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The Hot Sex By The River (full story)

The Hot Sex By The River (full story)

The invitation for the party was “Riverside Blowout! Redneck theme!” There were dozens of us there, on a hot day in the early summer. Most of us were wearing as little as we could, while still keeping in theme. Several people were blasting Johnny Cash or Willie Nelson. Some people brought floats and were lazily floating downriver, beer in hand. There was a van stashed several miles down to pick people up. Most of us weren’t actual hicks, but it was a fun day of drinking, grilling and playing in the water of the lazy part of the river.

I’d known Lizzie for a while, but hadn’t seen her in a few years. She’d moved away, but had recently returned, moving back to town the week before. She had prepared for the party. She was wearing a pair of Daisy Dukes over her ample rear. She was wearing a red flannel, unbuttoned, but tied at the bottom, with the sleeves rolled up, and a black tube-top underneath. The tube top left little to the imagination. Her ample cleavage was on display, even beneath the flannel. She carried a pair of flip-flops with her, preferring to walk through the grass barefoot. She wore her long, wavy brown hair loose, and a ribbon choker around her neck. She used to wear makeup to cover up the dusting of freckles across her face, but didn’t today. I’d always liked Lizzie, but I’d had a girlfriend when she lived here. That girlfriend and I had broken up months ago.

We met up at the table of food, and I handed her a plate. “Thanks, Mike” She said, with a wide smile, showing off her dimples. I was immediately reminded how cute her smile was. I cracked open a beer, using the opener on my keychain. She held out her own bottle, cap first and said to me, “I need you so bad!” in a sexy tone. I laughed, but I also felt my cock stiffen in my shorts. I opened her bottle, and handed it back to her. My fingers brushed up against hers.

We began to talk, sitting at her friends’ blanket after we piled food on our paper plates. She ate a barbeque sandwich, dribbling sauce in the corner of her mouth and cheek. I offered her a napkin and she took it, blushing. “Sorry,” she said, as she wiped her face. “I didn’t mean to be gross.” I told her that it was cute, not gross, and she blushed again. We continued to hang out as the day moved on.

Eventually, her friends took their inner tubes to the river. She moved close to me, and whispered playfully in my ear. “Take me away from all this.” I took her hand, and stood up. She grabbed the blanket before we left, and rolled it up. We walked for about 10 minutes, staying near the river, but out of sight of it. I led her by the hand to a spot I knew. She dropped the blanket, which was under her arm, but didn’t unroll it. She kicked off the flip-flops, careless of where they might go. She stood up on her tiptoes to kiss me, and our tongues swirled together. “Mmmm.” She made a satisfied sound as she finally pulled away from our kiss. “I’ve wanted you for years.” Her fingers played with my belt buckle and then the front of my shorts. She fluidly slipped down to her knees, and pulled my shorts and boxers down as she did.

My dick was at attention, and she smiled up at me, with her big, expressive brown eyes. Taking it in one hand, she licked it on one side, from root to tip. Then, licked the other. She kissed the tip, leaving a little wetness on it from her mouth. “Oh, fuck.” I said. She replied, “Not yet.” and gave my hard-on a few more licks. Continuing to rub the base with one hand, she swallowed half the shaft in a single motion. She was still looking up at me. Her tongue swirled over the tip as she did it. Her head bobbed back and forth, and I took a fistful of her hair in each of my hands. She withdrew for a moment, her eyes sparkling and she giggled a bit. “Now, now.” She said with a tsk. “I’m the one driving here.” As I looked down, I saw that her shorts were also unbuttoned, and her other hand was deep in them. I nodded to her, and she continued. Her hand continued to dance across my cock, jerking it lightly as she kept swallowing my shaft. She would withdraw, just enough to let her tongue swirl and dance across my cockhead, before going back down. Finally, I couldn’t take it any longer. Grabbing a handful of her hair, I pulled her off me and threw her down in the grass.

I stepped out of the shorts that were around my ankles, then pulled off the rest of my clothes. I quickly unrolled the blanket, and she rolled onto it. I dropped down to her and gave her a long kiss. Then I leaned back onto my knees. Her legs were on either side of me, and she propped herself up on her elbows. As I grabbed the sides of her denim shorts, I saw that there was a stream of wetness down her thighs. It only made me hornier. I pulled the shorts off her, and she gave a light squeal as the motion lifted her ass off the ground for a moment. Then I immediately began to lick her. At first, I went around her wet lower lips. She moaned a little. Encouraged, I spread them to expose her clit and began to suck on it. Her whole body went suddenly stiff. I took a break for a moment to lick her exposed labia, enjoying the wetness that was now leaking onto the blanket. I added one finger, and her body bucked. I began to lick on her clit again, and she moaned first, then whimpered a little.

“So good.” She told me. “Don’t stop.” I looked up from my work as I continued. She had pulled the flannel shirt completely open and pulled up the tube top. She hadn’t been wearing a bra, so her luscious, D-cup breasts were exposed. She was rubbing one nipple. Her other hand was clutching the grass. I kept licking her, sucking her and fingering her. I added a second finger as she moaned and pinched the wide, brown nipple between her fingers. As my pace increased, both with my hand and tongue, I slipped in a third finger. Only a moment later, she came. He legs, previously spread, and bent at the knees, suddenly jerked. One leg shot up, toes curling. The other stuck out. She gasped as the walls of her pussy clamped down on my fingers and I felt even more wetness flood her. My hand was soaked, but I still moved it up to her breast, as I slid up to her.

I kissed her again, and she could taste her own wetness on my lips. When we parted, she took the hand from where it caressed her breast and one by one, she put my fingers in her mouth, sucking off her own juices. I lowered myself to her breasts, sucking on each nipple, playfully teasing them with my teeth, and kissing them, then the area around them. Meanwhile, my hand rubbed her clit, as she reached for my hard cock and began to caress it. She leaned forward as I leaned back, until we were both on our knees. I worked my way back up to her mouth, and kissed her again as our hands worked their magic. She came a second time while we kissed.

She kissed my chest as she worked her way down, kissing each of my nipples. She was looking down at my cock, still in her hand. Instead of letting her finish me with her mouth, I grabbed her by the shoulders and flipped her on her back. She let go of me and instinctively she spread her legs as she landed. I dropped down and plunged into her in a single, fluid motion. “Oh God!” She exclaimed as I drove my throbbing cock all the way into her. “Oh fuck!” She said, looking me in the eye as I pulled all the way out, only to do it again. I gave her another full thrust, and she reached out, wrapping her arms and legs around me. I began to thrust into her, making sure that each was a long, smooth thrust, so she could feel every inch of my dick inside of her.

My pace increased, and the only sounds I could her were her light moans, and the sound of my balls slapping against her. If she’d had long nails, she would have torn up my back, but instead, her fingers dug into me. We kissed, but it was interrupted by her moans as I slammed into her again and again. Her tight pussy was soaked, making it so easy to fuck her. We slowed down a bit, and she swung one leg across as I leaned back onto my knees. She steadied herself with one hand, while the other went between her closed thighs. I’d withdrawn from her for only a moment, then stuck it back in as she turned onto her side. Pumping away, I slapped her ample ass. Once, twice, three times. She cried out each time, and I increased my tempo with each blow. I reached out and played with her tit as I continued to ravage her.

Flipping her onto her knees, I entered her again from behind and she squealed in pleasure. “Fuck!” She cried out. “Fuck my fucking pussy! It’s so good!” I reached around and grabbed her swaying breasts as I complied, I pulled her upright, with both of us now on our knees. She still had on the flannel, so I pulled it down, around her shoulders, exposing her breasts completely. For a moment, her hands were pinned to her sides as I rolled her nipples between my fingers and continued my relentless pounding. She freed herself, as the flannel was thrown to the side and with her own hands, she furiously rubbed her clit and she came a third time. I let her drop back down, without exiting her. She was a tired mess. Her mascara was running. We were both sweating in the hot sun. She was out of breath, and just laid there, her face to one side, her cheek on the blanket, her ass in the air. I gave her a few more, good thrusts, then slammed all the way into her as I came. She cooed as I did it. I pulled out of her and collapsed beside her.

We laid there for probably ten or twenty minutes. I only think I panted for the first five or so. “I wish you’d fucked me like that the day we first met.”

“Couldn’t do it.” I told her. “Timing was all wrong.”

“My boyfriend is back up north. We’re trying the long-distance thing. But if you want to be my side guy, the position is all yours.”

“Maybe.” I told her. “We should probably get back. People will wonder where we are.”

Wearily, we put our clothes back on, and went back to the party. I had already decided that this was probably not going to happen again, as much as I enjoyed it. I didn’t want to be anyone’s side piece. She gave my ass a playful squeeze just before we were in full view of the others, and my resolve started to falter. I went to get us a couple more beers as Lizzie saw her friends. She spread the blanket back out. No one had seemed to notice us reemerge together. She came up to get her beer, just as one of her friends angrily said. “Why does my blanket smell like pussy!?”

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