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How My Best Friend’s Mom Seduced Me (full story)

How My Best Friend’s Mom Seduced Me (full story)

Growing up my best friend Sean lived on the opposite side of the street. He lived with his Mum, Dad and younger Sister. We grew up in each others homes, out on the street, getting up to mischief. Sean was a year younger than me but we were really close.

Sean’s Mum & Dad were cool parents. His Dad had clearly been a bit of rogue in his day. Nothing criminal but he still carried that mischievous streak. Sean’s Mum was pretty chilled too and didn’t stress much. This was a stark contrast to my parents. I always thought Sean’s parents were more laid back because they were young parents. They had Sean when they were 18.

Sean’s Mum was around 5’4″ tall, slim but curvy and I was starting to notice how sexy she was.

One summers evening around 1996 when I was about 18 years old we decided we would camp out in Sean’s back garden. We set up a large tent and sneaked in some cans of lager.

Sean & I drank, had a laugh, enjoyed the cool summers night and fell asleep in the tent. I woke up earlier in the morning than Sean and opened the tent to enjoy the morning air. As I wandered around the garden, I noticed a pair of black satin and lace panties on the washing line. These were obviously Sean’s Mum’s. They were full brief style, but at 18 I found them incredibly sexy. They were there in front of me and were too tempting to resist. I took them off the line and stuffed them inside the front of my boxers without much consideration for the fact they my be noticed missing.

Sean woke up shortly after my wander around the garden and the morning went without event. The fact I couldn’t wait to get home and explore my treasure probably cut the morning short.

Once home, I locked myself in the bathroom, put on the shower as a decoy for hogging the room and pulled out Sean’s Mum’s panties, along with my already hardening cock. The panties were mostly satin with two lace parts at the top of the legs. They also had some signs of wear around the seams too. This set my mind racing to what Sean’s Mum looked like in them. I was soon stroking my cock in fury as wrapped the cool satin panties around my 7″ length. Rubbing the tip of my cock in the cotton gusset, where I exploded for the first time. I can still remember that feeling today 24 years on.

Nothing was ever said about the missing panties and months later I saw another pair on Sean’s parent’s bedroom floor, as we crossed the landing to Sean’s bedroom to play on his computer console. I couldn’t get that 2nd pair out of my mind and I bravely darted in to Sean’s parent’s bedroom and grabbed them as I went to the toilet. In the bathroom, I explored the new panties further. They were a black g-string with a cotton front and a pink embroidered detail. They were freshly worn and I couldn’t resist a sniff of the gusset. It was glorious to have the material in my face that not too long ago to was surrounding Sean’s Mum’s pussy. However I couldn’t risk beating off in Sean’s bathroom so I stuffed the panties in my pocket for later use at home.

I used those panties many many times over the years and I began to suspect that Sean’s Mum knew I had taken at least one pair, as she started to tease me.

The first time it happened, was when I called upon Sean to see if he wanted to hang out. Sean’s Mum opened the door, but only peaked her head around the door. I asked if Sean was in and Sean’s mum didn’t answer my question but replied ‘oh it’s only you, come in, I thought it was the postman’ and opened the door fully. Sean’s Mum stayed behind the door as I stepped inside. Once I was in, I realised why she had been hiding behind the door; she was in her panties and bra. This totally stunned me, but I tried to not let it show, as she was so blase about it. Sean’s Mum told me to go through to the living room, as she ran up stairs, obviously to get dressed.

I sat in the rear living room and watched a bit of TV, whilst I waited for Sean to come down. Only Sean didn’t come down, Sean’s Mum did, wearing a short skirt and flowery blouse and sat with me as she started chatting away like I was there to see her, not Sean. Sean’s Mum started asking me all kinds of questions, nothing too personal or direct but inquisitive and she kept quite an intense eye contact with me. During conversation, Sean’s Mum told me to call her Debbie, something I had never done before.

Suddenly Debbie broke off conversation, got up and knelt in front on the TV on all fours and asked if I knew anything about video players. I replied ‘what do you need to know’ but was really transfixed on the stocking tops which were clearly on show to me. Unexpectedly, the front door slammed shut and Sean’s sister called out ‘Mum’, to which Debbie promptly stood up. Sean Sister, Hayley came in to the room, and started chatting to her Mum about her morning. Hayley then asked were Sean was, no doubt noting I was in the house and she could not see or here Sean. Debbie, replied that he was out with their Dad. Hayley looked surprised and it was surprise to me also, I thought he was just upstairs getting ready to come out for the day. Hayley joked about me and her Mum having an affair, which made me feel awkward given the thoughts I had about her Mum.

The second time Debbie teased me was when we were all on a caravan holiday in North Wales and Debbie had a small argument with Sean’s Dad, Scott and Debbie joked, whilst making eye contact with me, that she needed a toyboy.

These incidents were seemingly small but created an uncertain feeling me that Debbie was teasing me because she knew I had stolen her panties.

When I was 20, I went on another holiday with Sean and his family to Lanzarote. I was now more manly; broad shouldered and 6’2″ tall. This seemed to be noticed by Sean’s Mum, Auntie and Sister as they all commented around the pool. Again I felt Debbie was teasing me.

One morning during the holiday Debbie offered to take me into the village to buy my Mum a holiday souvenir. Something I had been talking about doing. The family had hired a car and Debbie drove me in to go shopping. This was the first time we’d been alone, since the potentially deliberate stocking flash at Sean’s house.

We went shopping, it was a normal day and picked a nice bottle of Rioja for my Mum. Nothing inappropriate or flirty was said between us… until the way back when Debbie giggled she had forgotten to put on any underwear because she couldn’t find any this morning. It was at this moment I knew Debbie was aware I had taken at least one pair of panties from her house.

As I shifted nervously in my seat, the thought of Debbie being naked under her summer dress, which was riding high up her thigh as she drove, really had me turned on and a bulge began to grow in my shorts. I placed my hand over my bulge to hide my excitement, but it did not go away.

We drove in silence for a few minutes until Debbie suddenly pulled the car over to the side of the road and turned to face me.

“But you have my knickers don’t you Adam. Are they at home or have you dared to bring them with you?”

I was dumbstruck.

“What was it about my knicks you couldn’t resist?”

Debbie then pulled up her summer dress. She wasn’t naked underneath after all but was wearing a pair identical to the second pair I had taken. My heart was racing, my hands began to become clammy. I wasn’t sure if I was in trouble, being teased, being hit on or the heat was just getting to me, but I could not take my eyes of her parted legs and those panties I knew every inch of.

By now Debbie had noticed my hand covering my ever growing bulge and reached across to move my hand.

“Wow, you definitely do like them don’t you!”

Debbie then looked hard in to my eyes and began stroking my bulge. I couldn’t believe it was happening. Her fingers curled around the elastic waistband of my shorts and boxers and lifted them over my now throbbing cock. Sean’s Mum was about to touch my cock and I thought I was going to cum before she even wrapped her fingers around me.

I wasn’t inexperienced with girls at all, in fact quite the opposite, but this was the most intense sexual experience I had so far. Usually I was in control, but here I was motionless, speechless but completely and utterly turned on.

Debbie’s fingers ran down the length of my cock as she looked in to my eyes, whilst she bit her bottom lip. Her thumb rubbed the tip of my dick as her fingers wrapped around the length. Debbie started to wank my cock. It was ecstasy, it was too much and I couldn’t hold back my cum as ropes of it started to ejaculate from my cock. Debbie groaned as I came in volume. I couldn’t believe I had cum so quick, it had never happened that quick before. It was simply just the intensity of moment.

I tried to protest.

“I don’t usually cum so…”

But Debbie cut me off.

“Mmm that’s made my knickers all wet.”

Debbie then lifted herself off the driver seat, slipped her panties off.

“Here you can clean yourself up with these. You can keep that pair also.”

Without hesitation, Debbie then started the car and pulled off the side and began driving.

As I cleaned myself up and put myself back together, not a word was said. But as we arrived back at the villa, Debbie broke silence.

“Keep this a secret and I’ll let you choose my knickers next time…”

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