s Lindsey!” he almost choked. “I’m so sorry Kelly, I HAVE to answer it or she’ll know something’s up.”

“Well, answer it then,” I replied rather smugly as I sat down and imbedded his adulterous cock firmly inside of me.

“But I can’t with you…” he pleaded, obviously expecting me to somehow disappear.

“I told you, I’m your wife now so you can make love to me while you talk to her.”

The phone was going off and we both knew he had only seconds before it went to voice mail and he would have to explain why he hadn’t answered. For him it must have been his worst nightmare while for me it was more like a dream come true. Once before, a LONG time ago back in my college escorting days, I’d fucked a guy while he talked to his wife on the phone and to this day I recall it as one of the most erotic sex moments of my life. It was one of those things that you figure happens once in a lifetime but it appeared as if now lightning was going to strike twice.

“Hi honey,” he answered, trying to breath heavily into the phone, “Sorry, I left the phone in the other room.”

“Speaker,” I mouthed to him. He wasn’t exactly thrilled by the idea from the expression he gave me but I threatened to reach for the phone if he didn’t so he pushed the screen and I heard his wife’s shrill voice.

“We just got out of the movie so I want to check on you. Is everything OK? You sound a little out of breath.”

I wiggled my butt around Donald’s dick as he tried to keep his composure saying, “I told you, I had to run from the other room. Sorry. How are things going?”

I started to slowly rock on his dick, picking up the pace. He’d been almost ready to cum before we were so rudely interrupted… could I get him to cum now?

“Oh the movie was perfect… you would’ve hated it of course.

Donald couldn’t answer any further as I was working his cock with my pussy, squeezing on it as I starting to lift myself up and down on his shaft. I could hear Lindsey telling her daughter to run over to get something and then she was back on the phone.

“Don, I really do mean to thank you for being so thoughtful today. I know things have been rough. Maybe tonight when I get back I can thank you more personally.”

Despite dealing with his wife at the very moment he was committing adultery, some things in nature a man can’t control. When his dick wants to cum… it cums. As Lindsey went on, telling him she wanted to start fresh and that she loved him, she had no idea her husband was at that very moment having an orgasm, spewing his adulterous seed into another woman’s pussy.

“Oh I love you!” he burst out as he drilled his dick as deep into me as he could, filling me with every drop of his sperm he could release.

“I love you too Don,” Lindsey replied, thinking that he had been talking to her. Well, I knew better!

“We should be home in an hour or so. I think we’ll save the restaurant coupon for another time. We filled up on popcorn and candy at the theater. See you soon. Love you!”

With that the phone went dead and Donald dropped it on the bed next to us. I sat on his hips, luxuriating in the feel of his now spent dick still inside of me. Oh my god, how could this have worked out any better?

“I don’t believe this,” he groaned, almost like he was in a daze.

I bore down and gave him a squeeze. “Well, you better believe you just fucked the hell out of me. That was perfect.”

I lifted myself off and his cum immediately started to pour out of me like a thick soup, covering his dick. I got between his legs and eagerly licked him clean, enjoying the flavor of the mixture of our cum.

“That was SO cool when you came inside of me while you pretended to love her.”

Donald had cum twice now and like most men, it was like all his horniness had left him with his cum as he laid there with his eyes tightly shut.

“You know Kelly, I really do love her, even if she is a bitch sometimes.”

I moved up and laid alongside of him, my warm naked body pressed in tightly against his hot nude form. My boobs were pushing in against his chest and I lifted my leg over his such that my wonderful pussy was pressing into his hip bone.

“Whatever, but you can’t tell me though when you were cumming inside of me that you were telling HER you loved her.”

Donald put his arm around me and pulled me in tight. “You got me there.”

We lay there quietly for a few minutes, our bare bodies pressed tightly together. I felt utterly at peace. Yes, THIS was how I achieve my self-worth and ego. What I’d just done was something not many women could do and felt so sexy and desirable. It was like I could walk on air! My hand curled around his well-used cock as I marveled at how wonderful it had felt in me. Mmmmmmm, I wanted it back in me again!

For better or worse though, that was something that I would never experience again as Donald gently pushed me aside.

“I really have to go Kelly… she’ll never understand if I’m not home when she gets there and besides, I can’t have her smelling you on me!”

I sighed, expressing my desire for more of his love yet understanding it wasn’t possible. I watched as he quickly dressed and wondered what he would do when he got home to rid the smell of perfume and sex from his clothes and body. Oh well, that was his problem. I’d gotten what I wanted so whatever happened wasn’t my concern. Of course I didn’t want Lindsey to find out, what I meant was I wasn’t concerned about the details.

Greg came over and kissed me on the cheek. He took the opportunity to run his hands along the length of my body and grab one last feel of my breast. Then he was gone.

I stretched out in the bed and thought about what had just happened. I couldn’t wait until the next time I saw Lindsey. While I could never even hint to her what I’d done to her husband, I could at least savor the knowledge that her husband was forever going to be thinking about me whenever he was in bed with her. Oh well, she deserved it in my opinion. Had she performed her marital duties properly her husband never would have been in this room today to begin with!

I really hadn’t looked at the room very closely but it was actually quite nice. Not a suite but bigger than average with a nice minibar. Hmmm, Donald was paying so why not?

Another thought came to mind. I called my Aunt Linda and asked if she was up to a last minute babysitting request. What can I say, she’s always been great to me and she wasn’t letting me down today either. She DID say she had something to attend to later in the evening so I hurriedly called my husband.

“Steve… I’m sitting in an empty hotel room and I need to be fucked.”

Hey, the room was paid for so why not?


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