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I Fucked My Wife And The Maid Of Honor Hours After The Wedding (full story)

I Fucked My Wife And The Maid Of Honor Hours After The Wedding (full story)

My best friend, Mike, surprised me by asking me to be the Best Man at his wedding. I had pretty much lost touch with Mike after I got married and hadn’t seen him since he stood up to my wedding to Julie, two years ago. I was honored that he asked me to be his Best Man, and Julie and I were both excited to meet his new bride as we made our way North to the small town in Wisconsin where Mike’s fiancée was raised. Julie and I arrived at the lodge where the rehearsal dinner was to be held late on a Friday afternoon. Being seven months pregnant, she was tired after the four-hour drive and looked forward to a nice rest in our room before dinner. I checked us into the lodge and took the key card from the desk clerk.

Riding up to our floor in the elevator I watch my lovely wife in the mirrored walls of the elevator. She sleepily sighs and leans back against me. I drop our bags to the floor of the elevator and slowly run my hands up her distended sides, as she reaches behind her and dreamily caresses my face. My gently exploring hands find her soft breasts and run lightly over their fullness. She twitches and lets out a little moan at my touch to her sensitive nipples. She gracefully and slowly turns around in my arms and reaches up on her tiptoes to bring her mouth to mine. She thrusts her tongue between my open lips. My stiffening cock strains against my jeans and lightly presses against her large belly. She slides her hand down my chest and rubs my throbbing member, feeling it grow through the material, when suddenly the elevator bell rings and the car bounces to a stop. She draws herself away from my mouth and turns to face the doors as they open. An elderly couple waits for us to collect our bags and exit the elevator. They both smile pleasantly as we pass.

As I fumble with the key card, Julie presses up against me. I can feel her erect nipples against my back and her large stomach against my ass. She reaches around and strokes my cock through my jeans. “Hurry, Sam,” she whimpers, “before I make you fuck me right here in the hallway”. Finally the light on the lock switches from red to green and we race into the large room. Late afternoon sun streams through the translucent curtains onto our king size bed. I drop our stuff, turn to face her, and embrace my beautiful bride, glowing with child in the lowering sun. We peer deeply into each other’s eyes. Julie gazes at me lustfully as her full lips curl into a mischievous smirk.

Our eyes continued to bore into each other as we slowly undress one another. I unbutton and peel off her blouse as she returns the favor to remove my shirt. I reach behind her and unsnap her bra, allowing her milk heavy breasts the freedom they long for. I lean toward her and dart my face to that sensitive spot beneath her ear. She gasps, “Oh, Sam!” as I nibble down her neck to her collarbone, then on to her luscious tits. I sink into a seated position on the edge of the bed to reach the perfect height to suck and lick her nipples while my hands continually rove up and down her sides and around her back. I alternate between sucking her nipples and licking the rounded undersides of them while softly blowing and gently biting her pencil eraser nipples. I nuzzle into the place on the underside of her large breasts where they meet her torso. I lick the salty sweat that has collected there from her beautiful tits being confined all day. She leans backward and moans in ecstasy, trusting that I will hold her upright. As I lick and suck on her tits, my roving hands unzip and push down her skirt, leaving only her silk panties between her horny, steaming pussy and me.

I can taste the milk my baby will be nourished by and smell the musky aroma of her throbbing pussy as her panties soak up her freely flowing juices. The knuckles of one hand lightly trace her slit through the damp fabric. I press a little harder as my slow strokes move from the back of her fragrant slit near her ass. She shivers and involuntarily squats a little to allow me easier access. I draw my knuckles along her crevice toward her clit, causing her to slowly sway her hips and grind her clit against my fingers. My other hand reaches around behind her and dips below the waistband of her damp panties to squeeze a large handful of her soft ass. This hand kneads her soft flesh and explores her sweet ass. My middle finger finds its way to her rosebud and lightly presses against her opening, causing her to spasm and take in a sharp breath.

Her pussy is so wet and she enters a dreamlike state. She slowly pulls her hands from my hair where they have been entangled, runs them over my shoulders to her own sides, and slides her soaked panties down her legs. The scent of hot pussy becomes stronger. My hand cups her swollen mound. She gyrates her hips to increase the friction as she leans all the way back and moans the sounds of a woman in heat. Her long hair lightly brushes the hand on her ass as my finger continues to probe at her ass hole.

Again she gasps as the tips of two of my fingers enter her steaming box and my thumb finds her swollen clit. Unconsciously she moves her body up and down as I start finger fucking her beautiful shaved pussy. Behind her I just barely enter her ass up to my first knuckle and gently pull her toward me. With her hands in my hair again, she lowers my head toward the bed as I release one of her red ripe nipples with a slurping pop. She knows what I want next. While my fingers are slowly moving in and out of her wet snatch, she climbs up on to the bed and crawls toward me on her knees. “Get that hot dripping pussy over here” I declare in a husky voice. “I’m thirsty.” I slowly extract my fingers from her pussy and ass hole as she moves up my body, rubbing her hot cunt against my chest as she approaches, leaving a shiny trail of pussy juice on my upper torso. My hands firmly grasp her ass cheeks and in one strong pull, I yank her dripping twat to my face.

She is sitting fully on my face now, swinging her hips side to side as I lap her juices up and down the length of her slit. I pause at her clit to suck hard on it then release it. I nibble gently on the engorged bean while Julie moans with pleasure, jerking now and then as bolts of electricity shoot through her. “Oh my God, Sam! That feels soooo goood.” She reaches back and begins fumbling with my belt. “Oh, poor baby! Nice big cock wants to get out and get some attention from mama, huh?” I nod furiously beneath her wet cunt, causing more shivers to race up her spine. She has a difficult time reaching behind her so she begins a slow rotation while still on my face. Soon, she is turned around so she can free my cock and work on it more easily. In my own dream world, I continue to lick and slurp her freely flowing juices, enjoying the shudders her body makes and the shrieks she emits when I bite and suck her swollen clit.

Clawing at my crotch like an animal, she unbuckles my belt, unsnaps and unzips my jeans, and forces them down to my knees with all the force she can muster. My hard cock springs free at last and I dart my tongue into her pussy with renewed fervor as she raps her lips around the large purple head of my engorged cock. Both hands pump the shaft as her tongue encircles the head and she pops it in and out of her mouth. My pants are still constraining my legs so I wiggle them down by kicking them off which causes new types of friction between our mouths and our sex. Finally free, feeling only warm skin, hot love juices, and soft bed beneath us, I raise my knees and roll to the side. My head rests on one of her luscious thighs while her other thigh rests upon my head, locking my face against her glorious pussy. I drink greedily as I feel her shudder and hear her scream around a mouth full of cock, “Oooooh! Ohhhhh Sam baby, Yes! YES!!” Her steaming pussy juice floods my face as she cums in ecstasy, and I inhale every drop of her sweet sex juice.

When her quivering subsides, she rolls us back so that and she is straddling my face and I am lying on my back. She begins slurping my engorged cock deeper into her mouth. At the end of each long stroke, she tortures me by sucking a little extra harder and making my swollen purple head pop out of her mouth, before quickly diving onto it again. Involuntarily, I begin to buck my hips to meet her downward thrusts and soon she is deep-throating my fully hard seven inches.

She is on her hands and knees bobbing her head up and down on my bone furiously. I look between her thighs, past her fragrant, dripping, swollen, cleanly shaven pussy, past her full belly hanging down. Just beyond her pregnant stomach, I watch her luscious tits sway and I reach out to roll the hard nipples in my fingers. Then I watch her artfully sucking my cock, stoking my balls with one hand and fingering my ass hole with the other. My hips jerk automatically and I feel that familiar, heavenly swelling between my balls and ass hole. She feels the head of my cock growing and shouts, “Yeah baby, cum in my mouth! I want to drink your sweet hot cum!” I spasm and jerk uncontrollably and shout, “Alright, you hot little slut, here it comes!” My cum explodes into her mouth and dribbles down my shaft as it oozes out the corners of her mouth. She licks my shaft and balls clean and milks my cock of every last drop of cum, murmuring, “Oh yeah, baby. Mama loves the taste of your hot cum. She’s gonna lick up every bit. Ooooh, did some drip down between your ass cheeks, huh?” Then she rolls me onto my side and wriggles past my cock, pulling her pussy away from my face. She licks everywhere from the base of my balls to my own rosebud. She spreads my ass cheeks and tongues my ass hole making me shudder as I still coming down from the load I just blew. Her tongue circles my rosebud as she coos, “Does daddy like this? Is this gonna make daddy’s big cock hard again so he can fuck mama like she needs to be fucked?”

She moves her lolling tongue back to my cock, taking the half-hard member in her mouth. She is coating it with her saliva as she looks up at me, smiling devilishly. She kisses it and licks all around and giggles with delight as it grows with each pulse to its former size. “Oh yeah,” she whispers, “that’s what mama needs. Oooh,” she kisses the head, “it’s getting soooo big.” She licks all around the head, “Mmmm, soooo good.” She lowers her mouth over it, taking it halfway into her mouth. “Are you almost ready to fill mama’s hot box, lover?” I reach for her cunt as she works her mouth up and down and my hardening cock. My finger slides into her easily because he is so wet. “Ooooh,” she moans, “my pussy is so wet for you Sam.”

She begins to crawl toward me scraping her erect nipples and dragging her enlarged belly over my feverish skin. Her eyes are locked on mine as she slowly draws nearer, resembling a female leopard, stomach swollen from gorging herself on a recent kill, stalking new prey – me! “I want you so bad, you big stud.” She pronounces. I reply, “Get up here, you hot little slut. I’m gonna fuck you until you beg me to stop!” Then she is upon me, driving her mouth onto mine, plunging her tongue into my mouth. She reaches between her legs and firmly grasps my throbbing cock in her small hand. She wiggles the head against her slit and circles her clit with it. “Oh baby, this is going to feel soooo good.” Then she plunges herself onto my shaft, impaling herself upon my manhood. The walls of her pussy contract sucking against my attempt to draw it out so that I can drive it back in again. I hold her by the hips as she rests her hands on my chest. She pinches my nipples in her fingers and bends down to suck and bite them, causing her pussy to grind against my pubic bone until the head of my cock rests against her clitoris. Then she throws her head back and sits upright burying my cock deep in her hot hole. I lurch forward and nip her hard nipples before she shrieks with delight, and just a little pain, and pulls them away.

Now she is pumping furiously up and down over my engorged member. We are both sweating and grunting like frenzied animals. Her eyes roll up into her head and she begins to moan in guttural ecstasy. “Oh Sam, your cock is so hard. It feels so good. Here I cummmmm!” She shivers and shakes and flings her long hair all about her as she pistons up and down. “Yes! YES! Ohhhh YES!” she screams. I feel her steaming hot pussy juice squirt over my cock and dribble over my balls and into my crack. It’s so hot it burns.

She flops forward and nuzzles her face against my chest, lightly nipping my nipples some more. “Oh baby you are gooood,” she says into my chest between gasps. I’m afraid to see her laying on her delicate stomach so I make my move to finish her off. I slap her ass causing her to emit a loud, “Eeee!” then push her off of me. I slide out from under her and swing up to my knees behind her. “Come here you little slut!” I command as I grab her at each hip. “I’m not done with you yet!” I grab my stiff cock and wriggle it against her pussy from behind. She arches her ass up into the air in willing compliance. “Yes,” she cries, “I like it from behind!” I enter her pussy slowly, making sure she is still nice and wet. She is. She whips her hair around and looks back at me over her shoulder with that vixen grin. “Yes, Sam,” she whispers, “Fuck me with that big hard cock.”

I drive it in to the hilt and we both gasp in delight. Then begins the slow building to our final simultaneous orgasm of the afternoon. I start with long slow strokes while she rocks back and forth to meet me. “You like that?” I ask. “Ooooh yes!” she moans. I reach around and finger her clit with one hand and a tit with the other. She responds by grunting and pushing back at my thrusts harder. Then I lean back up and rub her rosebud with her own cunt juice before sliding a finger into her ass. She gasps and lets out little kitten sounds. The friction is just right and I begin to feel her pussy contract harder around my growing cock. I return both hands to her hips and begin fucking her harder and faster making my balls slap against her mound with each thrust. “Oh yes, you rock hard stud,” she cries. “You’re gonna make me cum all over again. You feel so good inside me, Sam!” We start talking dirtier to each other and this brings us both closer to our shared climax.

“Pound me with that huge cock! That’s it! Harder! Yeeessss!”

“You (grunt) like (grunt) it (grunt) like (grunt) this?”

“Ohhhh, Sammy baby, your big hard cock is gonna make me cum all over you!”

“Yeah, baby, and your hot little pussy is gonna make me cum deep inside you.”

“Do it baby!”

Here I cum, lover”

And I pull her hips and ass tight against me as I blow my load deep into her love canal, the same place I deposited a load seven months ago causing our baby to be conceived.

Chapter 2

My sexy and totally satiated wife lay on the king size bed of our hotel room. I watch her heavy breasts and belly rise and fall with each deep breath of sleep. I open the drapes to reveal a vista of rolling hills and a glorious sunset. The last rays of daylight fall on her beautiful heart shaped ass and highlight a shimmering drop of cum as it dribbles from her pink and swollen pussy lips. The golden light makes her glow even more attractively as she sleeps soundly with our unborn child safe in her womb.

I pull back the covers and nudge her sweet naked body under them. She half opens her eyes and smiles at me as she wriggles under the warm, soft covers.

“Is it almost time for the rehearsal dinner, honey?” she murmurs.

“Yes, sweetheart. Are you up for it?” I reply.

“I don’t think so. You wore me out with that unbelievable fucking you just gave me. Do you think Mike and his fiancée would be terribly upset if I stay here and sleep instead.”

“I think it would be okay, sweetheart. Since you’re not actually in the wedding, I’m sure they can wait to see you until tomorrow. But what are you going to eat for dinner? Remember, you’re eating for two now.”

“Oh, I’ll just order room service when I wake up. You go ahead and have fun.”

She opens her arms wide and I cuddle in next to her. I lightly trace her breasts and belly with one finger as she lovingly draws the back of her hands back and forth across my flaccid cock.

“Oh Sam,” she whispers, “We’d better stop before you get hard again and we start fucking all over again.”

I nod in agreement and kiss her softly. We gently suck on each other’s tongues for a little while before she gently pushes me away and says, “You’d better go now.” I reluctantly climb out of bed and tuck the covers around Julie’s naked body.

I quickly shower and dress, with just enough time left to make it to the bar downstairs where the wedding party is to meet for the rehearsal dinner. Almost everyone is there when I arrive, and a jovial evening begins.

My boyhood best pal, Mike, was in the highest of spirits because the following day he would be wed to the voluptuous Nancy. This woman positively reeked of feminine sensuality and knew how to manipulate men. Mike, I thought, was going to be a very happy man. I finally tore my attention from Nancy’s penetrating, sexually charged gaze to meet and greet Mike’s parents and brothers, whom I hadn’t seen in years. Mike’s brothers, Jim and Mark, and I made up the male contingent of the wedding party, but I wondered where the bridesmaids were. My gaze returned to Nancy as we all sipped our drinks. She was deep in conversation with her husband to be, when she lifted her head, smiled and waved over Mike’s shoulder. I followed her gaze across the room to see three gorgeous women saunter into the bar. Jim and Mark exchanged glances with each other, then with me. Our eyes spoke volumes as if to say, “It’s going to be fun standing up in this wedding! Whichever one of these beauties I get paired up with will be fine with me!”

Introductions were made and I learned that Bonnie was Nancy’s Maid of Honor. She was a short redhead with a perfect body and angelic face accented by bright green eyes. We shook hands and I breathed in her heavenly scent. I stared dumbly at her for longer than was comfortable. She lowered her eyes demurely revealing long curling lashes. I finally composed myself and asked, “What’s your pleasure?” She smiled and blushed and looked down again. I realized what she must have thought and rephrased my question, “I mean, can I get you something to drink?” I obtained her vodka tonic and had my scotch refilled, then ushered her over to the dinner table where we proceeded to learn our duties for the next day’s ceremony.

As we listened raptly to Nancy’s mother explain all the details, I found myself continually stealing glances at Bonnie. She looked like an angel, and yet I sensed that beneath her innocent exterior, a vixen lurked. I thought of my wife Julie sleeping soundly four floors above and concluded that she would approve if I spent the evening paying gentlemanly attentiveness to this attractive Irish wildflower. I turned back to Bonnie from my musings and caught her watching me.

“What are you thinking?” she asked. “You seem to be deep in thought.”

“Oh, I was just thinking how much I’m looking forward to this evening and getting to know you better.”

She smiled and seemed to blush again, although it was hard to tell in the low light. She patted my hand where it rested on my thigh beneath the table, returned her gaze to me and said softly, “Me, too, Sam.”

We ate heartily and drank freely for the next two hours. Conversation consisted mostly of childhood reminiscences and a lot of embarrassing stories from our youth. Mike’s dad got quite talkative and felt obliged to share some of Mike’s most embarrassing moments, many of which included me. Thankfully, Mike’s mom decided that the time had come to put her husband to bed before he caused the wedding to be cancelled altogether. Nancy’s parents took the same cue and the older folks left together leaving the wedding party alone to party. We had another round of drinks and got to know our respective partners a little better as the band took the stage and started getting ready to perform. With several scotches under my belt, I found myself getting lost in Bonnie’s green eyes, but I couldn’t help myself.

Mike tells me you’re married, Sam.” She said out of nowhere.

Honesty is the best policy, I thought to myself. “Yes,” I replied. “Happily married to a beautiful woman for two years now. How about you Bonnie?”

“I’m single, and before you ask, no boyfriend either.”

“I like being married,” I offered. “Especially when you’re spouse is as sweet and understanding as Julie. Why just tonight, she specifically told me to have fun, even though she didn’t feel up to joining us.”

“Wow, that’s encouraging,” Bonnie said demurely.

The band had started and they sounded pretty good. I offered my hand to Bonnie, and asked, “Care to dance milady?” She accepted coyly and rose from her seat. Soon the rest of the dance party had joined us. Bonnie looked even better out on the dance floor that she did sitting down. What moves she had! She smiled approvingly as she watched me dancing in front of her. Her eyes slid up and down my body as I moved to the music. From the time we stepped onto the dance floor until the band took their first break more than an hour later, we danced. The slow ones toward the end of the first set were the most enjoyable for me. Bonnie moved in close and draped her arms over my shoulders. My hands were interlaced at the small of her back. My splayed fingers barely reaching the top of her curvaceous ass. I was determined to be a gentleman, but this girl was so sexy, my dick began to get plump of its own accord.

She felt the slow but insistent swelling and pulled herself closer, softly grinding against my captive cock. This girl knew exactly what she was doing. “You like me don’t you, Sam?” she whispered in my ear. I nuzzled her neck and breathed into it, “I could dance with you all night.”

When the band stopped, everyone returned to the table and fresh drinks were ordered all around. When the waitress brought them over, she asked Mike, “So which couple is getting married? Every one of you looks like they’re on their honeymoon!” Nervous giggles and knowing looks passed between us all. Nancy cast a suspicious glare at each of her bridesmaids. She gave a knowing smile to Bonnie, leaned toward her and said, “Best Man and Maid of Honor meet – then fireworks!” Bonnie looked embarrassed, but pleased, and turned back to me with a shy smile. The more bashful this girl acted, the hotter for her I felt, but I resisted the temptation to kiss her as she looked up at me. Instead I inhaled her fresh fragrance, mingled ever so slightly with the scent of womanly sweat and asked her, “I’ll bet you break a lot of hearts, don’t you Bonnie?”

“Actually,” she replied, “I’m usually much more aloof with men, but with you, I feel different.” She leaned closer to me and placed a hand on my thigh, directly over the head of my plump cock. She stared into my eyes, began to lightly rub my hardening rod through my pants, and continued, “First of all, you’re a great dancer. Very sexy,” and she squeezed my cock. “Next, you’re a perfect gentleman. Most guys would have been groping me from head to toe by now. You have shown great respect and restraint.” While she talked, I moved one hand to her breast and lightly rubbed it through her dress, feeling the nipple spring to life. We continued to gaze into each other’s eyes and rub each other softly, lost to the outside world, until we felt everyone around us leaping to their feet and the band kicking off the second set.

The next hour was filled with hot and dirty dancing. The girls were feeling very comfortable with their partners. Led by their ring leader, Nancy, they proceeded to do everything they could to turn on their men, short of fucking them right then and there, or dropping to their knees, pulling out their raging hard-ons and sucking their cocks in public. They backed into their male playthings and ground their asses into the guys’ crotches. They straddled the guys’ thighs and rocked in time with the music over their straining cocks. Everyone was sweating and their eyes were glazed over with lust. Nancy’s sexuality overflowed and infected her girlfriends.

When the second set ended, we were all exhausted, yet invigorated with the anticipation of release from the sexual tension we were all feeling. Nancy suggested that everyone join her and Mike in their room for a nightcap, and we all agreed.

In their room, the women flopped onto the large bed, while the men poured drinks and toasted an exceptional night. As we were clinking glasses, Nancy called out to Mike, “Darling, you boys absolutely wore us out tonight. I think we could all use a good foot massage.”

“Excellent idea, darling,” Mike exclaimed. “Boys, what do you say?” We clinked glasses again, downed our scotches and moved to our respective partners. We removed the ladies’ shoes and went to work on their tiny but sore feet. The girls squirmed and moaned in pleasure as each man knelt before his lass, kneading the tender foot he held. Bonnie looked down past her pointing breasts, past her flat stomach, to my eyes as I gently but firmly massaged her aching feet. “Ooooh Sam,” she cooed, “This is getting me hot,” and hiked up her dress just a little, exposing half of her thighs.

From the time were little kids, I was a leader to Mike. Our early experiences with women were no different. I always showed him the ropes as we grew up together. Jim and Mark were younger and looked up to Mike and I to show them the ways of the world. This situation, I realized, was no different.

“Bonnie,” I said, “your panty hose in getting in the way here. Can you take them off please?” The women exchange glances with each other and giggled, then simultaneously lifted their asses off the bed and rolled their stocking down their legs and off. The unmistakable scent of wet pussy immediately permeated the tiny hotel room.

I lean forward and nibble your exquisite toes as I continue to massage your heels and ankles in my strong hands. You writhe with pleasure as your luscious red hair blends with the blond, brunette, and auburn heads near you in the center of the bed. You rest your feet on my shoulders as I move in closer, breathing your woman-scent. You shiver as I kiss the insides of your calves, knees, and then your creamy white thighs. My hands trail behind, massaging your firm calves. You press down on my shoulders with your ankles and raise your knees drawing me closer to heaven. You spread your thighs and hike up your dress further to expose your beautiful pussy. The bright red hair above your clit is neatly trimmed into the shape of a heart and I am about to make love to it.

I breathe in your scent deeply as I approach your sweet pussy. I slowly part your swelling pussy lips and lick the full length of your slit. You arch your back and drive your hot mound into my face. Your moans mingle with other cries of ecstasy, telling us that similar activity is taking place all around us, but we are lost in each other. You swoon to near unconsciousness as my mouth covers your entire snatch and my tongue dives in deeply, drinking your sweet cream. One hand massages your clit while strong fingers enter your pussy beneath my hungrily licking tongue. Your passion heats up and you cry out, “Oh Sam, you’re eating my pussy so good. Lick it baby!” Similar testimony can be vaguely heard from your girlfriends but your attention is on your hot dripping snatch and my darting tongue. You raise you ass high into their air in ecstasy as I drill into your cunt with my fingers and roll my tongue around your swollen clit. Your first orgasm builds, then explodes, causing your sweet juice to flood over my face and hand. Your ass drops back to the bed as you return to reality once again and the sound of rushing wind in your ears is replaced by the sounds of grunting and moaning all around you.

“Oh Sammy,” you cry hoarsely, “You are the best! Now it’s your turn! Do you want to want to fuck my hot little pussy right now or would you prefer I suck your big hard cock first and swallow every drop of your hot cum?”

You respond by pulling me toward you to where my ass is hanging off the edge of the bed. You lean over me and rip open my sundress exposing my lace bra. You quickly unsnap it and through it across the room. You hungrily gaze at my tits as you move between my thighs and place your massive cock against the opening of my tight little pussy. I open my legs wide for you as you poke the head past its swollen lips. You ease yourself down toward my hard nipples and aching breasts and begin to suckle my sensitive tits. Meanwhile, each slow thrust puts another inch of your fabulous cock in my steaming cunt. You gently bite my nipples, causing me to cry out. My screams meld with those of my girlfriends all around me. The other couples have all followed your lead and are fucking in various positions all around us.

Slap! Your hard cock buries itself fully in my steaming box and I constrict my muscles around it. I want to hold it in me, it feels so good, filling me completely. But you have other ideas. Your kisses and nibbles move to my neck as you slowly draw you hard rod out of me. Now just the big head is inside my pussy lips. “Put it back, Sam! Fuck me hard!” And you comply by slamming its full length back into me. You get into a hot and sexy rhythm now. Your balls slap again my ass over and over for what feels like hours. You are massaging my tits, tweaking my hard nipples. I rise to the heights of eternal pleasure again, seeing fireworks crackle behind my eyelids, then ride back down like a feather floating on air at least twice more, but one orgasm blends into the next so I am neither sure nor am I keeping track. I’m just savoring every hard thrust of your powerful cock. I begin to feel your cock swelling even more and I know you are close to cumming, too.

“I want you to come in my mouth, Sam,” I tell you and you nod as your sweat drips off you forehead and chest onto my tits and belly. “Here I cum,” you cry as you whip your hard cock out my hot cunt and jump onto the bed. I engulf your huge cock in my mouth and hang onto the base of it with my hands. I pump it a few times and suck on the head. You jerk and spasm, then let go. Your seed shoots deep into my throat. I lick and swallow greedily to keep it all for myself. I pump every last drop of your cum onto my tongue and suck your cock until I feel it softening. Even then I don’t want to let you go.

You ease away, pulling your limp cock out of my mouth with a pop. We both look around and see our smiling friends are all watching us and applauding. We seem to have been keeping them entertained long after they were spent. I stand on shaky legs and walk up to you, my tattered dress hanging off each shoulder. I bite your nipple and kiss you chest. I reach around behind you and squeeze your tight ass. I reach up and kiss your lips, tasting my own scent. I whisper in your ear, “Damn, Sam, in my opinion, you are definitely the Best Man!”

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