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Sex With My Friend’s Daughter (full story)

Sex With My Friend’s Daughter (full story)

So let’s start off with a little history. I have been friend with Bob for about 10 years now. He was older than me around my father’s age but he was like the second dad to me that i could tell anything to. He had a daughter who was 4 years younger than me. Her name was Samantha but everyone called her Sammy. She was always cute and well developed in the chest area if you know what I mean.

Anyways to present time I had just turned 25 and was getting married in a week and her father was obviously in the wedding. He had been battling cancer for the greater part of the year and was getting worse. He was afraid he wouldn’t be able to make the wedding since he had been in the hospital for the past month. He wanted me and Sammy to go to his house and get his guns out so no one stole them while he was in the hospital. So I agreed and got Sammy’s number from him. I went home wondering how she had turned out since i hadn’t seen her since she had moved out. I texted her the next day and got a reply almost instantly. She already knew the she was meeting me at her dads so we set a time for 2:00 that afternoon. I thought about her as I went about my day. I was out in the garage when my fiancé come out to tell me she was leaving for work. She worked afternoons and night at a local hospital so I spent most of my time by myself doing guy stuff tinkering around with things out in the garage.

Hey baby.” I heard as I had my head under the hood of my truck.

I looked up and there she was standing in the door with her nurse scrubs on.

“Heading to work already?” I asked as she usually didn’t leave until 3 or so.

“Yeah I have to go in early for our monthly meeting.” She said with a sad face. She hated having to go in early for her meetings.

“Okay well I’m going to meet Sammy at Bob’s to get his guns out before one of his sons steal them.”

She looked at me for a few seconds before she said anything. I looked at her and she just rolled her eyes. She always suspected that I was cheating on her for some reason. We had been together for 5 years and never had I done anything like that. But i had always thought about it. I mean what guys doesn’t?

“Okay well I love you.” She said as she walked over to give me a kiss goodbye.

“Love you to.” As i kissed her I grabbed her ass. She stepped back and shook he head no like i was trying to get some before she left. She had been so occupied with the wedding that she hadn’t been interested in sex for a while and it’s affect were starting to take a toll on me. She walked out and got in her car and left to go to work. That’s when I realized it’s almost 2:00.

“Shit, Sammy.” I said out load. No time to clean up. I just wiped my hands on the rag and hoped in the truck.

A couple of minutes later I showed up at Bob’s. There was a car already in the drive. It must be Sammy I thought to myself. I got out of my truck and walked up to the back door it was already unlocked so i walked in.

“Hello!” I yelled out as i walked in the kitchen.

“I’m back here,” I heard a female voice from the back of the house.

I was walking through the house when Sammy came down the hallway. I literally could not believe my eyes as she came into the living room.

“Hey!!” Sammy said as she came up for a hug.

I couldn’t believe how much she had changed in just 2 years, last time I seen her she had just graduated from high school. She looked great she was maybe 5’5″ and couldn’t weigh anything over 120 lb. She had a nice set of tits on her to I was picturing what they would look like through her shirt.

“How’s it going?” I said as she ran up and wrapped her arms around. The feeling of those nice tits pressed up against me had me thinking crazy thoughts already.

“I haven’t seen you forever it seems like,” She said as she stepped back from me.

“I know, how have you been?” I asked as I looked over her body.

“Oh just going to school and working. How about you?” She asked as she turned around and started to walk back down the hall to her dad’s room.

I couldn’t help but to notice her ass. Oh my god did it look amazing. It was about to bust out of her yoga pants that she was wearing and I could just make out the pantie line as she walked away.

“Oh alright I suppose. I’m getting married next weekend,” I said as I followed her down the hall just gazing at her ass as she walked.

“Yeah dad said something about that when I was talking to him earlier.” As she sat down in her dads computer chair. She spun around and looked at me.

“Do you know were all his guns are?” She asked me as she was looking through some of his drawers on the computer desk.

I pointed toward the closet “He usually keeps a couple in the back of the closet.” I said as I sat down at the foot of the bed.

Sammy got up went over to the closet and opened up the door and stated to look around. Moving some shirts that were hanging on hangers and shifting around some boots that were on the floor. I couldn’t help myself my eyes drifted toward her ass as she was bending over looking around. I was imaging how her ass would feel in my hand and how it would feel to be fucking her from behind and having it slapping against me. In my moment of day dreaming I realized that she was watching me through a mirror that was in the back of the closet. I quickly looked away and opened up another computer drawer.

“Uhmmm… what are you doing?” I heard come from the closet.

Shit she seen me I thought to myself. I tried to play it off as if nothing happened. “Looking for his hand gun” I said hoping she would just let it go.

“Umm… no you weren’t, you were staring at me ass weren’t you?” she said in a tone that I could tell if she was mad at me or not.

I turned around and looked at her “I thought I had seen the butt of a gun on the floor.” trying to make up a reason for looking down near her ass.

She looked at me knowing that I was lying “I’m not 16 anymore. I’m not stupid I knew what you were doing.”

She was right, she was definitely not 16 anymore. Back when I was hanging out with her dad at their house she would always walk through the house teasing me with he clothes she wore. Her dad would always argue with her to put on more clothes when company was over. I didn’t mind it much but I couldn’t think about her like that since I was 19 at the time and would be in big trouble if I ever tried anything not that I didn’t think about it.

I sat there puzzled not knowing what to say I just blurted out the first thing that came to mind “Sorry, I couldn’t help myself” and looked away.

“Don’t be sorry I like it when guys look at me. I remember when you would be at our house and I would wear all those slutty clothes around. I would always catch you looking at me without you knowing it.” She said as she stood up and started to walk toward me.

“I..I…I didn’t think you ever seen me look at you.” I shuddered as I was trying to think of something else to say.

“Oh yeah I would always go up to my room and look out the window and play with myself as I watched you and dad out in the garage. I imagined you coming up to my room and having you’r way with me.” She said as she began to straddle me.

I could feel my dick instantly grow inside my pants and i’m sure she could feel it also.

I slid out from under her and stood up quickly not knowing what to do. I had all these feeling running through my mind I didn’t know what to think. I couldn’t cheat on my fiance right before our wedding but here was this sexy 21 year old in front of me who I thought about from time to time.

“I can’t do this” I said quickly.

“We aren’t even doing anything yet,” She said looking at me.

“I’m getting married next week I can’t do this to her.” As I said that I realized that she had not been interested in the bedroom for sometime now since all the wedding planning.

“Look we are both adults here what she doesn’t know what hurt her. You might be saying no but you’r little friend down there is telling me something different.” She said as she pointed toward my crotch.

I looked down and realized that I had a ragging hard on just thinking about what might happen. It was about to bust out of my zipper when I felt a hand on my belt.

“I seriously can’t be doing this.” I said as i stepped back. What am I thinking I can’t do this but if I didn’t I would probably regret this for the rest of my life I thought to myself.

Sammy stood up and grabbed her shirt from the bottom and began to pull it over her head slowly. I just stood there and took in the sight. She got it up high enough to for her nice full C cup perky breast to come out. They were wrapped in a sexy bra that was white with sexy lace designs all over it. She threw he shirt on the ground.

“What do think?” she said as she wiggled them back and forth.

“They are… WOW!” is all I could get out of mouth.

She reached behind her and I heard a snap, Knowing exactly what that sound was her bra hit the floor in one swift motion. And there they were the most perfect set of perky tits I think I had ever seen. She grabbed them and messaged them slowly pinching her nipples slightly to make them hard and stick out away from her.

“You like what you see?” she said as she took her tongue and licked her nipple slowly.

“I..I…I” was all I could get out as I stood the and watched.

“Shhhhh…” she said quietly. “It’s not cheating if you just stand there and watch me. It will be like old times except you get to watch me now”

She got up on the bed and got on all fours showing me her nice ass. She caressed her cheeks slowly running her hand down her crack every once in a while lightly rubbing her pussy. She moaned out loud and my dick was at full mast all smashed up behind my jeans and zipper. She hooked her thumbs in the band of yoga pants and slid them down slowly revealing a matching set on panties to her bra. Also was sexy flower tattoo on her left hip that rang along her panties to her pussy. She rolled over on her back and lifted her legs high in the air and slid her yoga pants all the way off. And there she was laying on the bed in nothing but her panties and her perky tits pointing toward the ceiling.

“Do you like watching me?” Do you wana see what this pussy looks like.” She said as she spread her legs she rubbed her pussy through her panties.

“MMMHHHMMM…” she moaned out loud.

She began to slide her hand under her panties and began to rub her pussy slowly picking up speed overtime. She started to arch her back and picking up the pace even more now.

“Oh yah…ooooo” she moaned.

She looked at me “This isn’t fair you get to stand there and watch me play with myself and I don’t get to see you do anything.”

“TAKE IT OUT!!” she said pointing at my crotch.

I didn’t even hesitate I unzipped my pants and took it out. “I mean it’s not any diff than watching a porno at home right?” I thought to myself.

I slowly started to stroke my cock. She watched and picked up the pace even more. She was now pinching one of her nipples with her other hand.

“Oh yeah baby, stroke that big cock. Watch me cum in my panties.” She moaned out again breathing harder and harder.

I picked up the pace with her, I could feel myself beginning to cum when I looked and was watching Sammy in the most sexy orgasam I have ever seen a women in. She was arching her back breathing harder and harder she started slapping both of her tits. Within seconds she was deep in a crazy orgasam screaming out i’m surprised the neighbors didn’t hear her. She stopped rubbing and took her hand out from under her panties and I could see her fingers glistening with all of her juices. She took her fingers up to her mouth and began to suck them dry.

She just lay there on the bed and looked up at me.

“So what are you guna do for me now that you watched me cum all over my panties?” looking into my eyes.

I slowly took my hand and unbuttoned my pants and let them hit the floor…

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