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I Sat At The Back Row In The Cinema So I Could Fuck The Stranger I Liked (full story)

I Sat At The Back Row In The Cinema So I Could Fuck The Stranger I Liked (full story)

Memories of being with the stranger haunt me. I want him so badly. I want to feel his lips on mine, his hands caressing my body, his naked flesh rubbing against my skin, his hardness deep inside me. I can’t get him out of my mind. At night I often get out of bed and go to the window to see if he is there. Sometimes I go downstairs and open the backdoor.

Last night I made my husband fuck me. At first he said he was too tired, but I was relentless. I went down on him. The taste of the whore he has been fucking at work was still clinging to his penis. I didn’t care. I climbed on top and slipped him into my vagina. He quickly ejaculated inside me and pushed me away. I went to the bathroom to finish my orgasm. He was snoring when I returned.

I am surprised when my husband asks me if I would like to go to the movies. We hardly ever go out together. I wonder if he is feeling guilty for fucking his secretary behind my back. It only took a few phone calls to find out whose pussy was on his cock last night, and that it has been going on for quite some time. He knows that I know. It should bother me, but it doesn’t.

Since it is kind of a date, I wear a comfortable but casual dress. The downtown theater is an old renovated movie house. When we enter there are only a few other people scattered about. We sat in the last unoccupied row at the back. Someone slides into the seat beside me after the movie begins. It seems strange he would pick this one. There are plenty of empty seats.

I stiffen when he drops a hand on my thigh. I push it away and turn to confront him. The light from the screen flickers across his face. My breath catches in my throat. It is him – the stranger who fucked me in the kitchen. My body immediately responds to his presence. My heart pounds in my chest. My nipples swell with excitement.

He drops his hand onto my thigh for a second time. I look over at my husband wondering if he will notice. His eyes are glued to the screen. I have a light sweater with me because it often gets too cold in the movie theater. I drape it over my lap to hide the stranger’s hand. His fingers slide up my inner thigh. I spread my knees encouraging his actions.

I can already feel the moisture bubbling between my legs. His hand continues up my thigh. He cups my pussy through the cotton panties I am wearing. His finger traces the outline of my gash. I scoot lower in the seat and push against him. I gasp when he touches my clit. He pulls the crotch of my panties to the side and pushes a finger into my steamy passage.

I look at my husband to make sure he is still oblivious to what is happening. He is totally absorbed with the movie. I slide my hand into the stranger’s lap and find his growing erection pushing out from his jeans. I rub along its length and feel it grow even bigger. He pushes a second finger into my pussy. His thumb finds my clit and rubs it in circles.

I pull down his zipper and slip my hand into his pants. My fingers touch the naked flesh of his hard penis through the opening in his boxers. I grip him the best I can but it is difficult to do. I move my thumb over his swollen knob and feel a slimy fluid seeping out from the little slit on top. I want him in my mouth but know it is impossible with my husband sitting next to us.

His fingers dig deeper into my pussy. His thumb is torturing my clit. I shamelessly squirm against him. My breathing becomes heavier. I am so wet the secretions are trickling down my butt. If he keeps it up I’m going to climax. It doesn’t matter that my husband is sitting next to us and might hear me. I don’t want him to stop.

My legs are shaking. My hand has a death grip on the arm of the seat. The pressure in my belly builds to an apex. It releases in an explosion that shakes me to the core. My body jerks in a series of spasms. I choke back a squeal and squeeze my thighs together. My pussy clenches again and again releasing a gush of fluids into my already damp panties

The stranger pulls his fingers from between my legs. When he stands my hand falls from the opening in the front of his jeans. I watch him walk towards the rear of the theater. I don’t want him to get away. I turn to look at my husband who is still oblivious to what has just happened.

“Honey, I’m not feeling so good,” I tell him. “I need to go to the ladies room for a little while. Do you mind?”

He shakes his head in acknowledgement but his eyes never leave the screen. I get up and hurry towards the back. The theater is almost pitch-black. I can barely see. Just before I reach the exit an arm reaches out and grabs me. It is the stranger. He pulls me through a door that says “No Admittance”. A stairway leads up to a balcony that is normally closed.

He takes my hand and we climb the stairs. We step to the front of the balcony. I look down and see my husband sitting directly below us. Without saying a word the stranger pushes down on my shoulders and forces me to squat in front of him. He unfastens his belt. I help him pull down the zipper and then tug his jeans and briefs down to his knees. His soft penis unfurls and hangs invitingly between his thighs.

I lean forward and lick the knob. His cock twitches and slowly gets bigger. I wrap my fingers around the expanding flesh and take him into my mouth. My tongue teases the crown and probes the ridge jutting out from his shaft. I feel him grow harder and bigger. My lips slide further down his length. I slide a hand under his testicles and gently massage them with my fingers.

I love having his cock in my mouth. There is something so dirty and nasty about doing it in a movie theater to a man whose name I don’t even know. I feel like such a slut. I slide my lips up and down his length swirling my tongue across the ridges and veins of his hard flesh. My mouth goes faster and faster. I move a hand between my thighs and slip two fingers into my panties. They quickly find my engorged clit.

The stranger grabs my head and thrusts into my mouth each time my lips plunge down the length of his shaft. Strands of spit drip from my chin making a mess on the front of my dress. My fingers move faster and faster across my clit. I can feel another release rapidly building towards its peak. I am so close when suddenly he pulls out of my mouth. He wraps his hand around the bulging shaft and aims it at my face.

A spray of thick cum shoots out from the tiny slit at the top. It splashes against my cheek. He splatters my lips, chin, nose and forehead with one spurt after the next. Some of it lands in my hair. The last few drops hit my neck and speckle my dress. It is the first time a man has ever ejaculated on my face. I feel like such a slut, but I love what he has done to me. I love having his semen all over my face.

I can feel his stuff oozing down my skin and dripping from my chin. I lick off what is on my lips. It is like an aphrodisiac. My fingers move faster and faster across my clit. The pressure in my belly releases like a safety valve on a boiler. My pussy clenches again and again. I fall forward onto my knees gasping for air. My body shudders in a final spasm before it is finally over.

I sit up on my knees and wipe the semen from my face the best I can with my hands and fingers. The front of my dress is already a mess so I use it as a towel. I look up and see the stranger still in front of me. His semi-hard cock looks like a stick of candy. I flick my tongue over his knob and watch him immediately grow bigger. I kiss down his length and suck on his balls. My fingers curl around his shaft and gently pump up and down.

The stranger lifts me off the ground. He turns me towards the movie screen and bends me over the front of the balcony. I am looking directly down on my husband. I feel my skirt being pulled up and my panties pulled down. He drops to his knees and buries his face between my ass cheeks. His lips cover my swollen sex. His tongue slides into my gash.

“Oooohhhhh… oh god…”

My pussy is on fire. His tongue touches my clit sending waves of pleasure rippling through my body. He continues to flick it back and forth across my swollen button until I am moaning and gasping for air. I can hear him sucking the juices out of me as he feasts on my pulsating sex.

He pulls his mouth away. The stranger shoves two fingers deep into my steamy hole, then adds a third. He fucks them in and out of my body hard and fast, twisting them inside me and digging his fingers against the sides of my tight passage. My gasps and moans become louder and more desperate. Juices of pleasure dampen my thighs. My knees are wobbly. I can barely stand.

The pressure in my belly continues to build. When his thumb touches my clit it releases in a mind blowing orgasm sending me spinning into another dimension. I hold onto the balcony railing as though my life depends upon it. One explosion after the next grips my pussy. My whole body twists and jerks in a series of violent spasms.

The stranger pulls his fingers from my quivering chamber and stands. I am still trembling and out of breath. I feel his cock at my entrance. He slides it into my body and drives it deep into my steamy passage. I scream. He pulls out and slams into me again, and then again and again.

“Oh god… oh god… oh fuck…”

Another orgasm rips through my pussy. He fucks me hard and fast jerking my head forward on each thrust. My squeals get louder and more desperate. The only thing keeping everyone in the movie theater from looking up at us are the loud booms from action scene currently taking place on the screen.

The stranger unzips my dress and pulls it down. He removes my bra and slides his hands under my body. His fingers crush my naked breasts. His cock continues to pound my pussy into an orgasmic frenzy. Juices of passion are running down my legs. He pinches and twists and tugs on my swollen nipples only adding to the pleasure already consuming me.

I don’t think I can take much more but he doesn’t let up. He grabs my hair and yanks my head back. He slams into me again and again. I desperately gasp for air. Wave after wave of unbearable pleasure rips through my body. I feel consciousness fading and wonder how much longer I can hang on.

My squeals and moans turn to whimpers of pleasure. The stranger finally pulls out. I struggle for air between heavy breaths. I am draped over the railing of the balcony with my exposed breasts hanging in the air above my husband’s head. The light from the movie screen flickers across my naked flesh and swollen nipples.

The stranger takes my hand pulling me away from the railing. He sits in the first row of seats and helps me down to my knees. My body is wedged between his open thighs. He guides my mouth to his towering erection. I slide my lips down his shaft. The taste of pussy is strong. I devour his cock but it’s not enough. I want all of it in my mouth.

I take him deep until his knob pushes at my throat. It’s not the first time I’ve had a man this way but it has been a very long time. I slide my tongue along the underside of his shaft and try to relax. He goes deeper. I fight the urge to choke. Once he slides past my gag point I continue down his length until I feel his pubic hair brush against my lips.

The thrill of swallowing his entire cock has me tingling with excitement. My dormant skills of how to deep-throat a man quickly return. I massage his hard flesh with my throat muscles. My tongue shoots out along the underside of his shaft so I can lick his testicles. He groans. I finally slide my lips up his length and flutter my tongue across his glans bathing it in spit. Then I slam my mouth down his cock taking him back into my throat.

The next time I come up for air I wrap my fingers around his throbbing flesh and move my hand up and down its length. I look up at him with spit drooling from my lips. In the flicker of light from the screen I can see his eyes looking back at me. They are full of lust but also something untamed and wild. He grabs my head tightly in his hands. I know what he is going to do. He is going to fuck my mouth.

I uncurl my fingers from his shaft and wait for him to take control. The stranger jerks my face down and rams his cock deep into my mouth. He slams it in and out hard and fast jerking my head up and down on his length driving his knob against my throat on each thrust. I can’t keep up with the pace and begin to gag and choke. Streaks of mascara run down my cheeks from the tears I am shedding. Spit pours from my lips and drools down his shaft.

He pulls his cock from my mouth and slaps it across my face. There is something hot and exciting about letting him abuse me like this. My nipples feel like they are going to burst. My pussy is quivering with desire. I can’t get enough of this man. He forces his hard flesh deep into my throat and holds it there until I am struggling for air. When he finally pulls out a flood of spit pours from my lips. I cough and gasp desperately trying to catch my breath. He shoves his cock back down my throat.

He finally pulls out of my mouth and slides his spit-drenched member to my naked breasts. He wants to fuck my tits. I push up on my knees and squeeze my hands against them, trapping his shaft inside. I slowly massage his hard flesh using the soft tissue of my breasts. I slide them up and down his length rolling them back and forth across his hard meat. I bend my head and flick my tongue over his knob each time it punches up between them.

I love having my tits fucked by this man. I use my hand to guide his knob over my nipple, rubbing the hard tip across the sensitive underside of his glans. I move it to the other nipple and repeat the ritual. I drool more spit down his length and resume fucking him with the soft tissue of my breasts. My body is on fire. My pussy is begging for attention. As much as I enjoy pleasuring him this way, I need him to fuck me.

I look up at the stranger with desperate eyes. He lifts me off the floor and spins me around, pulling me back into his lap. I feel the tip of his shaft slide between my folds and press against my opening. I sink down on his length gasping from the ripples of pleasure pounding in my pussy. I lift up and slam down on his throbbing member over and over. He matches my movements thrusting deep into my body each time I come crashing down on him.

His hand slides between my legs. A finger flutters across my engorged clit. His other hand crushes the soft tissue of my breast. I continue to lift up and slam down on his hard flesh driving it deep into my belly again and again. Another orgasm is rapidly reaching its apex. I drive down his length and hold him there, squirming against him and swirling his shaft around inside me. His finger flies across my clit.

“Oh… oh god… oh fuck… yes… yes… uuunnngggghhhh…”

The explosion sends ripples of ecstasy soaring through my body. My legs shoot out in front of me. My toes curl under my feet. My pussy clenches his cock in a series of spasms. My entire being is trembling and shaking in a bliss of orgasmic pleasure. Juices of passion pour from my opening and dribble down his testicles.

He slams up into me once, twice, three times. My orgasm reaches a new level of intensity. I hear a scream emanate from my mouth and then another. My fingers curl around the arms of the seat in a death grip. He thrusts into me a fourth time, jerking my entire body upwards. A loud primeval roar echoes across the balcony. I am vaguely aware that he is squirting hot cum into my exhausted pussy. I can feel the warmth from his ejaculate spreading through my belly.

I collapse back against him, still impaled on his spent member. I turn my head. Our lips meet in a hot and passionate kiss. I want to keep him inside me forever. I slowly move against him and can feel the juices of our passion sloshing around inside me. I take his hand and move it to my clit. He rubs me to one final orgasm. My body trembles from the release. My pussy twitches against his cock.

The stranger pushes me off him. I can feel his stuff running down my legs. I quickly slip on my panties to contain the leakage. Then I put on my bra and pull my dress back in place, zipping it up from behind. I turn to say goodbye to my nameless lover but it is too late. He is already at the exit. He waves at me and then disappears.

I return to the seat next to my husband. He gives me a quick glance, smiles and returns to watching the movie. I wonder what he would think if he knew I had been fucked senseless in the balcony just above his head, and that I am sitting there with a stranger’s cum still inside me. I don’t care anymore. I am already thinking about the next time. The stranger will find me again. I don’t know when or where, but I somehow know it will happen. I can’t wait.

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