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I Will Never Forget How A Man Fucked Me At The Barbecue (full story)

I Will Never Forget How A Man Fucked Me At The Barbecue (full story)

Blasted barbecues. I can’t stand them, but my father loves them. For him it’s a chance to drink and show off his cooking skills, surrounded by friends and family. For me it’s a chance to chew on a piece of meat that my father has managed to both under and over cook. I’d find myself biting into raw steak surrounded by charcoal. And I don’t drink. Or not much, anyway. I like an occasional beer or a glass of wine, but that’s it.

I’d generally hang around the edges of the barbecue, showing willing, until a time came when I could sneak away and make myself a real meal. It’s different when there are people my age there, but all too often the only extras are people my parent’s age. People my age (that’s eighteen if you must know) have too much sense to attend.

So here we were again on a Saturday night. Instead of me being at a dance or nightclub with my friends I’m expected to be at the barbecue, making myself useful. I put out salad and bread. I provide drinks and drinking vessels. I run in and get the meat when dad wants it. I run off to find a lighter when dad’s wasted all the matches trying to light the grill. I slowly go out of my mind with boredom and frustration.

Mum and Dad smile, and drink and socialise and have a great time and assume that I must be having a great time as well and I could just scream.

“Run and turn the lights on, sweet,” says Dad. “It’s getting dark.”

No kidding. It was almost pitch black, but the lights don’t go on until Dad says. So I turn on the lights and the barbecue area lights up, making the rest of the yard look pitch black in comparison.

Finally, this is my chance. I fade of towards the edges of the crowd, edging closer and closer to the gloom of the yard. Then I’ve crossed the boundary and am hidden by the dark. Now I could circle around and vanish into the house for something to eat.

I damn near screamed when a voice whispered in my ear.

“Sneaking off, are we?” it said.

Turning in the direction of the voice I could see this figure looming over me. Secure in the knowledge that there were a lot of people just yards away I moved closer, trying to see who it was. I finally worked out it was Neil, one of our neighbours, a relative new-comer to the area.

“What are you doing here?” I snapped. “Besides giving girls heart attacks.”

He laughed.

“Do you mean here, at the barbecue, or here, talking to you in the dark?”

“Either, both, I guess.”

“Well as far as the barbecue is concerned, you should know your father. He invites everyone, so I came along. It helps me get to know the people in my new neighbourhood.

As far as talking to you is concerned, I was just stretching my legs in the yard when the lights came on. I was heading back to the main barbecue area when I saw you carefully sneaking away.”

“I was not sneaking away,” I said indignantly. “I was, um, just stretching my own legs. That’s all.”

“Liar,” came the prompt retort. “I saw your face as you came sneaking away, and you were looking so relieved to be escaping. What’s wrong? Don’t you like barbecues?”

“I quite enjoy barbecues,” I informed him. “I just prefer a crowd closer to my own age.”

“And a better cook,” I muttered quietly. Not quietly enough, as Neil heard me.

“I have known cooks who can grill a terrific steak over a barbecue grill,” Neil told me. “Your Dad is not one of them.”

Now it was my turn to laugh. He was so right.

“You know, when I saw you sneaking out I said to myself, Neil, my boy, this is your lucky day. That young woman is coming here searching for you. She wants a kiss and you’re the one she’s chosen to give it to her.”

“What? You have to be joking.”

“Not really. Let’s find out.”

He kissed me. I didn’t mind. What harm could it do? I kissed him back.

It was quite thrilling really. We were only just outside the circle of light cast by the spotlights around the barbecue area. Standing there in around the barbecue were my parents and all their friends and neighbours, drinking and eating and gossiping. And here, in the outer darkness, I was being expertly kissed by Neil.

It was exciting. He was an excellent kisser and I found it all very stimulating – which is probably why I didn’t protest when a hand started stroking by breasts. Neil’s hand just closed over one and squeezed. I could feel my nipple puckering. As did the other when he switched sides.

I mean, he was just caressing me through my top, after all, and there wasn’t that much he could do. I held to that thought even when he pulled my top loose from my skirt and slipped his hands up to cup my breasts.

Neil kissed me some more, and then his hand slipped around my back and unhooked my bra. This time when his hands came around I hesitated, breaking the kiss and drawing back a little.

He didn’t push me, exactly. He let me pull back and refrained from rudely grabbing. There was enough reflected light for me to see his face and he was smiling. Then, moving slowly, giving me a chance to back away or refuse, his hands moved up, brushing the bra aside and closing over my naked breasts.

I almost squealed with the shock of it. I’m sure my eyes were big and staring. I mean, my father was just over there. He might not be able to see us but I could certainly see him. If I looked. I was kind of looking at Neil to the exclusion of all else.

My breasts were sending back those little ‘hey, this is fun’ signals that you get when a boy touches you there. It was fun. I liked it. What harm could it do? I relaxed and Neil was kissing me again and I was kissing him just as enthusiastically.

Afterwards, I decided that it was the pleasure I was getting from the way he was teasing my breasts and nipples that distracted me at just the wrong time. I mean, he was kissing me, and he had one hand raising a riot with my breasts and the other hand was caressing my bottom and holding me against him.

I swear, even though I was a roused and suspected that he was, sex didn’t even occur to me. OK. I more than suspected that Neil was aroused. I’d felt and thrilled to that hard rigidity when he’d pressed me against him. But it was still all reasonably innocent and harmless.

When did it stop being innocent. Oh, I’d say about the time that I realised that his cock was already pushing its way up inside me. I’d felt his hand on my bottom and plucking lightly at my panties but he hadn’t tried to slip his hand under them. I’d thought he was just teasing and stirring me up by hinting at what might happen. It never occurred to me that he was slowly moving my panties to the side, leaving my pussy unprotected.

One moment I was kissing Neil and he was rubbing a nipple under his thumb and then his cock just pushed past my lips and started moving up into me.

I gasped and broke the kiss damn fast, let me tell you. I was staring at him in shock and he was smiling at me, damn him, and his cock was still slowly pushing up into me.

I wanted to tell him to stop, to take it out. So what did I do? I just stared at him while he kept creeping higher inside me. There was this terrible lassitude creeping over me. Any resistance I might have had just seemed to drain away as Neil’s cock crept higher. Then the hand on my bottom tugged me towards him that last little bit and he was inside me. He really was. I just couldn’t believe it.

Then he was kissing me again, and I just sank against him, totally lost to what was happening. Neil’s hand was on my bottom, encouraging me to sway in unison with him, while his cock dipped in and out, teasing my arousal, building on it.

This three pronged assault just went on and on, and I submitted without a struggle. I suppose submitted isn’t really the right word. Permitted? No, not that, either. Cooperated with great delight and enthusiasm? That would be nearer the mark.

I didn’t give a damn that my nearest and dearest were just standing a few yards away, chatting and partying. I didn’t even think of all the neighbours and friends at the barbecue, any of whom might decide to take a walk down the yard into the dark garden.

As far as I was concerned the dark garden belonged to Neil and me. We were surrounded and protected by a cocoon of darkness and we were taking full advantage of it.

Neil’s cock was sliding back and forth with great fervour and I was reacting, happily pushing to meet it as it plunged into me. My arousal was complete and now my excitement was building rapidly.

Heat was burning deep within me, urging me to throw myself against Neil and cling to him, wanting him to continue using me, taking me on this fascinating trip we had embarked on, not wanting it to end. I swear, if my father had wandered over to see what we were doing, I would have told him to just wait for a moment as I was busy.

Then it wasn’t just my pussy that was burning. The heat was flaring up while ripples of excitement were emanating from my breasts. My lips were hot, my tongue tasting Neil, mouth meshed to mouth.

Mouth to mouth, body to body, we were one. And the excitement and heat were still building within me. I couldn’t stand it. I couldn’t go any higher and things were coming apart. I couldn’t think, I could only feel, and Neil was driving in harder and faster and it was too much, nobody could put up with this, and then I felt him coming deep inside me and I seemed to jerk and then I was climaxing.

I didn’t make a sound apart from a groan deep in my throat that Neil swallowed. I could vaguely feel he was venting deep inside me but I was being swept away, heedless of everything but what was happening to me.

Eventually I got myself together again. Neil had withdrawn and he’d even straightened my clothes, including hooking up my bra.

“You OK?” he asked.

I nodded, still trembling a little. OK? I felt bloody terrific.

“You were marvellous, you know?” he told me softly.

“You weren’t too bad yourself,” I admitted. “Ah, we’d better get back to the barbecue before we’re missed.”

He grinned, gave me a last hard kiss and drifted over into the light. Me, I circled around the edge and into the house. Neil might get away with a sticky cock in his pants but I need to have a shower and change mine.

I have to admit, this has been the most unusual barbecue I’ve ever been at.

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