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The Sex Life Of Nina (full story)

The Sex Life Of Nina (full story)

It was not strange for Nina to shower this late, for Nina was a night owl. Putting on a little makeup at this time was. It was silly, but at the same time, it was necessary. She finished her make up sprayed on some perfume.

Nina took a seat by the window of her living room. It was a first-floor apartment the living room faced the narrow street outside on two sides. Nina was 19 years old; this was the only home she ever knew.

This neighborhood was the early part of the city. The tiny winding streets Smothered by the buildings that populated them.

Nina had drawn the shade but was sure to leave a lamp on close to the window. She wanted it illuminated so her Night visitor would know she was both awake and available. Sitting there, Nina thought about how far She had come in the last year. Nina now had a new, better set of friends than the previous one.

Nina was the latest and only female member of Johnnie’s click of friends. A significant improvement from the group of users she uses to hang around.

As she sat there and waited for her planned/unplanned visitor, she thought back to last year and how different things were. Last year at this time, Nina remembered it in such detail. The reminiscences were such that she fell into a dreamlike state. She seemed to travel back in time. It was this time last year, and Rick was in her mouth.

Nina’s eyes had watered, and her nose ran. All minor side effects that were due to the girth of Rick’s cock, propelling her pharynx to its limits. Her face would flush, and she would begin to sweat with exertion. The more vigorous pace of the interlude, the higher those side effects were. Had Nina not been so adept at fellatio, she may have choked.

Rick did not know it yet, but This was the last time Nina would give him a blow job.

“I am done with this.” Nina thought to herself.

She had sucked Rick (and his friends) several times before.

Nina felt that Sucking Rick off was more like having your throat fucked than giving head. The intrigue and mystique of having a hot hard piece of meat in her mouth got old quickly.

Rick was always ruff with her. Rick would grab a big handful of her curly raven black mane and push her head down to his crotch, transfixing her mouth with his beefy tool. Nina handled it with ease. By then, She prided her self on her ability in the art of oral pleasure.

In those few months, Nina had indeed become a master of fellatio.

Nina’s oral skills were sloppy and uneven at first, but the more she sucked the cocks of the boys in Rick’s gang. The better her skills became. Through trial and error plus articles she read in magazines like “Cosmo.” Nina had learned all “the techniques and tricks, Men loved.”

She had pride in that fact.

Nina loved the attention it brought her. All at once, the boys in Rick’s gang needed her. It had all started as a way to get the guys to let her hang out.

Nina felt she was an outcast, her lack of self-esteem galvanized that. Because of her sheltered childhood, Nina was somewhat unpopular. Nina’s outcast status had to do with her free-spirited ways and the narrow small-town mentality of where she lived.

She was not like the other girls in town, Nina was a colorful polka dot and paisley tie in a draw of grey socks.

As a young adult, Nina decided not to be alone anymore. She would do whatever it took to escape solitude.

Nina’s low self-esteem amplified things to her.

She still lived in the street level apartment where she grew up. Now at nineteen years old, Her Mother always out of town on business. The only parental figure around at times was her ancient grandmother, who lived in the 3rd-floor apartment.

These circumstances amplified her loneliness. The loneliness added desperation and made her accept things she probably wouldn’t have.

With a little more pride, stuff like being used by Rick and his gang wouldn’t be acceptable. At one time, Nina thought that if she was kept around even as an object, at least she was around.

It was not until long after that she realized the other deeper reasons she did it. Sucking cock gave her control. The boys she sucked off were under her power the entire time that their cocks were in her mouth. She often felt helpless in the world that she had no say in anything. This new carnal activity gave her that power. The Boys went from teasing and mistreating her to begging and pleading for her attention.

Rick was a different cat; he was the dominant male in the group and felt he was doing Nina a favor by allowing her to engage in the sultry sessions. Rick’s aggressive, rough style was a challenge she once was willing to accept.

As Nina felt Rick’s grip on her hair tighten and his body tense, she knew it wouldn’t be long before he finished. If there was one thing about oral Nina disliked it was, the end. She admittedly hated and was disgusted by semen. It was a visceral distaste. From the very first time that she saw it, she loathed it. from the gooey texture, the chlorine aroma, to the milky mother of white color, Nina thought it was “disgusting.”

On the other hand, Rick insisted that Nina swallow his load, Every last drop of it. Then

“Suck the pipe clean.”

At this point, the gamesmanship would begin.

As he approached climax, Rick would hold her head on him with his rod down Nina’s throat. Nina would try to back off at the last second before Rick could shoot his first pulse of cum. With Rick, It would turn into a contest every time she serviced him. After grabbing a handful of hair, Rick would push her by the back of her head to his manhood. Rick knew she didn’t like to swallow, but he thought so much of himself that he felt entitled to it.

On one occasion, Nina successfully escaped one of these force-feedings. A vengeful Rick, retaliated by pulling her head and masturbating himself, squirting his jizz on her face. The big warm squishy mess was all over her face spinning her into a disgusting frenzy.

Rick laughed at her and said.

“Maybe next time you’ll finish your job and swallow it like you’re sposed to!”

Nina didn’t want a repeat of that either. She wanted her preferred resolution. Sometimes Nina would get away and quickly grab Rick by the stem of his prick and jack him off the rest of the way. Rick would be overtaken by the sensation that he would just melt back and give up the struggle.

To say she liked the roughness would be a bit of a lie, yet she was not traumatized to the point where she was unwilling to Blow Rick again and again. Nina was every bit a willing participant with full knowledge. It was ultimately up to her. This clique of guys may have been real jerks at times; however, they weren’t rapists.

On a rare occasion, She would get a hard (all be it quick) fuck. Rick and the gang’s preference was blown jobs leaving Nina’s sexual appetite, hungry.

Rick was the leader, and he was the bad boy in town. Everyone in this group of friends was the same type of guy. They all had committed some minor offenses and liked to start the usual trouble. Rick surrounded himself with a mixed set of characters that, despite his ego and self-importance, was very loyal to his gang.

Ricks gang comprised of Five core members with other associates from all over.

There was The pig-faced “Beast.” Nina thought Beast might have been clinically mentally impaired. Nina didn’t believe that in a mean way, Beast had an actual mental deficiency (Nina just didn’t know what it was.) Beast was the only one in the group that Nina refused to fuck or suck.

Beast was a crud rude person. Nina didn’t care if he hung around or not. He wasn’t shy about exposing his tiny penis to her whenever he got the chance. Beast was one guy she could not stand.

Then there was Denny This cycle of sex and her involvement with Rick’s gang only happened because she had dated Denny, Denny was sometimes drug-addicted drop out with a room temp I.Q.

Nina and Denny were an Item for a few weeks. Nina was thrilled for she liked Denny. Denny, on the other hand, just wanted to get laid.

Denny was mean to Nina, and he came around when he felt like it. He used her for sex.

Despite his bragging and boasting, Denny was practically a virgin. Denny’s only other experience was when Rick (who was three years older) picked up a hooker and paid her to fuck and suck his gang. Denny stretched this incident into his being irresistible to women.

Nina thought that she would laugh about it in years to come. Denny, an illiterate loser was the object of her desire, would be a punchline to the joke of her youth. There was the point when Nina thought that Denny was “The one.” That would be even funnier.

Well, just a week into dating him, Nina allowed Denny to deflower her.

Denny and Nina had the fundamental sex a few times. Their encounters comprised Mostly of getting her to suck him off. Denny made her orally copulate him every chance he could. He was never thinking once about what he could do for Nina.

Only when Denny decided that he would like to try the taste of a woman did he return the favor. Too immature to appreciate giving head as much as getting head Denny took a few clumsy licks of her labia and got bored.

Nina both enjoyed and was freaked out by the sensations of having her womanhood licked and sucked. However, it was over before it started. It was something he just wanted to do for two seconds so that he could say he had done it.

Recounting his experiences is to others precisely what he did. Denny ran around town, telling everyone about his sexual encounters with Nina. Denny included in his boasting that.

“Nina’s pussy tastes like Honey.” and

“She gives me blow jobs anytime I ask.”

With the stories about the flavor of her vaginal juices running wild, the streets Nina tried to lay low.

However, every time she left her apartment, the harassment would begin.

“Hey Honey, hows your honey?” or

“Hey Nina, herd you were a real sweet girl, sweet as honey.”

The assortment of jokes from seemingly random townsfolk was endless.

Because of this harassment, Nina developed an aversion to receiving cunnilingus. She couldn’t trust that the next man to give her oral pleasure and not tell the world about it.

Denny then used Nina to round out his sexual experimentation.

He then wanted to try every position he ever saw in porn.

Once Denny got the bright idea to finger Nina’s asshole.

A type of fourplay was something Nina had secretly wanted but was too ashamed to ask for or admit.

The problem was that Denny had no idea what he was doing and tried forcing a dry finger in Nina’s unsuspecting rectum. The clumsy, heavy-handed poke momentarily injured Nina and caused her to jolt up in pain, nearly hitting the ceiling.

Nina was more than just physically hurt. Denny sat there laughing at her. The thoughtless clumsy and ill-prepared attempt proved something to her. Denny’s carelessness showed Nina that he thought of her as a possession and an object to do with as he pleased.

Nina should have walked away then, but she was smitten with Denny. Nina cared for him, and She would do anything for him, anything.

It was not long after That Denny decided to share Nina sexually, with his friends. Nina could agree or not be allowed to be a part of the gang.

Nina figured. She was old enough to make her own decisions. So scared of being shunned by the group, Nina complied. She became the gang’s living fuck ‘n’ suck doll.

The months wore on, and Nina didn’t see her standing in the group ever improve, nor did she see Denny give any inkling of maturation. The other core members of the gang were Nate and Mazz.

Nate didn’t know it yet ( or maybe he did), but Nina was pretty sure he was gay. He was more interested in watching the other guys getting sucked off than actually getting sucked. Nate wouldn’t try anything with her unless egged on.

Once when Nina had attempted to give him a handjob on Rick’s orders, but just Nate shrank away.

On another occasion, when Rick and Denny took turns on her. Nate stood and watched while jerking off. Nate was able to keep himself hard because he could watch Rick.

Mazz was the only member of the group that would still use her pussy. It was the single action that Nina got. Not that Mazz was a good lay or anything, but at least she got something. There was no foreplay or kissing, but Nina liked watching Mazz roll a condom on his prick. She would shutter with anticipation Mazz had the longest skinniest manhood anyone had ever seen, it was freakish. She would lay back and spread her legs, Mazz would mount and penetrate her, and about three pumps later would bust his nut. Just like that, it would be over. Nina would lay there and think,

“Is that all I’m getting out of this?”

Nina was an only child. Her father had passed away when she was five, now at nineteen, she had only a few precious memories of him. Nina’s mother was a warm, loving person, sure she was over baring at times, but she just wanted Nina to grow up as best she could. Nina wanted to be like her mother very much, but they seldom saw each other.

Her mother was away on business weeks at a time. This absence was all Ricks gang needed. They began to be a permanent fixture When Nina’s mother was not around. Rick and his group practically took over Nina’s house. They threw parties and made themselves feel at home, without protest from Nina. They took over her home, but Rick was also using her body as a cum dump.

These thoughts angered her even while Rick’s cock was down her throat. “This is it, This is the last time!” she thought to herself.

They were at the point. In the blow job, Nina accurately assessed that The wrestling match would begin. She had to try and slip-free before he got the upper hand. Anticipating her move, Rick Then grabbed Nina with both hands.

Rick was a big Kid solidly built, and a bit overweight, his strength was too much for Nina to wiggle free. He was holding her by the shoulder and the back of the head simultaneously.

Rick held Nina in place, then began to hump her face with the same zeal that he might have fucked her pussy. Her eyes watered even more than before significant saliva poured out of her mouth, raining all over Rick’s scrotum.

Nina drooled uncontrollably and couldn’t breathe. For a scary second, she thought she might choke. She felt light-headed; she was afraid to choke for fear of the reflex might cause her to bite Rick’s manhood off inadvertently.

After a few seconds that felt like forever, Nina Felt the burst of warm slimy loads in her mouth. It’s salty taste coated her tongue and settled in the back of her throat. Rick had eased off his hold on her, lost in his orgasmic joy. Nina was able to slide up the shaft just enough so that her throat could function properly. She was ready to fight the gag reflex and reluctantly began to swallow every creamy bullet Rick fired.

Nina drew a tissue from the box of kleenex on the coffee table. She spat the remaining chalky wad from her mouth into a tissue. Nina was disgusted and incensed with the roughness. The careless way Rick would cum in her mouth against her wishes made her angry.

Another thing she was tired of was Rick’s selfishness. Now that he had cum, she would get nothing. The rare pleasure of being fucked became more seldom all the time.

She then realized that another member of Rick’s gang “Beast” was also there watching. Beast’s pants were down, and he shamelessly stood there with his tiny erection exposed.

“Okay, my turn Nina.”

“Oh fuck off, never in a million years!” Nina snapped back in disgust.

Then she turned her attention back to Rick, who was still recovering from his orgasm.

“Rick, I told you not to cum in my mouth.” she said sternly.

Rick was at a loss. “She usually was happy to be used like a whore,” Rick thought to himself. This anger was a new thing for him.

“Did you hear me? I’m sick of this, the way you guys treat me.”

“Oh, relax.” was Rick’s caviler response.

“Relax! you want me to relax you promised me that you wouldn’t cum in my mouth and you did anyway.”

“Yeah, so.”

“You know I don’t like it.”

“Shut up and be happy I let you.”

“You let me what?”

“I let you blow me.”

The anger erupted from her like a volcano.

“GET THE FUCK OUT!!” Nina yelled in an outburst that even surprised herself.

“Your loss bitch.” Sneered Rick as he tucked his flaccid shrinking penis in his pants.

From that point on, Nina decided to take pride in herself and cast off Rick and his group of users.

Getting back to the present, Nina brushed the memories out of her mind. Nina Leaned over to the window shade to take a peek up the street.

She was hoping to catch a glimpse of her night visitor.

Since Nina liberated herself from Rick’s gang, she had been periodically hanging out with a different group of guys that she had grown up around. It was a gang of guys headed up by Gentleman Johnny.

Johnny felt Nina should only be in the gang as a spiritual friend and that she was like a little sister. Dating her was therefore deemed off-limits.

Nina was considered Off-limits. Nina regarded as a little sister to Johnny. Nina’s mother and Johnny’s Mother were friends from childhood. Johnny felt it was his duty to watch out for Nina.

He strongly felt Nina should only be in the gang as a spiritual friend and that she was like a little sister. Dating her was therefore deemed off-limits.

The members of the group were all about two years older than her except for Clark.

Clark was the same age as Nina. Nina found Clark attractive and had flirted with him unsuccessfully. However, Clark was not into Nina for several reasons.

Clark felt like the neighborhood outcast, Nina was another outcast type. The two together would make the neighborhood gossip even worse.

Clark believed his reputation for being a joke. It was partly right and mostly due to his hyperactivity as a child. Like Nina, Clark had poor self-esteem and was bullied until he fought his way out of it.

He got the reputation of a rough and tumble kid that could be trouble. Clark preferred being that type of this type of pariah. As opposed to what he once referred to as. Cruel names like “weirdo” and “retard”.

Until he started punching people out, then he was just a thug. Johnny and his group of friends later befriended him. There were 10 of them hanging around at any given time. Johnny and his friends were Not a gang by any means but a clique of guys you didn’t want to test.

Johnny and the guys liked Clark, and he helped them fight off group kids from across town that came to the neighborhood looking for trouble. His new friends admired Clark’s toughness and sense of honor. It wasn’t long before Johnny and Clark were good friends. Clark’s fellowship with Johnny and his friends legitimized him. Clark finally got some respect on the narrow streets of the neighborhood.

With the narrow twisted streets came narrow twisted minds. Living in a small corner of the big city may be a small town in the country. So his new-found status was precious to him. Clark wanted to keep it intact.

Nina had a reputation. What’s more, Everyone in the town knew about her role in Rick’s gang. That roll did not go over too well with Clark. He knew The neighborhood would take notice and would gossip relentlessly.

Clark would become angry with himself for caring about what that neighborhood thought.

Why should he care about what idiots he hated thought? Yet he was still young and dumb and a product of that which he hated. Never the less these past few nights, Clark had secretly been covertly dropping by.

Clark was Nina’s night visitor.

The clock read 1:07 a.m., and Nina’s anticipation grew by the second. Two nights previous, there was a strange occurrence. At around the same time, there was a knock on her window.

Her living room faced the street. The average person could reach the window and tap. Nina was startled at first then saw who it was. Clark was a guy from the neighborhood she where grew up.

She was happy to have human contact with someone who was just as lonely as she was. They talked for an hour at the window, mostly whispers as not to wake anyone.

Why was he there alone, where was the rest of the gang, and why had he stopped by? Then last night the same thing happened. Clark came by at about the same time.

Nina always felt connected to Clark, which he didn’t seem to think until a few nights ago.

She was attracted to Clark, but more than just attracted, for she had fantasized about him many times.

Using her sexy voice and flirting a tad. Nina felt a warmness from Clark that he had never shown before. As they talked about benign subjects, Nina told herself that it was just a regular conversation.

However, Nina could not lie to herself about the way her body felt. There was no denying the dampness in her vagina.

Once Clark said goodbye last night/this morning. Maybe Clark would help relieve some of that tension.

“Did I just think that.”

She thought to herself.

“Who am I kidding besides my self?” she said out loud. (alone again without fear of anyone hearing her.)

“I tell you one thing I won’t let it be like before.”

She decided that if something were to happen, she would not accept what she had in the past—establishing the dubious yet somewhat undeserved reputation of the town tramp.

Nina didn’t one hundred percent regret it. There were times when it was great, even if she was just used and didn’t get off. That was a while ago, Nina had, for the most part, severed ties with Rick’s gang.

As a result, Her urges had gone unsatisfied for too long. Her head told her that fooling around with anyone, especially Clark, was a terrible idea.

There were so many reasons why she should dismiss the idea.

For one thing, she didn’t want to add to her reputation. A big part of her did care about how the neighborhood regarded her.

Nina’s body, on the other hand, craved for something to happen between them. She could not lie to herself; she was very attracted to Clark.

A feeling that heightened after getting a glimpse of his manhood. Several months back, Nina had become livid with Clark.

She and her girlfriend Laney hung out in the park with Clark, Johnny, Slim, and a couple of cases of Heffenreffer.

Nina didn’t have many acquaintances in the neighborhood; most of her friends were from work or school. Some were from other communities or towns. She would have them over for the weekends to help with the loneliness.

To Nina’s dismay, Laney got drunk and strolled away with Clark. When she looked around for them, she found them in a dark corner. Nina walked up; Clarks back was to her. He was standing, but she saw his pants around his knees and his muscular bare buttocks exposed. The muscles on Clark’s body tensed, his mind somewhere else, Laney was before him on her knees.

In the still quiet seclusion of the park, Nina could hear the wet slurping smacking sounds of a mouth copulating a penis.

Nina was now a veteran of many blow jobs and knew the noise. She had no doubt what was happening. A pang of white-hot anger, desire, and jealousy all arose in her at once. She was remaining quiet because something deep inside of her wanted to get a better look.

As angry as it made her, the scene made her hot and intrigued. If she couldn’t have it, she could enjoy seeing it, she thought to herself.

Nina felt a tremble in her loins when her eyes caught a glimpse of Clark’s hot hard fullness. Laney was sloppily sucking on it. As Nina slowly inched closer, she saw more and more.

The more Nina saw, the more her emotions mixed. Those thoughts and feelings ran the gamut from frozen with wonder and passion, anger, and jealousy—Nina, Both loving and hating what she saw. The size of Clark’s tool stood out to her. It was bigger than anyone in Rick’s gang. Dwarfing Mazz’s dick in both with and length. “Could I handle that?” Nina wondered to her self.

“I would do a better job than Laney.” She thought, confidant. In her oral acumen. Every time Laney would slide her mouth off, Nina would get another mouth-watering glimpse of Clark’s cock. Nina gazed and wondered how it would feel inside of her. Would something that size hurt? Or would the pleasure be multiplied? Nina would have loved to know the answer.

Then a feeling of embarrassment for her voyeuristic behavior washed over her. Nina snapped out of her lustful trance. She thought it best to break up the happening to feel better about it and cover her tracks.

“Hey, what’s going on here?” Nina Shouted.

Clark was startled and shocked, turned to see who had interrupted his interlude. Partially in fear, being caught by some concerned citizen who was against public sex.

However, being roused from a deep pleasure induced trance stunned. When Clark looked over and saw that it was Nina that had caused the unwanted disruption, it angered him.

“Get the fuck outta here, Nina!” Clark said over his shoulder.

“She is drunk, and you are a pig!” Nina countered.

Lainey never looked up; she just kept on slowly sucking Clark’s hog.

“Fuck off, Nina, you are ruining it.” Clark snapped.

“Go and blow Denny if you want some action.” Clark continued.

The vengeful verbal barb tossed at Nina to be both dismissive and hurtful.

“You are such an asshole, Clark! She doesn’t know what she’s doing!” Nina snapped in retaliation.

“I think she does and she’s doing just fine, now go away, you’re making me lose my hard-on.” Clark sneered in defiance.

Laney sloppily slurped and bobbed, but did so slower and slower as if she were a driver fading away. Much to Clark’s dismay, Laney had passed out in mid-stroke.

“Hey, wake up,” Clark said, half disappointed half concerned.

Nina stood there watching, disgusted at Laney angry with Clark. Nina was in denial but had been fascinated with Clark since she could remember. Deep inside her, Nina was ecstatic to see this; getting a glimpse of Clark’s cock was a one-milligram dose of ecstasy. It was Long and thick and very tempting.

Laney was slipping into a beer induced blackout Clark had grown concerned for Laney. Laney was a willing participant but had quite a bit to drink. Clark feard that past out, Laney could choke or suffocate. He withdrew his is rapidly softening penis from Laney’s slack mouth. Clark twisted away, suddenly embarrassed to be being seen by Nina’s prying eyes.

Nina knew then that part of her anger was that of want and envy. Clark was angry with Nina, and firstly he was disappointed not getting to Cum. Secondly, he felt violated by Nina invading his privacy, even if Laney was her friend, what gave her the right?

“Thanks a lot, Nina!” Clark said as he stuffed himself back in his pants.

“Me? You’re the one that got her shitfaced!”

“she helped herself to most of the tallboys I brought, got a glow on, and then started kissing me. I fail to see what I did wrong.” Clark protested as he cared for Laney. Clark propped Laney up in a seated position and leaned her to the side so that she wouldn’t choke if she began to vomit.

“Laney, Laney, Laney, Laney, you need to get up and walk around.” Said Clark with real concern.

Laney was sitting there slack-jawed, flipping her tongue, slowly bobbing her head.

Johnny, Slim, and Steve walked over to the commotion. Slim was giggling, pointing his finger at Laney.

“Ha She is so plastered, she is still sucking Clark’s dick.”

The fact that it was real made Slim’s crude amusement all the more creepy on his part.

It all ended with “Gentleman” Johnny helping Laney to her feet and carrying her and back to Nina’s building. The memory of that night was so vivid, Nina felt as if she was there again and just like that night She had dampened her underwear. Nina swatted away the memory as if it were a cloud of smoke. She raised her head to gaze out the window and waited for her night visitor.

Clark said goodnight to Johnny and slim, and he watched them drive down the street and make the left for the bridge out of the neighborhood. He wanted to be 100% sure that they were gone.

Clark headed for home but needed to make a stop. The 7-11 was open Clark stopped in to buy a book of crossword puzzles and some Dentine gum, then continued home.

“I’m I was going home?” he asked himself.

As Clark walked down the street, he glanced down pleasant st. to see if her window was a lite. His heart pounded, A big slow thud brought on by excitement.

Clark was half hoping that he would see the window just as dark as the rest of the buildings’ windows on the street.

The decision would be made for him then. Ambivalence hit him as he saw the warm glow of light in Nina’s first-floor window. He looked around the deserted streets to see if anyone was watching.

“You know you shouldn’t be doing this.” He thought.

He crossed the road and took a right on to Nina’s street. He was powerless; his legs seemed to have a mind of their own.

“What are you doing?” he thought, “I’m just going to talk nothing more.” Clark stopped and looked around again.

Nobody could see him walking towards Nina’s; it had to be under wraps.

“This is bad! don’t do this, you moron.” his logic kept telling him.

“Well, I guess you’re right; we will go straight home,” he said to himself.

Even as he decided to go home in his mind, his body still walked toward Nina’s window.

The warm glowing light was like a magnetic field that pulled him to it against his better judgment. Nina was off-limits; there could be a harmful and embarrassing neighborhood scandal.

Just talking to her, this much might start a negative rumor.

“You know this is bad, why else do you keep it a secret from the guys?” his conscience said.

The last member of the group that made that mistake was gone for good.

Skinny was an out of towner but was accepted to the inner circle rather quickly. However, Skinny’s reckless ways and lack of respect for the neighborhood code of honor. Skinny embarked on a fling with Nina was promptly exiled. Clark feard that could also be his fate if this forbidden fruit harvested.

As Clark made his way down the narrow street where Nina lived, he felt the brick tenement buildings close in on him. The street was narrow, just enough for a car to pass; there were about 16 inches of a sidewalk.

Clark told himself that this was nothing, and he would not give in to the fire spreading in his pants.

The way they talked the past few nights was stirring. Nina’s soft sexy voice and the playful, flirtatious way she had, sparked something in him.

Clark heard the stories about Nina and her skilled oral gymnastics. His curiosity was peaked, and now this nonsexual one of the guys’ sister figure was creeping into his fantasies.

During their long late nite conversations, Clark would watch Nina’s lips move as she spoke. He had to fight his mind from manufacturing images of those full lips wrapped around his prick.

The night before last, Clark lost that internal fight, he masturbated as he imagined stuffing all of Nina’s holes.

As Clark approached Nina’s street, the fear of getting caught was mounting coupled with those pesky young man’s butterflies.

His heart pounded, he felt his blood running through his veins. Mostly due to the subject matter last night’s conversation Last night, his talk took a sexual turn. Nina Brought up his ex-girlfriend Sam.

Nina asked if they Clark and Sam had sex. Clark found himself saying yes and later exchanging stories with Nina about their separate sexual encounters. They both were able to laugh about most things.

Clark told her something about his sexual past that he wouldn’t feel comfortable talking about with anyone. They didn’t talk about the incident with Laney.

Clark remembered how mad they were at each other. Initially, Clark felt violated but at the time. Nina was watching Laney blow him. Nina had seen him mostly naked, with his cock at its hardest and fullest size. Recognizing Clark’s naked Was now something of a turn on. His eighteen-year-old macho stupidity relished it.

Clark then thought, Perhaps Nina interrupted out of jealousy. Maybe She wanted to be in Laney’s position. Nither one tried to bring it up. They both knew that that conversation could lead to something, something terrible.

“Why is your heart pounding if your intentions are platonic?” his logic asked him. Clark’s body didn’t listen and kept walking.

He approached he thought how this would never happen during the day. Walking close to the illuminated window, he reached up and tapped on the window pane.

Nina was startled despite her expectation of her night visitor. She realized that her excitement must be showing, so she took a second to collect herself.

As he saw the shade roll up, the butterflies in Clark’s stomach turned into angry hawks. He couldn’t lie to himself anymore; he was happy Nina was there.

When the shade was up, Nina, saw that her night visitor was there. He looked tired but still sexy to her.



“Well, if it isn’t my night visitor.” Nina purred in her sexy voice.

The words sent shivers down Clark’s spine.

“I was just passing by, and I saw your light on.” Clark said, trying to sound nonchalant.

“So, you thought you would grace me with your presence.” Nina poked with feigned annoyance.

At first, Clark thought he had angered her. Then Nina smiled, and he knew she was just playful.

“Yeah, I thought I should.” He smiled back.

“Well, where are the guys tonight?”

“They all went home.”

“So, you were out?”

“Yeah, I was going to try suggesting dropping by to see if you wanted to come with us. then I remembered that you were going over to your aunt’s.”

Nina knew this was Clark being sweet. She knew that he wouldn’t suggest that. He probably was too worried that the guys’ Johnny especially would think something was going on between them.

“You should have I was only there early on.” Nina said with a slight disappointment.

Nina answered, thinking that she was glad That Clark didn’t mention her. She didn’t want the gang to think anything was going on between then either.

“Well, we just went out to a stupid movie anyway.” Clark answered unconvincingly.

Really what movie?

“Just some mindless action movie.” Both nervous about being caught and wishing she would ask him to go inside.

“what do you have there?” Nina asked

“Oh, just a puzzle book, mostly crosswords, but there are some neat puzzles and a really cool complex maze.” Clark answered.

Nina wanted Clark to come inside but was waiting for him to ask or for an excellent excuse to invite him in. As Clark flipped through the puzzle book, he stopped on the pages with the maze on them.

Nina saw her chance as she looked over the elaborate maze that took up the entirety of two pages of the puzzle book.

“Oh, wow, that is neat.” Said Nina. She made her move.

“I want to do it. why don’t you come inside and we can work on it together.”

Clark was both happy and sacred. Glad to be invited in scared of what might happen. Clark was no fool; he knew she wanted him as he wished to her. Deep down he knew, they both knew there was a better chance they would end up fooling around than not.

Once inside Nina’s apartment, they got comfortable on the couch. Nina got a pencil, and they attempted to solve the maze. After a short while, they gave up. They moved on started talking.

Mainly about the people they knew, Shared experiences of living in the same neighborhood.

Nina was thrilled to have the company to break the loneliness.

Clark realized how easy it was to talk to her. They got the sense over these past few nights visits how much they enjoyed each other.

Nina turned on the television. She flipped the channels for a bit, then stopped on the pay stations. As usual, they were showing the same movie again. Nina flipped to Cinemax; it was a Friday, and there was a softcore porno movie on.

“Do these movies make you horny?” Nina said, using her sex voice to be dangerously flirtatious.

“Well, yes and no.” Clark answered honestly.

“They kinda suck, I guess.” Nina acknowledged.

“They don’t show anything.” Clark elaborated.

“Oh, so you need to see the in and out.” Nina said slyly.

“Yeah, when you have seen the good stuff, this just doesn’t cut it anymore.” Clark revealed honestly.

“The good stuff?” Nina smiled.

“DONT DO IT!” Clark’s head said to his body. The rest of Clark didn’t listen.

“Yeah, I have seen the real hardcore stuff.” Clark said

“I know you were watching it here, and The night “Beast” brought one of his movies over.”

A smile crept past Clark’s face as he remembered. It was Nina, Slim Clark and for some strange reason Beast.

They were all hanging out at Nina’s when Beast produced a porno movie from under his coat. They had all agreed to watch it. Soon with the shades drawn and the lights off, the group settled in to watch hot glowing sex on T.V. Slim, always so horny he made it about five minutes till he said that he had to leave.

Slim was No doubt, running home to jerk off. That left Nina, Beast, and Clark. Clark was turned on, not just the movie but by having a girl in the room.

Nina and Clark had been privately scanning the room, watching the reactions of the others seeing who would keep composed and who might have wandering hands. They had caught each other’s eyes exchanged a quiet, sultry stare.

Something told Clark, Nina was enjoying the movie. It was igniting something in her too. Clark had the brief, fleeting thought of Nina and himself mutually masturbating or masturbating each other.

Then he brushed the taboo fantasy away quickly as if his ideas could be exposed. But Beast was still there too. Then Beast broke the silence by shamelessly standing up and revealing his tiny erection. (as he was known to do.)

Clark and Nina were both disgusted, the Beast just laughed. They went back to watching the porno, but the mood was destroyed.

” Oh, I remember now. That was so gross when the Beast pulled out hit tiny baby dick.” Clark said.

He was trying to downplay the erotic aspect of what had silently transpired between Nina and himself that night.

“Yeah, you guys are all dogs.” Nina smiled

“Don’t be judgemental. I know that you like to watch too. first hand,” Clark said, staring at Nina seriously without expression. He was drawing on the awkwardness. Nina just stared right back at him.

“you enjoyed that porno, that is until The beast ruined it.” Clark said with a smile.

Nina gave him a huge smile back as an admittance of guilt.

Clark knew that they both had avoided talking about the silent exchange that night and the night in the park with Laney. These subjects would cause a dangerous chemical reaction. A reaction where the sex talk got to be too much, and they gave in to what they both secretly wanted.

“That wasn’t the only time you watched people fucking around either.” he said with a smirk

“What are you talking about, Clark?” Nina said, playing it cool, but her seductive smile gave her away.

“Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.” Clark said, playfully mocking.

“Yeah, you and Laney playing kissy-face in the park.” Nina giggled.

“It wasn’t my face; she was kissing and you know it.” Clark smiled.

They both had a nervous laugh.

Clark pushed it further, adding,

“So don’t tell me you don’t like watching people fucking around.”

“I was not watching you.” Nina said with a huge smile, knowing her lie was evident.

“You are so full of it, you watched us and then acted mad when you thought you might get caught.” Clark said, then stared into Nina’s eyes.

“Well, Maybe, I watched a little.” Nina said with a smile.

“But what you saw wasn’t little.” Clark said. They both broke into hearty laughter.

“No, no, no, it was quite impressive. Nina said, continuing to laugh.

One thing Nina said stuck in Clark’s mind. She had referred to the appearance of his penis as ” Impressive.”

Again his logic told him, “Go home, you fool, you know where this will lead.” his body would not listen, Clark pushed it.

“So you liked what you saw?” said Clark as He smiled.

“Well., yeah kinda.” Nina admitted. Her eyes were wide with a smile.

“You were jealous of Laney, weren’t you! Clark pushed, knowing he could mark it up to a joke if he had to.

“Well kinda,” Nina admitted her smile, never wavering for long.

“I knew it. Clark said. He felt his testicles start to move, and his dick starts to harden.

“Well, you would have been no different,” Nina said through a giggle.

Clark just smirked, conveying doubt in his expression.

“Bullshit!” Nina protested Nina felt daring and uninhibited; this was fun.

“If you saw someone going down on me, You would look too; you would like what you saw too.”

Those words left Nina’s mouth and hit Clark’s ears, causing his penis to grow and harden to its fullest. “you know I was so mad at you that night,” Clark said, trying desperately to rid himself of his erection.

“You were mad Laney passed out on you, and you didn’t get to cum.” Nina countered.

The more Nina talked and used words like “Cum” the more aroused, and hard Clark got.

“You’re right, and then I felt violated by you, but now.” Clark’s voice trailed off.

“But now what?” Nina said, smiling in a faux stern manner.

“Well now it’s kind of hot in a weird way.” Clark confessed in an exaggerated goofy way to shield reality and hide how his gentles had betrayed him.

“Well, I guess.” Nina said with a smirk of her own.

Nina seized the upper hand in their little game.

She made no effort to hide her gaze. Then Clark realized he was off guard.

Nina’s eyes trained on his crotch and the raging erection making his shorts resemble a tent. Nina’s dark eyes and sexy stair had the power to stiffen most men’s shlongs.

Now, this was getting complicated. Clark and Nina had a friendship, a mutual feeling for one another. Their friendship was not just platonic; it was something more. For the last few months, They were like siblings.

Nina was like a sister, And now Clark had a massive boner and was trying to lie to himself. Deep down, he knew he wanted nothing more than to stick that boner in his friend who was like a “sister” but still tried to lie to himself.

Always not wishing to take the next step but wanting to more than ever. Nina continued to eye Clark as he fought in vain to hide his visible arousal.

Clark was embarrassed and yet weirdly aroused. He quickly adjusted his body and his placement on the couch, turning his body away from her. His cock was so hard now that it hurt. Nina felt that she was now in control of this flirtatious game that had started with Clark in the lead.

Now she had him on the ropes. Nina’s mouth watered at the bulge in Clark’s pants. They both saw The outline of his erect member through the cloth of his shorts. Even though he had turned away from her, it was too late. Nina was sorry, and she felt terrible for Clark, knowing how embarrassing this must have been for him. Clark turned away from her, his back to her ultimately.

He seemed to roll in a ball. Clark wished there was a hole in the floor he could fall in. Nina’s playful victorious feeling now dashed and replaced with concern. Nina put a sympathetic hand on his back.

“Hey, it’s okay.” She said in a soft voice

“It’s not.” Clark said, crushed and embarrassed.

“it was a hot sexy conversation and, we’re young, and it was just natural that your body would react like that,” Nina said in a kind reassuring way.

“It’s easy for you to say, you’re not the one with the giant hard-on.” Clark managed.

“Turn to me, come on its okay,” Nina said

“I cant.”

“Yes, you can.”

“No.” Clark said. He was dying of embarrassment and making matters worse, and his body wasn’t cooperating; his prick was still hard enough to cut diamonds.

Nina got up and moved to the other side, forcing Clark to face her. She looked at him.

“Don’t be ashamed; you can’t see it, but I’m a little hot. It’s alright. I would never say anything to anyone about it.”

“Promise me.” said Clark sounding like a child.

“I promise.” They sat there in silence for a bit Clark wishing he just went home instead of stopping by.

“If it makes you feel any better, the nite I saw you in the park.” Nina paused with the trepidation of what she was about to say.

“Yeah?” Clark answered

Nina swallowed her pride and just came clean to make her friend feel better.

“I was fucking soaking wet.” Nina Spat out, her fighting off a sudden wave of shyness.

“Really,” Clack asked with some surprise.

“I came home that night and had to Jill off.” Nina admitted, bewildered by her honesty. Telling Clark, this was a freeing feeling.

“Jill off?” Clark asked.

Clark was amused by the expression, having never heard it but quickly figuring out its meaning. He was still ashamed of what had happened, but Nina’s openness made him feel some relief.

“Yes, the girl version of Jacking off.” Nina said through a smile.

“Well, I’m surprised first of all, I didn’t know you girls did that, and secondly I didn’t know I had that effect on you,” Clark said in amazement.

“Well yeah, we do, and Yeah, You do have that effect on me, you always have. I’m wet right now, I have been since You tapped on my window.”

Calrk, moved by Nina’s kindness and turned on by her admissions. He knew they were real. She was telling him her secrets not to seduce, but to comfort him. Her sweetness and concern touched him. Clark sat there lost for words swept up in the isolated tornado of thoughts and emotions.

Nina felt liberated by her revelation. They were quiet for a moment. Nina still pitying Clark’s embarrassment flirted with taking his hand and letting him feel her dampness through her clothes. Not in a sexual way but to Make Clark feel less ashamed. To show she was truthful. She gave it pass when she realized how silly and counterproductive that would be.

Clark was overwhelmed by his desire. In a flash, Clark pulled Nina close and kissed her. Nina was aware of the sexual tension and knew this was close to happening.

However, she was still a little shocked that it was coming to fruition. Never in her wildest did she think that Clark would initiate. Nina’s lack of self-confidence led her to believe the only way to get to this juncture would be to make the first move on Clark. In the past, she had even thought about perhaps jerking him off or also giving him some head to seduce him. That belief added to the shock value of what was afoot.

Clark was also in a state of surprise at himself. It was as if his body was acting without his permission. He felt as if it were an out of body experience. Like he was watching someone else in an x rated movie. Putting his hand between her legs touched her, feeling the wetness of her cunt through her pants.

Nina was telling the truth her pussy was indeed soaked. He opened his eyes to get a peek at Nina, who seemed a tad reluctant. Clark saw her eyes were also open and looking back at him befuddled.

She had wanted this but was now scared. Scared for her reputation scared for what this may do not only to her friendship to Clark but with the entire gang.

Nina spoke with her eyes.

They asked: “are you sure?” Her look gave him pause.

They both thought of the gang’s “no-touch policy” on Nina and perhaps backing off. There was also that weird incestuous vibe. The vibe had a duel feeling, both shocking and sexually stirring at the same time.

A small part of Nina would have been okay with stopping, but the more significant part of her wished he would continue. If they chose the former, well Sure Clark would walk away with blue balls, she would be left frustrated with wet panties. However, the guilt cost would be free. There wouldn’t be a need for sneaky secrets. Secrets would be a must if they went all the way.

Their bodies were in sync with desire, but their minds were still milling the weirdness and potential consequences. A second past and they again gazed at each other. The surrealism of the moment made them both wonder if it was real. They had fantasized and masturbated to the thought of this very moment, each without the other knowing. Now that fantasy moment was here.

Clark felt his heart pound in his chest, the beat that shook his very core. Nina felt her blood coursing through her veins; it felt hot, like burning acid. Closing her eyes, she returned Clark’s kiss just a little. But now felt Clark’s kisses slow. She looked, and his eyes were open.

They looked into each other’s eyes as they kissed. Again Nina asked with her eyes, “Are we sure we want this?” Clark thought about it and concluded that they had already gone this far that they might just continue. He responded to Nina’s wordless inquiry physically. Sliding his hand in her shirt, gently cupping Nina’s ample breast

At that point, they both succumbed to their aching bodies’ desires. Nina’s hand caressed Clark’s chest as her mouth opened and began to kiss Clark back. Their tongues dueled passionately into each other’s mouths. Nina felt Clark gently and tenderly kneading her breast and caressing, tickling pinching her areola. Then she felt his hand leave her chest as the now more aggressive. With an open flat hand, Clark rubbed her vagina through her pants. Nina felt this, and her already wet cunt began to flow with even more of its sweet honey.

They both pulled off her top. Her full bosom bounced free, and in an instant, Clark began to suckle her breast. The feeling of his warm wet mouth on her nipple shivered down her spine, deepening her desire. She felt her other nipple harden. Nina reached down and began to unbutton Clark’s shorts as he began to lick and suck the nipple of her other tit. Clark felt his pants come undone, and Nina’s hand undressing him undoing his pants and now pulling on the waistband of his underwear.

With some effort from Nina, his erection bursting free like a racehorse from the gates. He was still slightly shy about the jack in the box effrontery of his body’s behavior, and it and yet spurred him. He undressed the rest of the way in a flash and realized Nina wasn’t doing the same. Nina watched Clark pull off his clothes. Sitting next to him on the couch with her top off, she assumed the position seated next to him. Nina was ready just to lean over and take Clark’s cock in her mouth.

Clark felt Nina grab hold of his erect member and almost came right there and then but was able to control his excitement. She knew Clark had heard the stories about her and thought he probably just wanted a blow job from her.

His Cock was the biggest one she had ever seen in person, and it felt so hard and feverish in her hand. She was still under the belief that he just wanted her to copulate him orally.

“but he was so big,” she thought.

Sucking Clark’s massive tool would be her toughest challenge. Clark was taking a momentary pause to concentrate on not cuming, leading Nina to believe further he was settling in to receive a blow job. Nina was ready to oblige when Clark surprised her again. As she leaned over to suck his cock, Clark caught her by the shoulder.

To Nina’s surprise, Clack continued to French kiss her instead. Slowly he leaned her into a laying position on the couch while still massaging her vulva. The surprise to her was that Clark was gentle and tender. He caressed her and held her close. Not like the men that came before. Clark pulled away from kissing and again began to suckle her tits.

Nina felt Clark’s hand fumbled to remove her panties, the only garment still on her body. She felt wonderful.

“Oh my goodness, he wants to fuck me! , He wants something mutual,” She thought in pleasant semi-surprise.

Nina, not accustomed to a boy being gentle and caring, was pleasantly shocked.

Rick and his gang had given her a low opinion of men and an even lower one of herself. They held each other passionately as they slowly eased into a primary missionary sexual position. Clark Kissed her and then nibbled her neck. With one arm embracing her, Clark still used his other hand to rub her sex. Nina was feeling somewhat shy about her obvious arousal and vaginal wetness.

Clark’s senses heightened the feel of her soft, smooth skin touching his, the soft crush of her breasts against his chest. He nibbled her neck and kissed it, slowly working his way down. Nina loved what she was feeling; whatever he was doing, she didn’t want it to stop.

Clark worked his way down her neck to her chest, making a stop at her breasts to suck them again. Nina still had no idea where he was going. Little did she know neither did Clark. They had worked up a sweat by now, and the presence of pheromones in the sultry summer night air drove them as if it were a guide.

As Clark kissed her lower abdomen, a slightly familiar scent tickled his nose, it was the wonderful, unmistakable aroma of pussy juice. He was right; Nina’s cunt was awash with lust. She knew the amount of excitement that was flowing out of her sex-hungry gash.

Nina was not new to sex, but she had never been held this passionately, caressed, and hugged so tenderly. But most of all, Clark was kissing her and seemed concerned with her pleasure and his own.

Clark could smell and feel Nina’s lust. The aroma appetized him. He knew he had to have her Clark wanted to taste her womanhood and the desire to please and pleasure her. Clark had acquired a taste for all forms of sex; earlier that year, Clark was in a minor fling with a 40 something divorcee that had moved into the neighborhood. Her name was Rachel, and she was lonely. Clark had been her willing boy toy for a time.

Rachel taught her many things about sex with a woman. She taught him how to not just fuck a woman’s pussy but to make love to her entire body, how to touch, and hold how to take charge of how to use his mouth.

Clark’s mouth watered as he got closer to the epicenter of this beautiful scent. He took the underside of Nina’s thighs just above the back of the knee in his hands. He gently lifted as he spread her legs open. Nina felt Clark lift and position her with ease. The anticipation grew inside her body.

Clark slid down and saw Nina’s fuck holes up close for the first time. He saw that she was his for the taking her pink vaginal lips hung open and glistened. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed and raven black like the rest of her hair.

Nina still felt free, vulnerable. Clark took a deep breath and readied himself to feast on Nina’s honeypot. He loved to do it. Clark loved eating out women, but Clark also wanted Nina maybe return the favor another time. Perhaps if he gave her cunnilingus, she would eventually want to provide him with one of her famous blowjobs. Clark thought giving her head would seal the deal.

He lacked the confidence to see that Nina was just ready and willing to give him that very thing Clark dove in headfirst, his tongue extended, and he was going to use “The move” on her. “The Move.” (as Clark called it) made previous women melt.

He planted the tip of his tongue in Nina’s asshole, he gave it a quick swirl with his tongue then drew his it up in a straight line past her taint into her pussy, then up through the valley of her lips, in one fluid move finishing with a flip of the tongue on her swollen clit.

Nina felt the wet textured tongue in its shocking journey, and it sent a jolt through her body. The sensation was a bit of everything. It was surprising, unexpected, unusual, pleasurable, relaxing, and exhilarating all at once. Nobody had ever taken the time to give her such oral attention, Aside from Denny experimenting with her.

It was one long lap, but it was one had the promise of mutual joy in its spirt. Not the probing, exploratory jabs Denny gave her. However, Nina remembered Denny and his crew.

The possibility of another boy telling everyone that her pussy tasted like honey.

Clark was relishing his first taste of Nina. “Denny was not lying,” Clark thought to himself Nina indeed did have a delicious pussy. As he settled in to give Nina a good through Lapping, he felt her touching his face. She gently placed both hands Clark’s temples and said.

“Don’t eat me out.”


“Just don’t okay.”

It didn’t come off as mean or rejective it just was. Nina gently caressed his face to show that she meant no ill in rebuking his oral advances. Clark was a bit surprised. The few women he had thus far loved to have their pussies eaten out. What’s more, usually no woman could resist, his signature “ass to clitoris lick ” move. To his knowledge, most guys didn’t want to give head. For that reason, alone, women never turned down oral sex.

Clark sensed that it wasn’t about him but something in Nina that was unwilling to receive his tongue. Perhaps she didn’t want to feel obligated to suck him off in return, he thought.

Clark abandoned his plan and slowly kissed his way back up.

Nina was breathless, for so long she had wanted Clark. Her crush on Clark was galvanized the night Nina caught a glimpse of his fully erect penis. Nina saw Laney sucking him off. It was in full bloom and polished with Laney’s saliva. Nina wanted it badly. She had wondered how it would feel inside her; she would rub herself on lonely nights thinking about it. Now Nina was finally going to have Clark.

When he reached the point where He and Nina were face to face, he kissed her again passionately. It was still a bit weird, now and again, Clark realized what was happening and with who it was happening. He knew if they got caught, it would be a scandal. Clark had fought back the urge for her in the past.

The nights he spent Jacking off with the thoughts of Nina’s plump sexy ass or fantasizing about her giving him one of her famous blow jobs. It was finally happening; they were finally going to get it on.

Clark aimed the head of his prick towards her steaming flower petals.

When the engorged Head of His turgid shaft nuzzled the lips of her volcanic need, Nina braced herself for the sensation.

He felt the warm wetness of her dark lust make contact with the skin of his swollen member. He kissed her with more passion, spurred by the touch. He repositioned Himself getting a better hold of her hips. All the was left to do was to jut his pelvis forward.

As Clark slid his rock hard cock into her, Nina heard herself let out a loud involuntary moan. Nina, deeply entwined in pleasure, didn’t know she made noise until the sound hit her ears.

Clark’s stiff manhood didn’t hurt her as much as it overwhelmed her. She felt like a virgin; the size of Clark’s cock pushed her pussy beyond what it had ever limits yielded in the past.

He held her and kissed her while he slid himself deep inside her. Clark slowly filled her with his sex, forcing her to stretch more with every inch he sunk into her.

His with and length pressured her nerve endings into overdrive.

The feeling was so much Nina thought she was losing her mind. Just as Nina had yielded her body to Clark, her pussy widened to accept the full length and with of Clark’s rigid member.

After he buried himself as deep as he could go, he slowly withdrew. Being inside, Nina felt so good to Clark.

So soft and tight was her velvet-lined cunt , Clark had to stop and just hold her so he would last longer. When he was able to pull back again, he did so slowly.

Only to propel himself inside her hard and fast.

Nina let out another joyful moan. She had never had an orgasm while a man was fucking her. In fact, not even close, but now she was only two thrusts in and felt like she was near climax already. It felt even better than she thought was possible. Coupled With the tender way Clark continuously kissed held and caressed her, heightened the experience.

Nina not only overwhelmed by sensation but astonished by How much Clark was concerned with her. Clark didn’t just want to fuck her, use her. Not Clark, he wanted to share in pleasure with her. He wanted her to feel as good as he did.

They were both soaked in sweat and pussy juice when Clark thrust into her again their bodies made a wet smacking sound.

Nina was in ecstasy.

Clark tried to impress her. She had given up her pussy to him, and Clark wanted to thank her by making her cum if possible. That prospect didn’t seem likely as he was drowning in pleasure.

“Does my cock feel good inside your pussy?” He whispered to her.

“MMMMMmm the best,” she answered, then planted a kiss on his cheek.

Nina was close and got closer and closer with every powerful thrust. Outside of the fantastic feeling in her lust moistened depths, she could also feel Clark’s ball sack slapping off her ass. Her buttocks were sensitive to the touch. She had to admit to herself. She enjoyed how it felt. It gave her a naughty Idea.

The unfortunate encounter she had with Denny didn’t hinder her from asking for what she wanted. Based on the romantic and gentle way, Clark treated her gave her trust in him.

Nina knew secret sex or not Clark would treat her like a Lady.

Nina took his hands from her hips and them on her plum bottom.

“Will you play with my ass a little?” She whispered.

Nina guided him in demonstrating the soft touching pattern she wanted him to take.

”like this.” Nina instructed as she guided his hands in a light and gentle way.

An obedient Clark gently caressed and tickled Nina’s buttocks.

“Like this?” He asked

“Yes, just like that.” she answered.

Clark was more than happy to caress and knead her buttocks. He had always stolen looks at Nina’s ass. Now he was getting to touch it. Her words alone almost made him blow his wad right then. Nina loved his touch as a slight tickle turned into a caress, then groped and kneading of her buttocks. In doing so, Nina had released a secret. A secret she didn’t want to admit even to herself.

Clark thought all of his fantasies were coming true. He threw another hard pelvic slam to show his appreciation.

His hips flew at her thudding against her with a wet smacking sound.

“uhh, Your pussy is so uh is so, so juicy ” He managed, his words broken up by his pleasure.

“Yeah, does it feel good honey,” she asked tenderly.

“Yeah, so, so GGG good, so soft and wet,” he said the effort to say the words, showed his carnal rapture more than the belabored words.

Her sweetness moved Clark, she called him “Honey” it made it feel like this was more than just a hookup. Yet not like a relationship, only two friends cared for each other and happened to be of the opposite sex.

Clark was so aroused; he forgot how close he was. He started to fuck Nina faster and harder. Nina felt the uptick in Clark’s humping, and it consumed her. She could no longer hold back her vocalizations.

Her screams and moans of pleasure were loud, and Clark wondered if anyone would hear their hot tryst outside.

“Your fucking cock is so,so, so good, I’ve never been fucked like this before,” she proclaimed.

“Do you like it? Do you like my cock?” Clark asked, putting an exclamation on his sentence by driving a long hard plunge of his tube steak deep in her hot snatch.

“Oh, ye ye ye yes.” Nina managed over her sexual bliss.

His deep pleasure had horned him up so high that any reservations he had were gone. With his hands still clutching Nina’s bottom, pressed his luck and let his hand follow the crevasse of Nina’s plump ass. He was glad that Nina didn’t rebuke this advance but seemed to add to her enjoyment.

Nina felt the strange sensations grow stronger as Clark’s fingers moved slowly towards the puckered flesh of her anus, the naughty place, an isolated area she secretly would have explored with the right boy.

Unlike Denny, Clark didn’t try to finger her rectum; it was more of a soft circular caress. Clark’s softly probing finger was the last bit of stimulation Nina needed. It pushed her over the edge.

She felt like she is overloaded with pleasure and would burst From the thoughtful, romantic way, he held kissed and caressed her.

To the repetitive thumping of his throbbing cock inside her. She couldn’t hold back anymore. Nina’s body began to convulse and shake; she started to moan and breathe hard and dense. Her legs shook like she was in the complete ecstasy of an overpowering orgasm.

Oblivious to Nina’s orgasm, Clark fought his urge to let loose. Then the wonderful electric feeling started to tighten up his muscles. His body took over, and he gave in to his impending explosion of fulfillment. Clark pummeled Nina’s cunt with his manhood as hard and as fast as he could.

The air was thick with the steamy aroma of Nina’s womanly juices and sweat. The sound of their bodies colliding with a repetitive wet slap.

Then all at once, he felt the most fantastic tingling start in his extremities; he knew it was time for him to control. His hips bucked, and his body humped. Lead not by Clark’s mind but only by the power of instinct, programmed by Three million years of human evolution hardwired into his very DNA.

Nina was in disbelief of her sensory explosion. She was in a dazed shock.

“Oh my God, I came.” Nina thought.

Her body shivered and tingled as she caught her breath. Clark wrapped up in his impending orgasm that he still didn’t notice That Nina Had reached her gratification. She felt Clark withdraw his throbbing cock from her battered cunt.

Nina watched as Clark took his dick in hand and started to jerk himself off. The sight of this was such a turn on for Nina that she was almost ready to go again.

When Clark pulled out of Nina’s wet sheathe and held his torrid cock. It was warm and slathered in Nina’s arousal fluid. Still early in his sexual career, He felt shy about masturbating in front of Nina. However, the need to release overpowered his ego. He pumped himself to a magnificent plateau of joy.

Now it was he that let out a yowl of gratification. Clark’s body continued bucked and hump out of his control. He had lost his breath and the ability to function or speak.

Clark’s cock pulsated in a staccato rhythm.

He exploded with the ferocity and power of a bomb.

The wanting, the taboo of who he was with just intensified his climax.

Nina felt the hot gooey splash of semen on her belly followed by another and another and another. Clark kept on squirting wad after wad on her. She had never seen that much cock juice come out of one person before.

Momentarily incapacitated by the powerful sensation, Clark seemed to fight for breath.

The semen pooled into a large creamy mother of pearl puddle on her lower abdomen. Nina had spoken to her older cousin(Margarete) about her reactive aversion to cum. Margarete had said, ” just look at the cum on your belly/face as a thank you from the guy. After all, he made it for you.

Looking and feeling the size of the load on her stomach, Nina figured Clark was very thankful. Nina had cum and cum hard herself. However, she wanted to keep that to herself. She wasn’t even sure why but she didn’t want Clark to know he had succeeded where so many before him had failed.

Maybe if he knew he made her cum, Clark would feel like he owned her. Nina knew it was petty but thought she would unpack her thoughts and figure it out later. For now, she would keep her orgasm to herself.

After Clark recovered from his earth-shattering crescendo, he caught his breath and suddenly felt panic, guilt, and sorrow.

“Oh my god, I feel so guilty!” he said. the statement brought the reality of it to Nina who shared in Clark’s regret and panic

“Me too!” she said in real distress.

Nina heard him loud and clear, for the same post-orgasm let down had struck her the same way.

Both overcome with worry and despair.

Pure guilty panic hit them both.

“What do we do?’ She wondered out loud.

Nina heard him loud and clear, for the same post-orgasm let down had struck her the same way.

Both overcome with worry and despair.

Pure guilty panic hit them both.

“What do we do?’ She repeated.

“We pretend like it never happened,” Clark said panicked.

“That’s it, we just have to act like it never happened.” she agreed as she reached for the towel that just happened to be on the coffee table.

“Oh my goodness, what did we do, what did we do?” Nina lamented aloud.

“We can’t undo it.” Clark said, coming to terms and yet drowning in regretful feelings.

“I feel so guilty, and this is so gross, so fucked up, you’re like a brother to me.” Nina’s own words made her feel sick to her stomach.

“I know it’s weird.” Clark lamented.

“It feels like incest. Nina bemoaned.

Hearing that made Clark feel even worse. She looked at him. His face looked as if he was about to become physically ill.

“I gotta go, I wish we never did it.” Clark said as he frantically dressed.

“Me too, me too, you won’t tell the guys, right?” Nina asked, still laying flat while wiping Clark’s enormous wads off her belly with a hand towel she had left out after her shower.

“Are you crazy, of course not! Johnny will flip,” answered Clark.

And just like that, Nina’s night visitor was out the door. He snuck out of Nina’s building and ran home under cover of darkness.


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