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I Fucked A Barber In A  Barbershop (full story)

I Fucked A Barber In A Barbershop (full story)

I’m never going to another barber again. Not after the haircut I got the other day from Beckie. In the early evening, the other day, I strolled into my local hair-cuttery shop. A cute little receptionist put my name into the computer and told me that Beckie would be ready for me in about twenty minutes. I sat in the waiting area for a while, flipping through magazines, before a pleasant looking young woman walked toward me and asked, “Are you Jerry?”

“Are you Beckie?” I returned.

We said hello to each other and I followed her back to her chair. As she walked in front of me I watched her ample figure sway before me. I regarded her as I would any woman who was unknown to me, with passing interest, but nothing more. Beckie was slightly overweight, which I prefer in my women. Something in her walk told me that this young lady needed some cheering up today and a boost to her confidence level.

We discussed what she would do with my mop of hair and as she was about to get down to work, I said, “Work your magic, Beckie.”

She smiled and began her task. She hummed softly as she cut off some of the longest stuff with an electric clipper. I told her that I always thought using electric clippers worked the best on curly hair like mine, as opposed to using scissors like most other barbers.

As she worked I watched her and smiled approvingly of her skill. As she circled me in the chair, I felt her breasts graze my ear. Inaudibly, I emitted a low sigh and, oh so slowly, the dance began.

I closed my eyes and tingled at her every touch. Her fingers glided through my hair as she circled my chair. Then I felt the light swipes of her brush on the back of my neck, and she announced, “Time for your shampoo.”

She led me to a chair in front of a sink and I melted into it. I lay there in bliss as warm water, fragrant shampoo and strong, expressive hands began massaging my scalp slowly and sensually. I had the distinct feeling that because of the same attraction I was feeling for her, she was giving me extra special treatment. Because if she gave such a slow and long, erotic shampoo and scalp massage to all of her customers, then she truly is the world’s greatest barber.

As her fingers kneaded my scalp, I began to stiffen my neck and tried to hold my head as still as possible against her strong hands.

I was so glad that my barber’s bib stretched from my neck to over my knees. Below this perfect tent, I was swelling and my balls were dropping. I could feel my entire southern region cry out, “Yeah boss, we like this one!”

Then she was toweling my head dry. She leaned over me and her upside-down image asked, “Are you still with me?” and she gazed into my eyes.

With half-lidded eyes I slowly turned my head and deeply inhaled at the thin fabric covering her breast. She leaned into my seeking mouth and partially covered my head with her smock. From this sweet spot I suckled her left breast through her blouse and watched her as she kept a lookout from this hair-washing station in the back of the shop. Evidently, everyone’s attention was elsewhere because she let me go on suckling for a few minutes. I even got to turn the other way and love the other breast a little.

Finally, she eased herself away, straightened her smock, and guided me up from the chair. We glided back to her barber chair slowly, barely touching as we went. I leaned into her slightly and whispered, “I’m glad I’m wearing this tent over me,” and she giggled.

With my hair freshly washed, she went to work in earnest. I loved getting my haircut by this woman for multiple reasons. I knew she liked me and found me sexy. Hell, she let me suck on her tits right in her own salon. Secondly, everything was falling into place for a spectacular evening, including some stellar lovemaking if the erect nipples straining through the gauze blouse had anything to say about it. So I figured she’d make me look decent.

She was wrapping it up and whisking away the last of the stray hairs when I asked her, “Beckie?”

“Yes, Jerry?”

“This place closes in about fifteen minutes, doesn’t it?”

“Yep, you’re my last customer of the day.”

“And the best?”

“We just might see about that.”

“I hope so. In fact I was just thinking of how nice it would be if you let me go over to the new restaurant next door and save you a spot for when you get off.”

“Good idea. See you in about fifteen then, Jer.”

I paid for my haircut and we parted professionally, amidst all her colleagues that had no idea what we had just set up.

I sipped a fruit smoothie in the cozy restaurant booth and waited for her. I considered the possibility that she wouldn’t show up and hoped that wasn’t the case. I decided that I would tread lightly and not push her too fast.

My thoughts shifted from one fantasy to the next. In my mind’s eye, she lay in her barber’s chair while I lapped at her pussy, then later I was slowly sliding in and out of her pussy while she gripped the arm of the chair and screamed in ecstasy. Next, we were at the hair-washing station and I was trimming her soft brown pussy hairs in between licks.

“Hey there,” a voice said, shattering the daydream. It was Beckie. “You look like you’re deep in thought, mister,” she said as she slid into the seat across from me.

“Yeah, I was. Good to see you, Beckie. Glad to be off work, I’ll bet.”

“Oh yeah. Y’know, I feel a little funny about doing this, but,” she paused. “To tell you the truth, I’m not even sure what I’m doing here.”

I needed her to relax and let the evening unfold, unplanned.

I tried to remove any pressure she was feeling by saying, “How about we just start with a bite to eat, get to know each other a little better, and then figure out what comes next, if anything.” At the last part, I noticed her start ever so slightly, as if to consider that this meeting could go absolutely nowhere, and in a flicker of the eye, I detected a slight disappointment if that turned out to be the case. Okay, I told myself, I’m in. Time to start the romance.

From that moment, I became concerned for her alone in the whole world, and I could tell that she began to care about me, too. We both ordered a salad, a light meal of broiled fish, and we shared a bottle of wine.

In her company, I soon forgot where I was as I watched her eat and I drank in her sensual movements. Over tea and dessert, she bore into my eyes as if to weigh whether I was worthy of the plan she was hatching, or if I’d just use her and dump her as soon a prettier or thinner girl came along.

I looked into her eyes and said reassuringly, “I won’t hurt you, Beckie. I think this could be very good for both of us.”

A sense of relief seemed to wash over her. She scooted a little closer, leaned toward me and whispered, “Okay then, come to the back door of the salon in ten minutes,” and she left. I paid the bill, hoping my swelling member didn’t betray me as I stood at the register.

After what seemed like an eternity, but was actually only about ten minutes, I casually strolled around the back of the strip mall. Beckie’s place was on the end, so I went to the first door around back and knocked softly. The deadbolt clicked, the door swung open, and there she was, wearing her barber’s smock. I stepped in and she quickly re-locked the door.

I heard the click of the lock just before she spun around and leaned back against the door. I planted my palms on the door above and to each side of her and watched as she slowly unbuttoned her smock and let it fall to the floor. She was completely naked underneath. I lowered my lips toward her upturned face. Her hands moved up and down my sides, lightly feeling the muscle and skin through my shirt.

Our lips met and tongues intertwined. Hot breath expelled over each other, scented with garlic and Merlot. Her hands explored my chest, sides and back. I kept my hands firmly planted on the door, but leaned into her, straddling one of her thighs. She could feel my growing manhood and sighed, “Mmmm Jerry, is that for me?”

“Just for you, Beckie,” I replied.

“I’m going to get it,” she whispered.

Her kisses left my mouth and traveled over my chin to my neck, and she began unbuttoning my shirt. With each button she loosed, her kisses traveled lower. As she deftly undid my belt, pants button and zipper, her mouth zeroed in on my nipples and nipped at them playfully. When she slid down my shorts down I sighed at how good it felt to have my cock swing out freely, caressed by this vixen in the dark. I soon grew to full upturned size and she descended on it. To encourage her I leaned into her and caressed her breasts with my knees. My hands took over pleasing her tits and my inner thighs took up a rhythm softly slapping Beckie’s sides, this sound drowned out by her slurping. The licks slowed and the murmurs began.

“I like you,” she smiled, and kissed my cock tip.

I smiled back and growled, “I like you, too. And we’ve got all the time in the world to enjoy each other.”

She returned her full attention to sucking my hard cock and murmuring her contentment as I whispered, “You are beautiful, Beckie.”

My eyes began to adjust to the room. From the angle of the streetlights, the curling neon signs on the window and tree branches outside cast playful shapes of light on the floor. I noticed that light from the parking lot washed over the windows and that anyone looking in would see only their own reflection, not into the dark salon. From the moment she left me in the restaurant, I had been wondering what she was doing to get ready for me during those ten minutes. I wondered how she would taste.

Now, with her fully engrossed in taking in as much of me as she could swallow, I took note of my surroundings. First, there was Beckie. She wore no fresh perfume or makeup, I was glad to see. The only preparation she made, evidently, was to brush her hair and teeth and get naked beneath her smock. Other than that, candles were lit in each corner of the large room and towels were strewn here and there on the shiny floor.

I sunk to my knees on the towel beneath us and she followed my cock, sinking to a low crouch before me, sucking happily on my stiff rod. I leaned forward, twisting my torso around her head to kiss her soft back flesh. She was gobbling my cock hungrily and wouldn’t let me pull out of her mouth. I stretched as far as I could and at the tip of my reach, my tongue tickled the top of her fragrant crack. Then I reach under her and, while caressing her breasts and folds, pulled her away from the back door. I pulled back my pelvis and my very happy penis popped from Beckie’s mouth. “Ouoo,” she peeped and lunged for it. A game of cat and mouse quickly ensued. When I moved away from her, she would lunge at my cock and lick it possessively. I slid our towel along the floor and edged her across the room in pursuit of my cock. I made sure we stayed on the towel, and picked up others on our way to wrap around her and pull her close.

Halfway from the door to the barber chair, I decided to take a respite from my travels and have a snack myself. She was harassing my cock like a she-cat, even starting to hiss while she sucked it greedily and nipped me. It was almost kind of scary. To her surprise, I slid a towel under her ankle, wrapped it, and used it to slowly steal back control.

“Pretty pussy,” I soothed. “Such pretty titties you have.”

I twisted her nipples and rubbed her tits as my other hand twisted the towel tight around her ankle. When she winced I knew it was time. I began to slowly raise her ankle off the ground, raising her leg and turning her onto her back. I held her ankle high as I kissed my all the way down her leg. After each kiss and nibble, lower than the last, her resolve to get to my cock left her more. Her arms flopped to each side for a moment before returning to caress her breasts. She gasped and stiffened as my licks brought me closer and closer to my goal.

I could smell it, and it smelled fresh and hungry and hot. I could not resist its pull for long and my face fell full into her. She draped her leg over my back, her heel massaging my lower back as I drank her in.

Like a kid in a candy shop I alternated between vigorous lapping, licking, nosing, sucking and slurping. When two of my fingers joined me and began to slide in and out, while my mouth concentrated on the slick moist firm clit, she finally surrendered. After just a few minutes of this treatment, she arched her back and began howling and squirming under me. I quickly subdued her thrashing legs with the towel and held my face firmly against her twat. My fingers pushed in and out, twisting, while I nibbled her swollen clit. She was helpless. She begged for mercy. Her hoots echoed off the glass walls of the dark room. Even the candles flickered as she shuddered in release. When her quaking orgasm subsided, her breath slowed from hot panting, and my licking slowed to soft kisses and nuzzling.

For a few moments her energy was completely spent, but I soon felt her sexual fire returning.

She began by turning around on the floor and moving to caress my face and peer into my eyes. She pulled me closer and licked at the pussy juice that covered my cheeks, often returning to my mouth for a healthy portion of her own scent.

She guided me to my feet and we stood there, feeling our blood course strongly through our veins. My cock was bobbing with each pulse. She grabbed it and started toward her chair. I had no choice but to follow. Firmly holding my throbbing member, she edged me to the chair. I could offer only feeble resistance by gently tweaking her nipples. Then she quickly unhanded my cock and covered my hands with her own. She guided my hands to move her tits up and apart so that our nipples touched together. She had me manipulate one of her tits and rub her taut nipple against mine, while she worked the other one. Our nipples were so stiff that the pushing and rubbing was intoxicating.

Again, she made a ploy for control by pushing her ample breasts harder against my chest. With the chair behind me I had no choice but to fall into it. When she felt me settle in, she flung a towel over my lap and the arms of the chair.

“There, you’re locked in!” she exclaimed.

“Okay, okay, I’m at your mercy!”

I succumbed to my fate again and sank backward. It was useless trying to get away with this she-lion preparing to feast on my cock, not that I wanted to be anywhere else. She laid on her stomach at the bottom of the sloping chair and began to blow on and lick my balls. She got adventurous and raised my ass to explore further up my backside. She gently spread my ass cheeks and glided her tongue up and down along my crack, then softly tongued my rosebud.

“Oh God, Beckie,” I moaned. “You are so hot! Please let me fuck you.”

Like a victorious hunter, she soon returned from her snuffling to pounce on her main prey. With a start I suddenly realized that her warm mouth was around one of my balls. She completed her total domination over me by slowly sucking in the other one. With bulging cheeks her eyes glared up at me defiantly, past my towering member, as if to say, “I am in total control, now, boy.”

Call it ungentlemanly, but I may have used an unfair advantage by grabbing hold of my cock with a free hand and gently thumping her with it on her cheeks and forehead to fend her off and force her to release my precious balls. With a snarl, she allowed my balls to slip from her mouth and lunged for my swaying rod of flesh. She, at least, played fair. She kept her hands wrapped tightly around my thighs and used her lunging neck and darting tongue to capture her prey. Once she snared it, both hands joined her in her feasting. I settled back to enjoy the fireworks.

She swirled her tongue around my head, making the purple cap glisten in the candlelight. Then she would dive deeply, gobbling her way to the base, swallowing furiously to take in more. She repeated this action until I began to buck uncontrollably in my chair. She knew I was getting close. While she sucked, one hand was gently rubbing my balls or pumping the base of my cock, while the other stroked my crack and occasionally dipped a finger past my rosebud. As I was nearing explosion, she felt my cock head swelling. She took it out of her mouth just long enough to say, “Come in my mouth,” the command that every man dreams of.

Those four simple words moved me from merely enjoying the ride to the top of the hill, to gasping for breath, ready to have Trigger and me jump off the cliff into the peaceful lagoon below. Or did the top of the mountain blow off throwing my horse and I deep into the canyon? Add a Fourth of July fireworks show behind my eyelids while Mt. Vesuvius erupted, and there she was, drinking greedily, with much cum dripping off her chin. She took what she could not swallow and smeared it all over her breasts. She slowly pumped my gradually deflating member and coaxed it to release a final drop of glistening cum. She swiped it onto her fingertip. Her brief touching of the very tip sent tingles coursing through me. She pushed against the floor and travel up my legs, rubbing her wet pussy along the full length of my thigh. Then I could feel the heat from her pussy on the underside of my balls. She reached to my face and deposited the single pearl of cum onto my tongue. I reached for her and pulled her close. She cuddled up to me in the barber chair and we dozed off.

I awoke to the feel of a towel covering my chest and shoulders, and heard some soft humming. Even though it was still the middle of the night, I could see much more clearly than before. Around my cock, Beckie was busily trimming and snipping. The ‘garden’ around the ‘tree’ never looked so good and my cock immediately began to spring to life. She helped it along with nudging licks. Soon, I was proud to see it was standing tall again. She murmured approvingly and bent it this way and that to trim the hairs at the base. This only made it grow more. Then she was brushing it and lightly blowing on it with a warm blow dryer.

She looked up at me, smiled and asked, “Wanna do me?”

“I sure do, Beckie. Teach me.”

She led me through the basics of pussy trimming, and as she coached me, we talked about how hot we were getting. We vowed, however, that no matter how hard my cock got or how steaming hot slick her pussy got, we would not allow ourselves to fuck until her pussy hairs were properly trimmed. This was a hair salon, after all.

We settled on a heart shape of hair just above her clit and an otherwise shaved pussy. Once the reflection in the hand held mirror met with her satisfaction, she turned to me and grinned, “and now we fuck, baby.”

I was all set to climb into the chair and plunge my throbbing, aching cock into her hot horny box, when she took my hand and rose from the chair.

“C’mon, honey,” she coaxed. “I’ve got a better place.”

In a near trance, I followed her to a room that had been partitioned off at the back corner of the shop. We entered an office area and I noticed many more candles flickering on the desk and on the shelves above a large suede couch.

“Fuck me here, Jerry. I want that hard cock f yours in me baby.”

“Oh, yeah, Beckie, it’s so hard for you. I can’t wait to get between your beautiful pussy lips. How do you want, baby?”

She turned her back to me, spread her feet apart and bent at her waist. With one hand she leaned on the couch, with the other, she reached between her legs and spread her pussy lips.

“Give it to me from behind, Jerry,” she whispered over her shoulder, and I brought my swollen cock head to her waiting, swollen lips.

Oh, it slid in so smoothly. We had both wanted this so badly. And then we entered the slow mating dance. Long slow strokes, punctuated by fiercely burying it deep into her with a loud slap of hot flesh. The sensations of the fast pump, the slapping flesh, and her sharp intake of breath each time I buried it to the hilt brought the beginning stirrings of another eruption.

I slowed to a stop. With my cock deep inside her, I guided her to lie on her side and pumped her a little in this position. Then I swung her leg over and reached full frontal access. I drilled into her powerfully, our pubic bones thudding against each other. She gripped handfuls of cushion as she gasped for air.

“Oh, Jerry,” she panted, “You fuck soooo gooood. Your cock is so big and hard. Yeah, fuck my hot pussy! It’s so wet for you!”

She rubbed and squeezed my arms that were planted on the couch like pillars on each side of her. She ground her hairless clit against each downward stroke. I pumped away as long as I could until this position almost past the point of no return. I wanted this fuck to last as long as possible.

I lowered myself onto her for a long, languorous kiss. My cock silently thanked me for taking the attention from it for a moment. In a strong embrace I rolled onto my back and pulled her on top of me. She gasped in delight, for in this position, my cock now reached new depths of her inner folds. She ground her pussy against me and raised it up until we could see part of my cock head, before slamming back onto me. We both began grunting and sweating.

“God, Jerry! I can’t take much more of this.”

“I know, Beckie. I can’t hold back much longer. Do want me to come inside or pull out and come on your face and tits?”

“Mmmmm, I’d love to drink your sweet cum again, but keep your cock in me! Shoot your load deep inside me, baby. Ohhh! Ooooh, yeah! Mmmmm, soooo gooood.”

She began hooting and hollering again, her dirty talk echoing off the walls in the dim light, and soon I had no choice but to let the dam burst.

Deep inside her, I shot my cum. She screamed in ecstasy when she felt the hot flood and collapsed onto me. I kept my cock embedded in her hot twat and reveled in the feeling of her pussy muscles squeezing out every last drop of cum.

Our sweaty bodies rubbed against each other slowly in the afterglow. I loved what she did with her firm nipples, gently dragging them across my own. The electric shocks of that, her strong pussy contractions, our sweat and the smell of sex all combined to keep me hard and wanting more. This was very unusual for me, but this hot little slut made me feel more like a man than I had in a long time.

“Oh Beckie, your pussy is so tight and so hot. You make me want to fuck you all over again. “

“That’s exactly what I want, Jerry. I can’t get enough of that beautiful cock of yours. C’mon fuck me all night, baby.”

We continued to fuck and suck, lick and kiss for what seemed like hours. Her naughty mouth praising my big, hard cock and her descriptions of how wet and hot her cunt was, combined to keep me at the top of my game.

After two more orgasms for her and a final, smaller load from me, we intertwined our bodies and drifted off to sleep on the soft suede couch.

A slightly brighter glow lit the room as we stirred to consciousness. Peeking from the back office, we noticed that the sky outside was purplish-silver in the pre-dawn hour. She kissed me good morning and silently led me through another door to a bathroom. We both slugged down a large glass of water and then entered a roomy shower. Under warm water and fragrant suds, we washed each other thoroughly. Naturally, our movements made us horny for each other all over again. Rubbing against her soapy tits made me rock hard.

I began moving into position to slip my rigid cock into her waiting snatch, but she surprised me by saying, “My pussy’s a little sore, lover. Fuck me in the ass instead, okay?”

I willingly complied. I bent her over, positioned the showerhead to cascade over her back and head, spread her ass cheeks and proceeded to lather her crack slowly.

“Go ahead, stick it in my ass, but gently and slowly,” she coaxed.

I moved into position and placed my purple head against her pink rosebud. Applying the slightest pressure, her ass slowly absorbed first the head, then part of the shaft. She groaned deep-throated growls of pure pleasure.

When I started to stroke in and out more deeply, she returned to the dirty talk, “Ooooh, Jerry, fuck my ass so good. My ass hole is so tight and your cock is so big I can hardly stand it. Your cock feels so good in my ass, but my poor pussy is furious right now. She wants your big hard cock inside her after all, but my happy little ass hole is getting all the attention. What is a girl to do?”

“Tell your pussy not to worry, Beckie. I’ll only fuck your ass for a little while. Then your hot little tight snatch will have my cock all to itself again.”

“Mmmmm, gooood. She can wait then. C’mon, slam it hard into my ass! Yes, fuck my ass harder! Oooh, Jerry, are you going to cum in my ass?”

I almost did, but her ass hole was actually too tight to thoroughly enjoy it. I much preferred the slickness of a wet cunt. I increased the depth and speed of my strokes into that tight ass of hers. Her grunts and shrieks of pleasure and pain heightened with my rhythm. When I felt my cock head swelling again, I slowly pulled out and turned her to face me. Her eyes were glazed with passion.

“Wash my cock,” I instructed, “so I can fuck your hot little pussy one more time before morning.”

“Yes, lover,” she replied and knelt before me to thoroughly wash my manhood clean.

“How do you want it this time?” I asked as she washed me.

“Let’s go back to couch.”

We rinsed off and towel dried each other before hurrying back to the couch. Her pussy was soaking wet, willing and waiting as I sunk deep inside her. Having already cum three times the night before, I knew I would have staying power to last nearly forever. Her cries of passion kept me hard as she seemed to enjoy one shuddering orgasm after another. Her pussy juice cascaded over my cock and balls with each release.

At one point she cried “God, Jerry! I have never, ever been fucked like this! I cannot believe how wet I am for you.” And she proceeded to slam her pussy down on my pole at an amazing pace.

After her third orgasm that early morning, I was still hard as a rock and hadn’t come. With eyes closed, I was lost to the sensations, the rhythm, and the sounds. I opened my eyes at the stark nakedness I felt when she finally pulled her dripping cunt away. She moved me into a sitting position on the couch and knelt on the floor in front of me.

I sighed in relief when she lowered her mouth over my stiff rod and began to give me the best blowjob I have ever experienced. My cock was feeling a little raw from hours of fucking and she seemed to sense this. Her mouth was so soft, her tongue so gentle, her sucking so tender, that I closed my eyes again and drifted into bliss. She bobbed slowly up and down, caressing my raw, swollen cock with her warm mouth. Again she played with my balls and fingered my ass hole as she murmured distantly between licks “Oh yes, baby, Beckie’s gonna take good care of you. You gave her so many orgasms tonight, she can hardly stand up. All she wants to do is lick this big cock. Yes, it’s so hard, because it worked so hard tonight.”

Her exploring fingers penetrated my ass hole causing me to jump.

“Oooh, Jerry likes it when I stick my finger in his ass, doesn’t he? Especially, while I’m sucking his cock and fondling his balls, huh baby?”

All I could do was lean back on that soft couch and enjoy. I felt my orgasm building from what seemed like miles away. I stayed with it the whole way until it felt like a freight train was roaring through my head.

With great relief, I blew my come into her waiting mouth. She captured every single drop this time and swallowed it while smiling at me mischievously.

“Mmmmm, breakfast,” she murmured.

After a brief rest, we brushed our teeth, our hair, got dressed, cleaned up the place and went out to enjoy a large breakfast together. And Beckie and I have been having breakfast ever since.

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