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Erotic Dance Led To Hot Sex In The Bathroom (full story)

Erotic Dance Led To Hot Sex In The Bathroom (full story)

One Saturday night I was out with some friends, it was the usual script, football pub, a few more pubs and then a club. The club was your typical cheesy dance affair, I was more interested in just carrying on the drinking session than trying to get lucky, but lucky I got indeed. We had been in the venue for an hour or so before it began to get busy, soon our chat changed direction towards the women in the club. A few of the guys are married so they are trying to behave but unable to resist the temptation to check some of them out and fantasize about them. One of the guys spotted a stunning brunette on the dance floor and directed our attention to her, she was breathtakingly beautiful. She was wearing a blue body-con dress which hung just above her knees and it had a heart shape cut out at the chest which emphasised her amazing cleavage. The dress fit her curves perfectly and when she turned round you could see the perfect outline of her shapely ass.

Her hair shone like it was made of silk and she wore it tied up, I pictured myself kissing her slender neck and working my way up to nibble at her ear lobes, she turned her face towards us and I immediately got lost in her deep blue eyes, they almost seemed to glow under the disco lights, she was wearing red lipstick which made her lips look so full and inviting. I hadn’t realised I was staring quite so hard until she gave me a smile and I immediately felt my face go red and hastily turned away, much to my friends enjoyment. I figured if there was any chance of anything happening it was gone now. I leant on the bar and carried on with the guys but my mind kept wandering to that girl, I turned to my left and there she was at the other end of the bar, she was looking straight at me and seductively biting on her thumbnail, when I caught her eye she gave me that smile again, I could see her friend talking to her or at least trying to but her gaze was firmly on me, perhaps my chances weren’t ruined after all.

She went back to the dancefloor and began to sway her hips in time to the beat, it didn’t take her long to get caught up in the music as she threw her head back and ran her hands over her body, I knew I wasn’t the only person in here looking at her and that i was once again staring a little too intensely but I couldn’t stop myself, her body movements were mesmerising and so sexy. A few songs went by and then she came up to the bar, this time she was on her own and she stood right next to me, I tried to hide my nerves but knew I was failing at it so I just stared at the bottles of alcohol behind the bar and as i moved my eyes over the selection I met hers on the mirror behind the till.

Just then someone barged into her and she was pushed in my direction, I moved my arm out to catch her from falling and she moved gracefully into my semi embrace, I could smell her perfume which was pleasantly intoxicating, I felt her body shake slightly or it could have been mine for all my subtlety but if it was her then it told me she was a little nervous too, she thanked me for catching her and offered to buy me a drink, I politely accepted this as it would give me a chance to talk to her, as we were waiting to be served she leaned into me to ask what cologne I was wearing, she said that she really liked it and then moved herself closer still to smell my neck, as I felt her breathe on the side of my neck my cock began to twitch, the hair on the back of my neck stood on end and as she moved her head away she lightly brushed the side of my face with her lips, she had done that on purpose and I certainly gave her the desired effect because when I opened my eyes she was smiling at me again. This woman was incredible and I couldn’t believe my luck that she was interested in me.

We finished our drinks and then she pulled me onto the dance floor, now I’m not the most confident dancer but I can keep to a beat and not make myself look ridiculous in the process but I didn’t really have to do anything tonight as she took full control, she turned away from me and backed herself up against me, her hands moved above her head and down the side of my face, I could only grab her waist as she gyrated against me, she was grinding her ass so hard against my cock that there was no way she didn’t feel my bulge growing, I didn’t really care if she noticed now as she turned her head to kiss me, her lips felt so warm and inviting as I snaked my tongue around hers, she then fully turned round and threw her arms over my shoulders to pull me closer to her, I slid my hands down and caressed her ass as we kissed, I wanted her so badly that I was now struggling to hide my growing erection.

She must have sensed this and moved back to her original position, not that this helped me much but it certainly provided me with some cover, we headed back to the bar and got some more drinks before finding a booth so we could get more acquainted but as soon as we sat down I reached over and pulled her towards me so I could kiss her, my hands began to explore her body and moved down her back, I felt her shiver as my nails ran across her skin, she was running her fingers through my hair and I could feel her breathing getting heavier, just as we were really getting into it somebody bumped into our table and knocked our drinks all over us, we laughed at the utter state we were in and then she told me we were leaving and going to her place. As I got my coat I caught sight of my friends and the expressions on their faces were priceless at who I was leaving with and I’m pretty sure my face was the same.

We left the club and luckily the taxi rank wasn’t far nor was there a big queue so it wasn’t long before we were speeding towards her place. In the back of the taxi we were making small talk and then she started to rub my thigh as she looked at me with a mischievous grin, she began to pull her dress up slightly so I could see the top of her stockings, this was getting me so hard and she was loving it, she began to move her hand higher until she was grabbing my cock through my jeans, I couldn’t wait to fuck this woman! Thankfully we made it to our destination before I blew my load in the back of the car and believe me I was close. As soon as she opened the door I pulled her towards me, I kissed her passionately and began to help her out of her soaked dress, she was wasting no time in getting my jeans off and unleashing my now throbbing hard cock, she turned and took my hand leading me into the bathroom.

She strips off her black lace underwear as we enter the room and then flicks her bra off with ease and then untied her hair to let it fall loosely down her back before reaching over and turning the shower on, she turns to me and i am just in awe at her perfectly sculpted body, i take in every detail, her eyes, her lips, the freckle on the bottom of her neck, her pert round breasts, her pierced belly button, her neatly trimmed pussy, her long luscious legs, i cant believe i’m away to fuck this utter goddess. She moves towards me and pulls my boxers down, she runs her hands up the inside of my thighs and then grabs a hold of my rock hard cock, she begins to kiss me as she does this before pulling me into the shower.

The water feels amazing against our naked skin as our bodies writhe together with carnal lust, each touch just gives more excitement to both of us, she turns away from me and re-enacts her moves from the dance floor, this feels so much better and is exactly how I imagined. I love the way my cock slides between her ass cheeks, my hands are all over her body, massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples, I keep kissing her neck throughout this and this just makes her grind harder against me..I am loving this, it feels amazing and is just getting us both more and more aroused. She turn to face me and lightly runs her full bodied lips past mine, just barely touching me before getting down onto her knees and starting to lick and suck my cock. She looks up at me while she does this and gives me a wry smile. This is what she wanted from me when she saw me watching her on the dance floor and now she has me she is going to enjoy every minute of it.

She continues to suck my cock until she feels my balls begin to tighten as i get close and then decides it’s my turn to pleasure her, she moves to the corner of the shower and leans against the wall, lifting her leg up against the other side so I can see her pussy in all its glory, I move between her legs and spread her pussy lips wide and begin to flick my tongue across her clit, i move my hands to grab her ass and pull her towards me as I bury my tongue deep inside her, I want her to cum for me first before I give her my cock. I keep going until she grabs my hair and screams in pleasure. She pulls me up and we kiss passionately, it’s a long heated kiss and we both pant in between as we can both barely keep it together before the pure animal urge takes over.

I hoist her leg up a little higher and then slide my hot wet cock deep inside her, this feels so fucking amazing, we continue to kiss as water pours over us both and our orgasms steadily build to climax, I feel her getting close as I feel her nails digging into my back, this makes me push harder until I can’t take it anymore, I moan as i cum deep inside her, we kiss a while longer, embracing each other until we collapse onto the cool bathroom floor and lay there for a few minutes, the tiles feel cool and relaxing after working up such a heat in the shower, I roll over to kiss her before lifting her up and taking her through to the bedroom.

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