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Two Camp Counselors In A Sex Romp At The Camp (full story)

Two Camp Counselors In A Sex Romp At The Camp (full story)

Each summer, while I was in college, I worked as a camp counselor at a sprawling 200 acre camp deep in the woods on a private lake. For ten weeks each year , the woods were full of inner city kids bussed in by well-meaning people who thought that it would make kids turn out better to spend time in the wild. From what I saw of the kids, most were already turning out pretty ok, but if it made some rich old guy feel like a hero for given kids a nice vacation, who was I to stand in their way? Besides, the pay was good, and there was also Shanni.

Shanni was hired in as a counselor my second summer there, and it was lust at first sight, plain and simple. She was a petite little thing, only coming up to my chin, but what she packed in her small package was dynamite! Her legs were tanned and toned, her butt was firm enough to bounce quarters off, and her upper body was perfection in action. Top it all off with pixie cut blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes, ad she was dangerous for me to be around.

And of course, she had to pick the seat next to me at orientation. We all sat in a ring under a canopy of trees outside the main lodge while Brother Ken, looking uncomfortable in his jeans and collar shirt filled us in on the rules and regulations of camp. Since it was a “church run” camp, there would be NO “hanky panky” allowed. Shanni leaned over to me and whispered “Are you into hanky, or do you prefer panky?” When I turned to glare at her, I noticed her dancing eyes above cheeks dusted with freckles. Inwardly I groaned, “Oh sure. Of COURSE she has freckles.” (There are a lot of weaknesses I will admit to, but a girl with freckles has a head start in getting my attention.)

Somehow I knew it was going to be a long summer. I had no idea how right I would be.

During the first week of orientation, I was in a special form of hell reserved exclusively for those with way too many hormones and nothing to do with them. First it was lifeguard testing, where I had to endure watching Shanni in her sexy one-piece giving mouth to mouth to a dummy: when she caught me staring, she winked and slipped the dummy the tongue. I hated that dummy.

Next up, during softball, she kept pushing me off base, using her hips and butt, making sure to grind against me every time she got on base. Finally, when I grabbed at her and physically held her away from me, she whispered “Wouldn’t you like to get in some bating practice with that thing?” while quickly running a hand across the front of my shorts where nobody else could see.

Finally, I decided that the only way to deal with such a flirt was to ignore her completely, a tactic that was a form of hell in and of itself, as it seemed to make Shanni insane, and drove her to even more outrageous forms of flirting. She took to unbuttoning her shirts another button, and making sure to bend over to pick things up whenever I was around, and all the other tricks girls seem to just know will drive a guy wild. Each night I went to sleep frustrated, and slept badly while half dressed Shannis pranced around in dreams that got dirtier as the nights went by.

On Friday night, I thought my torture was over, as the next day almost all the counselors would be gone, and I would have a day or two before the campers showed up to take my mind off Shanni and her incredible body and even more incredible promises she had made with it. I packed up my week’s worth of dirty clothes and headed off to the tiny laundry room built under the main lodge. I figured if I couldn’t clean up my mind, I could at least clean up my clothes.

As soon as I arrived in the laundry room, all thoughts of quickly doing my laundry flew right out the window, as someone else had beat me there. Just as I walked in, the drier buzzed, and stopped, joining the quiet washer. I fumed a little, then realized that I could either be a grump and do laundry later, or I could take the dry stuff out, put the wet stuff in and start my laundry as I had planned. But I could hardly take the dry stuff out and just dump it somewhere, so I started doing the nice guy thing and folding the clothes and putting them in the basket on the floor. Shirt, shorts, sock, panties…whoa. I was folding a girl’s laundry. Suddenly I was afraid whoever owned the panties would come in and se me standing there and get the wrong idea. I folded them quickly and dropped them in the basket, blushing furiously.

Now I was torn- finish folding the laundry and hope for the best, or just sneak off and come back later? I finally gave in, figuring whoever belonged to the laundry would not ask too many questions if they came in and found it all done and folded for them, but might make inquiries if only half were done. I picked out the next article of clothing and nearly dropped it- the bra that matched the panties: sexy, silky and very, very sheer. I let out a low whistle of appreciation.

“It looks even better on, you know.”

I froze. I knew that voice, and knew I was in trouble, even before Shanni stepped into the room and closed the door. She stood there for a moment staring at me, allowing my gaze to travel up her legs to the hem of her oversized t-shirt. For most of the summer, the girl counselors seemed to live in oversize t-shirts, swimsuits and shorts. It was a good look on most, but devastatingly hot on Shanni. “Now, some people,” she teased, “might have a problem with someone else doing their laundry, but not me. If that’s the only way I can get you to touch anything of mine, I’ll take it.”

I tried to remain calm as I kept folding. “What do you mean, Shanni?”

She angrily grabbed a sock away from me and matched it to one from the drier. “I mean is there something wrong with me, or is it you? I’ve been practically throwing myself at you, and you are definitely NOT responding, so what is it? You don’t like blondes? You don’t like women? You think I look stupid or something?”

I stopped folding her clothes to stare at her. “Shanni, I can guarantee you there is not a thing wrong with you. You are amazingly beautiful, your eyes are gorgeous, your freckles are extremely cute, your lips…”

I didn’t get any further, as she had dropped the socks and was kissing me with those lips. I kissed her back, and felt her melting into me. Suddenly the annoyingly flirtatious girl was gone, and an extremely desirable, shapely and hungry woman was in my arms. On one level, I knew Brother Ken would say it was wrong, but the rest of me was screaming “Damn! She feels better than she looks!” My brain shut down while my whole body suddenly felt like it was on fire, and I guess she felt something too, because she suddenly broke away from me and stepped back, breathing hard. Before I could say anything she had turned around and locked the door, and turned off the lights. Quickly she turned back and was in my arms again.

We kissed deeply, tongues teasing each other while our hands roamed freely, caressing, teasing and exciting as they went. As I trailed kisses down her jaw line and began nibbling along the collar of her t-shirt, she whispered in my ear, “Took you long enough to make a move, sport.” I moved back up to kiss her again, and then planted a kiss on the tip of her nose. “How’s this for a move, then?” I teased, picking her up to set her on the washer. Now we were eye to eye, with her legs draped loosely around me. She smiled wickedly, then grabbed the hem of her shirt. “My move then?” she asked, eyes wide with fake innocence. I nodded, watching with hungry fascination as her beautiful body, clad only in a peach colored swimsuit was revealed. “Your move,” she commanded, tossing her t-shirt on my laundry pile.

Knowing what she expected of me, I moved my hands to the buttons on my polo shirt, and then at the last minute leaned forward to plant a kiss on her left breast. Her nipple responded immediately, suddenly hard and tight, straining to find a way through the clinging fabric of her suit. She gasped loudly into my hair as I repeated my actions with the other breast, then came back to the first one. As I nipped at her sensitive tits, she wrapped her arms around my head to hold me in place, while grinding out “Good move” between clenched teeth.

Her legs came up and clutched me to her as I continued to tease and torture her breasts, until she suddenly pushed me away from her. We stood like that in the semi darkness for a full minute or two, the oily light of the sunset through the windows floating across the room like an unspoken question. We were breathing heavy and thinking madly, weighing options. We knew this was either the point we had to stop, or the point of no return. I knew what my body wanted to be the answer, but was not sure about her and how far she wanted to go.

After what seemed like an eternity, she leaned forward to brush a gentle kiss across my lips, then put her hands on either side of my head so she could look deep into my eyes. She stared deeply as I tried not to move, not to influence her decision. She must have liked what she saw, because her continued light, sweet kisses started to get deeper and firmer. Her hands slid down to my chest, where she pushed gently to break a particularly long kiss. She had to know how much I wanted her by now, but all she did was smile a soft smile, and whisper: “Don’t move.” I watched in curious wonder as she crossed her arms over her chest, and ran her hands over her arms to her shoulders. Before I knew for sure what she was up to, she had grasped the straps to her suit and peeled it off her shoulders. With much wriggling and shuffling, she managed to roll it over her breast and shimmy it down to pool around her waist. In the sunset, her skin shone like some magical being, her nipples hints of color amongst the lightly freckled skin of her chest. I swallowed, deeply aroused by her little show. “Can I move now?” I asked, reaching out to cup her breasts. “Please do,” she demanded, leaning into my palms while pulling insistently at the hem of my polo.

Quickly I stepped away from her, reluctantly letting her legs drop from around me so I could strip off my shirt and shorts, while stepping out of my docksiders. I was just about to remove my boxers when she hopped off the washer and grabbed my hand. “Let me,” she begged, shimmying the rest of the way out of her suit to stand before me naked. I gladly let her take over, allowing me to drink in the sight of this gorgeous woman kneeling in front of me as she slid my boxers down, pulling them out to allow the waistband to pass over my rigid cock. She growled appreciatively, then leaned forward to trace the tip with her tongue. Her touch was electric, sending delicious shocks through every inch of me. As I surged in response to her kisses, she groaned. “I know, I know,” she consoled. “Ordinarily I would take my time and enjoy this almost as much as you, I’d lick and suck and pay attention to you, but I just can’t tonight. I want you too damn much.” She stood up and hopped back on the washer, landing with a slight squeak. “Quick,” she begged, “come here and warm me up, this things cold!” Her hands were insistent, her arms surprisingly strong as she pulled me to her. I hesitated just against her opening, feeling the heat coming off her in waves, smelling her excitement as I started to tease her lips, almost touching, then moving away. “You have to promise me something,” I whispered between frenzied kisses. She rolled her eyes, and then kissed me hard. “If I promise, will you hurry up and fuck me already?” I slid my hands down her back to pull her closer to the edge of the washer, and moving backwards myself at the same time. She whimpered at me, pouting through a kiss. “If you promise,” I told her, “I will fuck you so hard you’ll still feel it tomorrow.” She giggled, nuzzling my neck. “I promise! I promise! Now fuck me already!” She suddenly stopped her kisses and pulled back to give me a look. “Wait a minute,” she paused, “What did I just promise?”

I held back for just another moment, feeling myself straining to close the last few millimeters between us. “Promise me that we will do this in a bed next time.” She pulled at my head, trying to get me to stop holding back. “I can promise we can do this in a bed tonight. I will promise we can do this in the lake tomorrow, on the swim dock in the moonlight, hell, I can even promise we can do it in front of the whole camp if that’s your thing, but for god’s sake make good on your promise already!” She ended with a whimper, her entire body taught as a bowstring.

With a final deep kiss, I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her off the washer while I slammed into her. She screamed in my mouth, then threw her head back and gasped at the heavens as I continued to fuck her. “God!” she breathed, “I’d hoped it would be good, but this is so fucking good. More, pound me harder!” Her arms locked tight around my chest as her legs encircled my waist squeezing with every thrust.

I kissed her shoulders and began to work my way down to her bouncing breasts, finally taking her right one in my mouth where I sucked on it hard. She groaned deep in her throat, then grabbed me by the ears and pulled me away from her chest. “Later.” She promised, “You can have that later. For now, I want you to fuck me like you promised. I want you to make me crazy, fill me up with you.”

I reached around behind her and hit the power button on the washer which started to rumble around beneath her, and pulled her towards me. “Hang on,” I cautioned, then, taking a deep breath I pulled out and then began to plunge in and out as fast and hard as I could. Before either one of us knew what was happening, we had found our rhythm, and along with the bouncing of the washer we rattled towards the stars, trying hard to keep everything quiet in case one of the Brothers or Sisters happened to walk by. Somehow, the chance of discovery only added to the arousal, and we both kept panting our way towards climax.

Shanni lifted her head form my shoulder and gasped in my ear, “I’m going to explode any moment!” I kissed her and kept pumping in and out of her, feeling her muscles grip and shudder with each thrust. I didn’t say a thing, just kept pushing harder and faster, as if I could climb inside and send her flying off in a wild burst of emotion. Finally, with a low, drawn out moan, Shanni started to shiver in my arms, her head dropped back and her eyes squeezed shut, sheer bliss across her face. I had thought her beautiful before, but seeing her back arched in spasms of pleasure, body coated with a fine sheen of sweat sparkling in the last rays of the sunset, hair tangled from our lovemaking: she was absolutely stunning. I paused to let her enjoy the sensations of her orgasm, then as she began to settle down from her intimate high, I slid slowly in and out, beginning to pick up the pace as her ripples of pleasure made me harder than I’d thought possible. Just as I hit a pattern that was driving us both crazy, the washer switched cycles, causing the machine to rock side to side in a wild manner. Between the rocking of our bodies and the shaking of the machine, Shanni triggered another orgasm, and this time she took me with her. The room spun, the sun went out and my entire body exploded. I had never felt anything so intense!

After she and I came down from out joint bliss, we quickly separated and got dressed. In the middle of all our fun we had managed to knock over my laundry basket, as well as her laundry and the powdered laundry soap, so we had clothes strewn everywhere, and had barely retrieved them all when Sister Agnes came down in her big orange bathrobe to do HER laundry. “You two should probably not be in here alone,” she cautioned, “People will talk, you know. Of course,” she said as she helped us to the door with our clothes, “I know better, I am sure I can trust you two to behave.” She may have trusted us, but that didn’t stop her from standing at the top of the steps and watching to make sure we got back to our own cabins before she turned and went in to clean her clothes. This is why she missed seeing Shanni sneak through the woods, and down over the hill, to knock on the window of my cabin and ask to finish what we had started in the laundry room.

It turned out I had been right- it was going to be a long summer. And I intended to enjoy every moment of it!

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