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How My Boss Used My Virginity For A Business Transaction (full story)

How My Boss Used My Virginity For A Business Transaction (full story)

Rich raven curls…flawless ivory skin…pale olive green eyes fringed with lashes that seemed impossibly yet wonderfully long…she was the image of feminine perfection as she lay before him with her arms pulled high above her head; matching red silk scarves kept her delicate wrist bound to the mahogany headboard and her long, shapely legs were spread wide and tied to the bottom post with the same soft material…she was sweet and innocent and vulnerable. She was his. Completely. Bought and paid for. Twenty thousand dollars in exchange for her virginity; it was an odd business transaction to say the least, but Evan Carter didn’t care…couldn’t care…he was a man who always got what he wanted and never had he wanted anything as much as he wanted, maybe even needed, the chance to show Miss Kagen Maria Connors just how susceptible she was to the longings of the flesh.

“Are you uncomfortable in any manner?” His silver eyes locked on hers as he asked and she shook her head…the white scarf in her mouth made it impossible for her to speak…he did not intend to keep the gag there for long; when the moment was right, he would remove it so her delight, pleasure induced cries could wash over him. “Good. Very good. I don’t you to feel any physical discomfort. Understand? I want you to enjoy this.” He intended for her to enjoy it, but the doubt that flashed in her eyes told him she didn’t believe she would; she had not agreed to this peculiar arrangement to experience pleasure…release…she had agreed to give her body and her virginity to him in exchange for money she intended to use to pay off her older brothers most current legal debt…her body was all she had left to offer, she had told him in a flat, listless voice when she had appeared in his office early day before; she had sold all she owned. Her car. What jewels her mother had left to her. Her old computer. Telling him as much had been a kick to her pride…but desperation often compelled one to do things they would not do under normal circumstances and with Bart again in trouble…grand theft auto this time…the judge was willing to let him skip jail time if he paid a fine and went to see a therapist, and given the reality that chronically unemployed Bart had no money, it fell on her frail shoulders to save his hide. Again. She was use to it. At twenty five, she had been called on to salvage Bart’s crashing world more times that even she could recall…more times than Evan could recall, and unknown to Kagen, he had been watching her and her brother for a long time; he had been watching Kagen…wanting Kagen…aching for her…hurting for her when he saw again and again how her brother used her love for him to swindle her and very coldly manipulate her into paying his way in life. Bail him out. Coddle him. He had the ability to use her loyalty to her long dead mother as a means to control her; all Bart had to do was get teary eyed…mention poor Rita…remind Kagen that Rita had asked her to hold their family together; when Rita had died after a three year long battle with cancer, Kagen was the one who had stepped up to bat while her brother ran wild and her father drank day and night…he was more drunk than sober, lost in his love affair with the bottle, unable to work as a result…Fred couldn’t help Bart or her…Kagen had not been able to look at him as she explained it all before getting to the cause behind her visit to him; she had seemed young and uneasy and vulnerable and Evan had told himself that if he were a true gentlemen, he would just give her the money. Hands down. Call it a gift. But…the moment she shyly and softly confessed that she was a virgin…that she was willing to give her virginity to him…the offer had been impossible to refuse after nearly seven years of watching her with a mixture of need and fascination.

More than once, he had told himself it was insane; he was thirty four to her twenty five and she had never looked at him as anything more than one of her bosses; she worked as a receptionist in the law firm that he and his two best friends had founded in their mutual hometown shortly after they each had graduated from college…she was quite…serious…always conservative in dress and manner. She called him Mr. Carter. Without fail. Even when he asked her to call him Evan…she just shook her head…she called Mark and Greg by their fist name…but with him, Kagen had always maintained a distance and Evan had often suspected that she did so because she sensed his attraction to her; odds were, all she had to do was look in his eyes and see it…see that he wanted her…dreamed about her…but he never acted on it, aside from casting her the occasional flirtatious smile just to see her blush…but the fact that she had come to him with her offer had made it clear she knew she starred in many of his more basic, carnal fantasies

She had knocked softly on his door and even when he called out permission to enter, she had hesitated before stepping into his office, her eyes down cast as she closed the door and moved to stand in front of his desk…she had whore her usual attire; an ankle length navy blue skirt and a demure white blouse buttoned to the neck…long sleeves…hair pulled back into a tight bun and held captive at the base of her neck…no make up had enhanced her delicate features. She didn’t need it. Her beauty was pure and natural. Soft. He wanted to simply look at her…she took his breath when she lifted those olive green eyes to his silver ones and he smiled gently, asking her what she wanted…and then the story and her offer all came out. In a rush. She was anxious. Perfect. He wanted to scream at how unfair it was, for her to be put into a position where she would make such an offer…he wanted to kick Bart’s ass…he wanted to drop to his knees and thank God for the gift that had fallen into his lap as he sighed and stood and Kagen went still as he moved to stand before her, leaning against his desk as he studied her for a long moment.

“Why me?” Who cared why…but he did…he needed to know and Kagen sensed it as she chewed nervously at her full bottom lip. “Come on. Why? You hardly look at me if we pass in the hall and you won’t even call me by my first name, but you are here, willing to sell your virginity to me…” His cock swelled in his pants as he said it…he could have very easily ripped the blouse from her…hiked up her skirt…in his mind he could see her bent so invitingly over his desk as he sank into her warm, wet pussy…he pushed the longing aside, fearing he would explode in his pants if he indulged too much in heated daydreams.

“You…” She paused to clear her throat. “You look at me…”

“That I do, Kagen.” His voice went to a whisper. “Do you know why?”

“You want…you want to have sex with me…” Her ivory skin flushed bright, deep red as she shifted nervously from one foot to the next, her beautiful eyes again drawn to the floor as Evan pressed his lips together in an effort not to smile.

“I do want to have sex with you.”

“I thought…”

“Do you know why?” Gently, he slipped his index finger under her chin and slowly, he lifted her gaze back to his as her breath caught in her chest and he stared at her full pink lips…those lips would be heavenly wrapped around his cock…there were hidden pleasure to be found in Miss Kagen Maria Connors, but more than anything, Evan wanted to show her what pleasures she could savor at his hands.

“No. Not really. I mean, I have seen you with women. They are all beautiful.”

“And you do not see yourself as beautiful?”

“I am not like the women you usually…they are all elegant…”

But he shook his head. “They are fake. Cool. You are real and warm and you are a woman, Kagen. Soft and sweet and…” He cupped her cheek as his eyes reached into hers, and Evan could see walls falling slowly away from her soul. “I want you. All of you. I feel myself grow hard just looking at you, babe, and I…you had better damn well believe that I want to have sex with you. Badly. But I won’t treat you like a whore.”

“You mean you won’t pay me…”

“I can give you the money…”

“In exchange for sex.” Kagen cut him off firmly, taking a sudden step back so Evan had to drop his hand. “That is the deal; you get sex, in any way you want for the money that I need to help Bart and if…well, if you…” She turned her face away.

“Is there someone else you have in mind to offer this deal to?” He did not like that in the least…if she did…he held his breath until she shook her head.

“No, I don’t know anyone else I could offer this deal to.”

“Good. Because I accept it.”

Her eyes flew back to his. “Really?” She looked relieved…terrified…Evan smiled at her bemused expressoion as he nodded and pushed away from the desk.

“Really. Let’s do it. Tomorrow night, we begin.”


“Is that okay?”

“It’s fine. Do you want to go to a hotel?”

“No. My place. My bed. I want you in my bed.” On his floor…on the sofa in his living room…spread out on his kitchen table…in his shower…in the gazebo concealed in the little garden his townhouse offered; he wanted her everywhere in everyway and he wanted it more than once…but he didn’t dare say as much to her as he watched her eyes. “Can I make the assumption that you are not on birth control.” Being a virgin, she didn’t need it…he had to pinch himself…a virgin…his Kagen…he would be her first and if he had anything to say about it, he would be her only.

“I thought I would buy some condoms. Maybe something else…” Anxiously, she lifted one shoulder. “I am safe, but I…I know condoms are not always perfect…they might break and…” Her face was bright red, it was the most endearing sight he had ever seen in his life as he nodded and fought the urge to haul her into his arms and kiss her until the flush on her face was desire and not unease…he couldn’t wait to touch her…learn what made her sigh or gasp or scream; he wanted her so turned on with need that her nails would dig into his back and her hips would lift…he nearly whimpered at the realization that he had well over twenty four hours to think about filling her sweet cunt with his shaft.

“I will take care of the condoms. We will need a lot of them.”

“We will?”

“You had better believe it. We will have a lot of fun…”

“I don’t expect fun.” The words flew from her mouth before she could stop them, and they made Evan frown as she winched and shook her head. “I…what I meant…I know that a woman’s first time is not suppose to be great and added to that I know…well, I know I am not like most women; I mean, I am twenty five…I have never had sex and I am sure that I won’t be great or like it…” She waved her hands in a flustered gesture that Evan could not fathom…he shook his head and raked a hand through his silver blond hair; the girl had him in serious knots and he loved and hated it as she looked at him with frantic eyes.

“I will make you a deal, Miss Connors.” His voice was again silky as he took a step towards her and she looked up at him. “I know you will like it. More than that. Not only is it my personal assurance that you will love sex with me, I assure you, you will be good at it, and I am willing to put my money where my mouth is.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means, if I do not make you scream in orgasm at least six times, you will get not twenty thousand dollars, but forty.”

“Are you serious?” He couldn’t be.

“Very. You don’t have six orgasms at the very least, I double the money.”

“Why…” He kept throwing her curves she didn’t expect.

“To prove a point; you will love sex. With me. I will make it my mission to take the most sensual, seductive time teaching you about hot, needy sex.” His breath was soft as well as warm on her upturned face. “I am going to touch all of you; your breast and nipples and I am going to lick your cunt…suckle it….I will slid my fingers into your wet heat and feel you milk my flesh…” Her eyes glazed with what he knew was desire, even if she had not a clue what it was as he grinned and returned to his chair abruptly and she blinked…he had her off guard and it was a nice feeling, he realized, as he set wrote his address down on a slip of paper that he extended to her…his eyes caught hers…she hesitated for half a moment, then took the paper from him with a hand that shook slightly while a nervous little butterfly danced around in her belly.

“What time do you want me there?” She clutched the paper with both hands.

“Seven. I want you there at seven and I…” Leaning back in his chair, he allowed his eyes to move down her body. “I want you to come to my house wearing a long coat and under it, I want you to ware nothing but lacy white underwear and a bra; no shirt or pants or anything else…you won’t even need the coat and garments for long.” It was an image and a thought for her to chew on; he wanted her to feel the same building anticipation he knew he would as she slowly nodded and quietly left his office with her head held high and Evan felt the overwhelming urge to laugh out loud and weep in relief; his dreams involving sweet little Kagen were about to become a very delicious reality for him…for her…his eyes closed and he swore to himself that once Kagen was in his bed, he would give her endless cause to never want to leave it, or him.

As agreed, she had arrived at his house at seven, dressed as he had asked…she had seemed nervous as she stepped into his living room and Evan said not a word as he lead her to the bedroom that was filled with fresh flowers…vanilla scented candles were lined along the nightstand…he had covered the black satin sheets with red and white rose petals that added to the richly fragrant air. It was the perfect setting. Sweet. Warm. Kagen felt a little taken back as she looked up at Evan who smiled gently as she read the silent message in his eyes…she knew what she wanted as he allowed his eyes to move over her and there was not a thing she could do to keep her hands from trembling as she unfastened the coat…the long sleeves slipped from her arms and she stared at a point over his shoulder, unable to look at his face as the coat fell to the floor.

It was a sight to behold…Kagen…her body…she was milky white with full breast and a firm waist…long legs and hips…he nearly lost what control he possessed as he drank her in; her nipples pushed against the thin fabric of her bra…her hair was down…she was the most flawless thing he had ever seen; she was the key to life…an angel…he nearly went to his knees to beg her to be his forever and it took something from his soul to find enough strength to play it cool. Calm. He didn’t want to frighten her. Send her running. He had to knock down her walls first and his plans to do so were most likely not what Kagen had had in mind when she came to him, but Evan found he liked that…he found he liked knowing he had the ability to surprise her as he gently told her to climb onto the bed and she did so in a slowly, hesitant crawl that allowed him the chance to see her glorious ass encased in white lace and his cock pushed against his jeans; he felt like a teenager with his first girl…he had to be careful or he would make a fool of himself and that was the last thing he wanted as Kagen positioned herself with her head on his pillow…his eyes on his…she was ivory on ebony and Evan knew he would devour her before the night was over and Kagen seemed to accept that she had sold not only her virginity, but her control to him as he instructed her to lift her arms. High. To the headboard. She trembled slightly and kept her eyes closed as he tied first one wrist…then the other…her pulled her legs apart with hands there were gently on her ankles…he asked each time if the binds were too tight and she whispered a soft no as her eyes finally opened and she saw him standing above her with the white scarf that slipped easily into her mouth…his fingers brushed against her cheeks as he tied the soft material behind her head; she was spread before him…open…vulnerable…she couldn’t move and she couldn’t speak; all she could do was look up at him in delighted anticipation she couldn’t believe she actually felt as he slowly lifted his sweater over his head and Kagen felt a heat rush to her cunt as she greedily looked at him.

His chest was hard. Defined. His stomach muscles were ridged. His waist tapered to narrow hips; his jeans were unbuttoned, but he kept them on as he stood and looked at her for a long time and Kagen could only endure his stare…she wanted to close her eyes, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it…she liked watching him watch her…it wasn’t what she had thought it would be. It was more. It was better. His touch made her hot and wet…she had, in the past, felt herself grow wet when she had watched him move around the office, but this was different…real…she wanted to press her thighs together to ease some of the need, but her restraints made it impossible and all she could do was suffer in utter silence as suddenly, without warning, in one quick motion, the white underwear were ripped from her body and an instant later her bra…his muscles in his arms bunched when he snatched away the thin lacy and Kagen gasped in shock as her breast were suddenly bare and Evan stared down at her marble pink nipples that were perched so perfectly…his gaze moved lower to see that her cunt was shaved…he loved it…she was perfect and his and Kagen knew he intended to take complete possession and she ached for it…for him…fuck forty thousand…the man that was looming above her had the ability to give her more than six screaming orgasms and she was ready for it; she was ready for what she had never before had and what she knew she would never have again when her night with Evan was over…but even that thought fled her mind as slowly, he set down on the bed, and her wide green eyes were glued to his silver gaze.

He was the most handsome man she had ever seen; tall and broad and golden and all male with silver eyes…a strong jaw…full lips…he was perfect…hers for a few hours and it didn’t feel wrong; it didn’t matter that she was here for money because she would have been here without it…had Evan ever approached her on his own, Kagen knew she would have all too happily given herself to him as she was about to do as he leaned over her kiss her temple with warm lips that were moist.

“I am going to fuck you, Kagen.” He whispered the words in her ear…and then his teeth sank teasingly into her earlobe and Kagen rolled her head to the side to give him the access he needed. “I am going to take you…” His tongue licked away the sting his teeth had left and a soft moan escaped her when his lips touched her neck…hot…wet…teeth scraped and a tongue licked and Kagen withered inside when he kissed her collarbone while his left hand rested heavily on her stomach, hot and hard and she could feel his fingers just mere inches away from the place that most longed for his touch as suddenly, her already aching nipple was sucked deeply into his mouth and her back arched in tortured bliss.


Instinctively, Kagen pulled against the scarves that held her wrist, though she had no real desire to be freed from the sensual prison Evan had created for her as he lifted his head from her breast and she whimpered at the lose…until he blew a gentle breath over her wet nipple and her eyes rolled back in her head; her flesh felt ablaze…her chest was on fire…warmth flooded her cunt like scalding lava and desperation for more burned in her eyes as Evan looked down at her. Savored her. His touch was gentle as he brushed a lock of damp hair back from her flushed face…his eyes seemed to reach all the way to her soul and the prospect that he could read her was frightening…wonderful…she wanted to get lost in him and the glory he offered as his hand slid slowly up her belly to cup her full breast in tender warmth; his fingers kneaded into her flushed flesh…deep pressure…light pressure…she cursed the gag in her mouth when he took her nipple again, harder this time, sucking with such force it was just shy of painful but Kagen didn’t care as she lifted her back to press herself more fully against his lips; he bit…sucked…licked…bit…hard and fast…soft and slow…he changed the pressure as his mouth and hand tormented her breast until something hot and tight began to building in her stomach while her thighs quivered and Evan left her breast to kiss the valley between them.

“You are perfect…” He whispered the words against her skin. “I have thought so much about this…about having you spread out before me and it is even better than I had imagined; your skin is like silk…you taste so sweet…” He kissed his way down her flat stomach and Kagen sighed against the scarf…then she gasped when his hot tongue gently rimmed the otter lining of her belly button before diving in deep; he tickled her flesh and despite the gag, she heard herself giggle…Evan lifted his head to look at her as the sweet sound washed over him and he grinned at her; she had pulled her head from the pillow as best she could to meet his eyes and he lost himself in the olive green warmth…he could see her passion coming to life…her eyes begged him to show her more and he was all too happy to give her what she needed as he bent to kiss her belly again, his mouth open and sucking her flesh as she wiggled her hips in a silent demand that he please, please touch her where she most needed his touch…his hands and lips…she knew little about the act of sex, but her body knew what it wanted. Needed. Craved from him. She felt close to a very dangerous edge and instead of fighting to steady herself, she wanted to fall into the passionate abyss that beckoned her near and in her heart and soul, she knew Evan was about to show her what pleasure was really meant to be as he suddenly shifted his position so he was flat on his stomach, propped on his elbows…his hands slid under her tight bottom to lift her slightly off the bed so he could slid a pillow under the small of her back, leaving her pelvis elevated and her pubs open for his inspection.

It was wildly erotic to be so vulnerable…so wide spread…she could almost feel the heat of his stare as he sighed and the air rushed over her wet virginal lips…it was the most amazing sensation; Evan was looking at her as no one ever had or ever would again and Kagen felt herself growing steadily more aroused as Even drank in a deep breath and whispered her name.

“Perfection, Kagen. That is what you are. Perfection. I have never seen a pussy so pretty and pink…and God…your are so wet the desire is spilling out of you, dripping onto my sheets and I can smell you…” Flames licked at her face. “I wish I could simply cover myself in your smell…I wish I could crawl all the way inside your sweet cunt and make myself at home inside you forever…” He lifted his eyes to hers as she strained hard to look at him and something wicked danced in his eyes. “Will you tell me something, if I ask, sweet Kagen?” Her eyes were so wide and aroused he was not surprised when she nodded; she would have told him anything he wanted to hear…her eyes told him she very simply wanted the talk to end and the pleasure to begin once again…but he wanted to take time and draw out the tortuous anticipation.

“Tell me, Kagen, do you always shave your sweet cunt?”

Slowly, with her eyes still locked on his, she shook her head.

“I see…you did it for me…because you wanted me to see you pure and clear and so damn perfect. I like it. Love it, really.” He loved her, but he didn’t say it yet…he had to knock down the walls first…had to strip away her defenses and leave her bare and as crazy for him as he was her; the opportunity to have what he had longed to have for so many years had fallen into his lap and he intended to take full advantage…and teach her a few lessons along the way, he decided again in the instant before he ripped his eyes from hers and without warning as to what he intended, he pressed his face into her slippery wet cunt and Kagen arched and cried and screamed his name around the gag.

He drank in her sent…teased her…brushed his nose in her swollen mounds that were indeed dripping wet with her need for him…and then he kissed her right on her pussy with an open mouth that she strained hard to press herself against; she wanted him to devour her…own her…eat her…images she had read about in books flooded her mind and she ached to have Evan show her reality…hot and wet and wild and she screamed his name again when he shifted his hands and gently used both thumbs to spread her wide and open for his lips. His tongue. Hot. Hard. A piercing spear that pushed into her cunt again and again…he licked slowly up and down…he laved her cunt as she withered and her hips trembled and her nipples throbbed; her breast felt heavy and hot and her nerves were about to explode it seemed…she felt too much to fathom and she wanted it to end in the pleasure each touch promised, but at the same time, she wanted the sensations to last forever as Evan took her clitoris into his mouth; he nipped the most sensitive flesh with his teeth…fire set her womb ablaze…and then he suckled her…hard…fast…he suckled and licked and then even as he sucked her with almost agonizing force, he gently pushed two fingers into her sopping cunt and Kagen felt filled with light and longing as Evan allowed her a moment to adjust to the glorious invasion.

“Do you like that…” He didn’t give her the chance to answer as he slowly curled his fingers…her flesh wrapped around him…gave way…then he touched a place deep in her…a place she hadn’t known existed until Evan pressed his finger hard against it and she jerked hard at the binds that held her ankles. “I see you do…” And knowing she did, he pushed more firmly…he stroked the little sensitive patch of nerves until she began to whimper and thrash so wildly he was almost afraid she might hurt herself…and then, in a flash, it happened. She exploded. Screamed. Arched. Her muscles contracted so tightly over his hand he nearly came himself, just imagining what it would be like when he his cock was finally in her…he closed his eyes and pressed his mouth tight over her, licking harder than before, determined to make her pleasure as intense as possible…last as long as possible as she cried against the gag and lifted her hips high against his face, making it very clear to him that she loved what he was doing; she loved his touch…loved the way he tasted her…even as the spasms began to slowly subside, he kept his mouth against her, licking away the salty evidence of her orgasm, quick and hard…the gently as she fell back against the bed, her body exhausted and her bones like melted rubber as Evan sighed and rested his face against her warm sex for a long, endless moment.


Heaven. She was in Heaven. Had to be. She was floating. Drifting on a brightly sensual sea…waters calm…sky bright…her skin felt more alive than ever before and the most wonderful warmth seemed to fill her heart and soul…a contended sigh escaped her and she rubbed her sensitized flesh against the satin sheets; sweat had plastered soft rose petals to her and her arms felt a slight strain…but that was meaningless, all things taken into consideration. She felt magnificent…and unknown to her, she looked it. Or so Evan thought as he stood and looked at her for a long moment…she was so lost in the stunning aftermath of her orgasm that she had yet to realize he had left the room and returned…it was certainly shaping up to he a night that would extend well beyond his wildest dreams as he whispered her name very softly and her eyes snapped open, somewhat startled to see him standing beside the bed, still in his jeans as he smiled down at her she wanted so much to say something to him…she wanted to be able to at least sigh his name as he had sighed her as she came so wildly against his mouth and Evan sensed her need to speak as he set down beside her on the bed and with a quick, gently motion, he removed the white scarf and Kagen’s tongue ran invitingly over her lips.

“That was one.” Leaning over her, he cupped her cheek in his hand and a laugh escaped her…light such as he had never before seen radiated from her green eyes as his mouth came down hard on hers, before she could speak…her lips were open so it was an easy thing for his tongue to plunge inside with glee; it was the first time he had kissed her, which seemed odd, considering the other amazing intimacies they had already shared and Kagen lost herself in the sensation of his tongue mating with hers…touching…he very gently tickled her lips and ran leisurely along the roof of her mouth and Kagen lifted her head, wanting to take more and give more as she suckled his tongue the way he had so greedily suckled her nipples and Evan slid his hand from her cheek to tangle in her hair as his leg shifted so he was straddling her with his rough, denim clad legs scraping her soft thighs seductively…Kagen ripped her mouth from his, gasping wildly for air as Evan’s eyes locked on hers and she blinked several times to clear her gaze.

“Evan…” His name came out on a rush and he grinned.

“Finally. Evan. Thank God. Do you know how long I have waited for you to call me Evan instead of Mr. Carter…Mr. Carter…” He made a mock disgusted face. “Thank you for that, sweetheart.” Gently, he dropped a kiss on the end of her nose and she found herself laughing.

“I didn’t know my calling you Evan meant so much to you.”

“You never have. You call Greg and Kyle by their first names.”

“There is a reason for that.” Her voice was soft as she lay there with him looming over her. “I…I had to call you Mr. Cater to…well…” Her face began to flame as he very intently watched her and she shook her head and looked away.

“Oh, no you don’t. Spill it. Now.”

“It’s best that I don’t; I mean, I don’t want to make it difficult for you to be able to work with me…” It occurred to her how foolish she sounded; she was worried about the impact of a few words while tied to his bed. “I have called you Mr. Carter instead of Evan to try and make myself keep in mind that you are my boss and not…well, I have…for a really long time I have had a…well…a…”

“Crush on me?” His heart kicked so hard against his chest he felt it might break a rib as she winced and turned her eyes back to his.

“Crush is a pitiful, child like word.”

“Maybe. How about we say you wanted me to fuck you…” He pressed his wildly throbbing erection against her belly and she whimpered.

“I’ve wanted you from the second I met you.” The confession spilled from her in a quick rush. “I think about you. Dream about you and…” Her eyes closed. “I know it’s insane sounding, but I…I can’t help myself, because you are so unlike any other man that I know. You are strong. Smart and…” She forced herself to look up at him as he fought to hold back his own emotions as she lay under him, soft and sweet. “I can not believe that I am saying all of this; I have tried to be…well, professional, but then Bart got in some trouble again and I needed…God, you must think…” The reality of the situation landed hard on her and Evan kissed her hard on the mouth.

“You are wonderful. I think amazing thoughts about you. And I am damn glad to know you have wanted me since we met, because I have been having wet dreams about you since the moment I saw you.” His eyes drove hard into hers as she blinked away a rush of tears. “We have a lot to talk about, but first…” With a quick motion, he set up so he was looking down at her and Kagen saw in his eyes something warm…something that made her stomach do flips…there was emotion in those wonderful silver eyes and she felt wrapped safely in it as Evan reached to the nightstand and kicked up a white package and Kagen gasped when he held the item up for her to see.

“Is that…” The words died a quick death in her throat when he nodded.

“This is a Fudge Popsicle.” His bright eyes never left hers as he ripped of the wet white wrapper, holding tight to the wooden stick that kept the treat steady.

“I love Fudge Popsicles.”

“I know. You have one every day.” Evan shifted his hips so his jeans teased her sensitive thighs and Kagen pressed her teeth hard into her full, bottom lip. “On your late afternoon break, you slip into the coffee room and you stand over the sink and slowly, you eat the soft chocolate…you eat it one bite at a time, licking it slowly…it gets all sweet and sticky on your lips and you brush it away with your pretty pink tongue, lost in the taste and the texture. The pleasure. Watching you eat that ice cream off the stick it like a religious experience…every time I can get away from my desk I slip down to the break room and open the door just a crack and I watch you; I watch you eat every bite and when you are done, I go back to my office, into my private bathroom…” Sensually, he brushed the fudge over her lips and Kagen gasped at the cold, the licked away the sweet sauce as she watched Evan watch her.

“What…do you do when you go in the bathroom…” Her cunt clenched as Evan put the pop into his mouth and sucked hard.

“I lock the door and I unzip my pants and I take my erection in my hand…” There was a hypnotic tone to the words as he painted the delicious image. “I am so hard…full, and hard for you…I take myself in my hand and I close my eyes and I think about you on your knees in front of me, licking and nibbling and sucking me the way you do when you eat your sweet little treat and think about it…” His eyes dropped to her breast as he very slowly lowered the fudge pop to her skin and the cold made her blazing nerves scream as he trailed the icy chocolate between the valley of her breast…down her stomach in little figure eight circles that made her tremble so wantonly that any inhibitions she had once harbored evaporated like dew in the morning sun.

“Do you make yourself…” She jerked her hips when the cold, melting fudge very lightly traced the outline of her quivering belly button. “Do you come…think about how you want me to…” Her eyes closed and she ached her head back.

“I come with such force my knees nearly buckle.”

“Oh God…Evan…please…”

“Please what?” His voice was almost rough.

“Please…I ach inside…throbbing…” With force, she lifted her thighs to try and position him where she needed him to be and he laughed.

“I know. I am throbbing too. And I can’t wait to be in you.”

“Then be in me. For God’s sake…”

“Not yet. I want to try something first.” He leaned down and slurped the sweet and slowly drying chocolate trail from her flesh…his tongue followed the path his lips had set and Kagen chocked wildly on his name.


“I want to fuck you with this fudge pop.”

Her eyes went round. “Really…with…cold…” Too many thoughts flooded over her and Evan grinned.

“It will be cold. But you are hot. And I will keep you hot….”

“Please…do it, Evan. And then…after…” It took effort to form a reasonable sounding sentence as the chocolate and vanilla scents mingled in her lungs and Even very slowly eased himself back down so he was sitting between her legs; the pillow was still under the small of her back and she was open and wide and ready. “After I come again the ropes have to come off; I love being like this, with you touching me, but I have wanted you too long to not touch you…just for tonight I want to touch you and please you.” She wanted to give him all he had already given her…all he was still eager to give to her and Evan felt his chest contract as he looked at her lovely eyes; the silly girl did not know it yet, but she wasn’t spending just one night in his bed and she would have a lifetime to touch him, if he had anything to say about it…but he forced himself to simply nod as his eyes went to her sweet pussy lips which shimmered with her need; she was hot and wet and shinny and Evan could still taste her in his mouth, mixed with the chocolate and Kagen felt no shame. No bashfulness. No hesitation. Evan was about to touch her once again in a wonderful way and she wanted to see it…watch it…she was so around she had a hard time jerking a breath into her lungs as suddenly, an icy drip of chocolate landed right on her clit and the cold and hot merged wildly and her ability to speak fled and all she could do was feel and savor.

Her reaction was a beautiful thing; she was too new to sex to know how to play games or be coy…she was open and honest and Evan loved it almost as much as he loved her as he used his thumb and the index finger on his left hand to pull her slippery lips far apart; he could see her clit and her vulva and her…pink…wet…his…he felt savage need surge trough him even as he carefully touched the tip of the rapidly melting fudge pop to her quivering sex. Her pussy. It pulsed. Contracted. She shivered and rattled off words that were too pleasure mingled to understand; he knew he was turning her inside out and he adored it…adored looking at her as ever so slowly, he slipped the pop into her opened lips…a single inch…pulled it out…two inches…pulled it out and surged in again…her wet heat…the chocolate was coated with her arousal; wet and white and Evan grinned at the sight as he continued the rhythm…fast…deep…hard…slow…he turned the chocolate stick in a circular motion even as he pushed in and out and in and out until a scream was ripped from her soul…a scream that echoed around the room as her back arched off the bed and her tied hands clenched into fist as Evan pulled the chilled, sex laced shaft from her cunt and she panted his name and shivered as the orgasm pounded over her…flooded her…she was carried away once again as the most amazing vibrations pulsed inside her and out and Evan moved to straddle her once more and Kagen watched him with wide and adoring eyes as he gently braced his knees on either side of her hips so her soft body did not support all his weight as he brushed her tangled hair away from her flushed face, taking a moment to pick out the red and white rose petals that had become ensnared in the rich raven curls…she looked like life…she was his life…he grinned as he brushed his finger over her lip and she sighed and looked at the dripping fudge pop.

“I want to taste it…” She was still slightly breathless when she finally managed to speak and Evan smiled slowly. “Put it in my mouth.” Her lips parted as she made the demand and he was happy to grant her request; she was surprising him and herself with just how erotic she could be…wanted to be…in his room, in his house, the world and all the pressures that she so hated were far away and Kagen wanted to savor that change in reality for as long as she could…she wanted to make certain Evan recalled this night with the same fond passion she knew she always would as her lips wrapped firmly around the sex flavored chocolate stick and with a deep sigh, Kagen sucked the salty sweet mixture into her mouth as Evan watched, growing so hard he felt he would die…nothing and no one had never aroused him the way this sweet woman did and Kagen sensed as much; she sensed it and took a wonderfully womanly power in the knowledge as Evan drank in the sight she made. On his bed. Sucking the fudge pop. And herself. Hard and deep in her mouth…she nipped a tiny bite and a shudder ripped through Evan…he swallowed hard as her tongue licked around the edge…her eyes held his…and then she used her tongue to push the pop from her mouth and she grinned as she licked her lips slowly and he shook his head in growing awe.

“Kagen…” His heart raced. “Christ. You are killing me.”

But she shook her head. “Not so, Mr. Carter.” A seductive light glittered in those green eyes.

“Are we back to Mr. Carter?”

“I hate to do it, but I am afraid I can’t call you Evan.”

“And why is that?”

“Because you are so in control…and I have liked that a lot, but you have given me two orgasms and you swore at least six and…” She lifted her shoulder as best she could, given how she was tied. “I don’t think I will call you by your first name again unless you and I share the next orgasm…and the next and the next…” Her tilted her head slightly, as she looked up at him and he laughed.

“I think I can do that. Gladly. If you are sure.”

“If I am sure…”

“That you want me to take your virginity.”

“I am here because you are the only man I could ever give myself to like this and as wonderful as all you have done to me so far has been, I want…I want to know what it is like to have you inside me.” Filling her. Consuming her. She wanted to feel his flesh, hot and hard sliding against hers and Evan nearly laughed…it was perfect…the girl had no idea how crazy she made him as he quickly popped the rest of the dripping chocolate into his mouth and Kagen watched while he devoured it, recalling how he had devoured her…how he had found it so arousing to see her eat the fudge pops on her break…all that he had said and done to her was burned into her memory and she knew she would always hold it dear as Evan stood and then knelt on the right side of the bed, his eyes holding hers as he easily united the scarf that held her ankle bound and Kagen flexed her slightly cramping leg.

Twisting her ankle, she allowed the sting to fade as Evan freed her other leg before moving to her hands that he lowered to her sides as he untied them and with only a small wince, Kagen set up so her hair fell to her shoulders and she smiled and watched Evan’s face as he massaged each wrist; his fingers were tender…gently…she loved the way his silver blond hair fell forward…he was so male and powerful and real as he gently kissed her inner wrist and she caught his face in both hands and pulled him to her so her mouth was open and hot on his and she took the lead in kissing him with all she wanted and possessed and longed for.

Her mouth slanted over his again and again and she suckled his tongue hard as he tangled his hands in her hair and she crawled onto his lap; she moved one hand to rest on his chest, just above his thundering heart…his skin was hot…her fingers laced through the dusting of hair along his chest and Kagen fell into the wanton heat…the need…Evan was the center of her world and she wanted more than anything to please him as her eager to explore hand moved to touch his stomach and when she did, the ridged muscles were quick to clench at the feel; her touch made him burn…blaze…his cock swell beyond what had once seemed natural and Kagen could feel it hard against her hip as her mouth left his so she could place teasing kiss over his jaw to his neck while his hands cupped her ass and drew her closer to him. Against him. Her bare breast were crushed to his chest and her nipples picked his skin…he allowed his head to fall back so she could kiss his neck as he had kissed her; she used her lips and teeth and tongue just as he had…she gently nipped and tasted and teased and he was the one who whimpered when her hand dropped from his belly to rest on his erection.


The sensation of hard, throbbing flesh straining against denim sent an electric jolt up Kagen’s arm as she smiled against Evan’s neck…she felt his intake of breath at her gentle touch and it made her ache for him…for him and all they could share and her eyes were bright with need when she eased back far enough to snare his silver gaze with her green one and he trailed his fingers down her cheek.

“Kagen…” His voice was tight as she cupped him through his pants and his eyes closed heavily and she grinned.

“Wow. Is that for me?” It seemed somehow right to tease him and he laughed as she fondled the open button of his jeans. “You know, it is not fair. I am naked. And you still have on far too many clothes…” She licked her tongue of his lips, shifting her breast against his chest…she sensed the motion aroused him…and she was right…he was on fire for her as he forced open his eyes and she lightly kissed him before sliding from his lap to sit on her knees on the bed.

“Are you saying you want me to take my pants off?”

“Please. Or better yet you can let me take them off you.” How she had the nerve to be so bold was beyond her…she only knew she wanted to please him…herself…this was their special moment and Kagen wanted to live it for all it was worth as Evan held her eyes for a moment before slowly slipping from the bed to stand beside it and she very slowly moved so she was kneeling directly in front of him; she placed her hands on his chest as she looked up at him and he cupped her face for a moment…his eyes reached into hers once more…silent thoughts passed between them like whispers in the wind and Kagen took delight in him. His body. The access she had to him; she kissed his chest as he stood before her…she flicked a tongue over his nipples…he gasped at the sensation as her hands slid to hold to his waist for a moment so she could tease his belly button just as he had done to her.

Gently, growing more confident with each taste, she did to him all he had done to her; she teased and licked…kissed…she loved his salty taste and the gasping sounds that escaped his throat…his hands clutched her shoulders…her hair tickled his chest and his stomach and Evan was certain he would die from the sheer pleasure when she finally closed her thumb and index finger over his zipper and he had to fight to keep his knees from buckling as Kagen carefully tugged…slowly…a half inch at a time…the sharp grind of the lowering zipper echoed around the room almost as loudly as her screams had and Kagen could only stare in fascinated delight when suddenly, his hard, throbbing cock was exposed to her, bulging wildly from his pants that she pushed down his hips…she left the denim to slid down his long legs of its own accord as she eased back for a moment to simply stare at the magnificent sight she had unleashed.

Enormous, was the first word that came to her…amazing followed…she had not seen a man before but she had read enough books to know what to suspect, or so she had thought, until now…she was speechless as she looked at Evan hard and longer than she had imagined; his cock and balls were stretched tight and a vain pulsed…a drop of clear liquid ordained the impressive head and Kagen felt her breath flee her lungs as slowly, she cupped him in both hands, only to find her hands were far, far too small to contain him in her flesh and Evan hissed at her touch and when he did, her eyes flew to his face, laced with deep concern.

“Did I hurt you…” She looked terrified at the prospect and Even shook his head, touching a hand to her cheek to reassure her.

“No. No, you didn’t hurt me it…” His eyes closed. “I have dreamed for so long, about having you touch me…” He looked at her again with emotions once again shinning in his wonderful eyes. “Your hands are so soft. Like warm silk. I could explode in your hands and…” The words faded and his mind went blank as she smiled gently and added a bit of pressure to her grip and Evan died inside…it was perfect…Kagen…he tried to find the strength to speak, but couldn’t; all he could do was watch in utter amazement as suddenly, she was standing and he was sitting on the bed and in an instant, she was knelt on the floor between his wide spread legs, pulling away his jeans and tossing them easily aside as he looked at her stare at him for a moment more before leaning forward to run her fingers leisurely through his dark blond pubic hair.

Her touch was gently and sensual…teasing…and then she pressed a light kiss to the head of his aching penis and he was gone…lost…he couldn’t take his eyes off her as she licked away the moisture that had gathered on his cock…her tongue was warm and soft and daring; then she kissed his balls…one at a time and he gasped and tangled his hands in the sheets as Kagen sucked his entire right ball into her mouth, run her tongue around the straining flesh even as she suckled light and he was withering inside when she turned her attention to his left, applying a little more pressure as her hand wrapped around his cock, tugging gently; she seemed to know where and how to touch him…she was as in tuned to his body as he was to hers and Evan knew he had found what he had been looking for all his life when Kagen flashed a shy smile at him and held his eyes with hers as she took his penis into her mouth. Hard and deep. Like the fudge pop. She licked and sucked and nibbled lightly…teeth scraped and she held his balls in her hands, massaging them as she worked her head and mouth as one…she pulled back…blew a whisper breath on his had flesh…she sucked him in even deeper as her tongue circled his head and long shaft again and again and he swelled inside her mouth and pressed against her lips and Kagen knew what was about to happen as her gaze stayed locked on his and Evan called her name out in a ragged scream when he exploded inside her warm, wet mouth and a hot, jetting stream of salty, thick cum jolted down her throat in a wave that was, much to her surprise, glorious and welcomed.

Gasping, he gripped her arms as he leaned forward and she looked up at him as he searched deep in her eyes…his heart was thundering…he couldn’t believe how willingly she had given herself to pleasing him; no woman had ever touched him the way that Kagen did and he adored it as he kissed her hard on the mouth, pulling her on onto his lap as he did and she tangled her hands in his hair, more aroused than ever with the effect she had on him so obvious. So intense. She felt no shyness. Only the need to touch and give and taste and Evan flipped their position so she was flat of her back and his chest was pressed on hers as their tongues wrapped around one another, sucking and devouring; it was natural and real and intense and Kagen whispered his name again and again as his lips trailed down her neck to torment her breast once more and she wrapped her legs around his, anchoring him to her as best she could…she wanted all parts of her body to be close to his and she moaned loudly when his hand slipped between them so he could very gently tug at her clit until it began to swell. Sweat. His finger pressed into her lips and it sank in deep…she was soaked and Evan pressed his face into her stomach, just above the slick skin where her thighs met…he was hard again…it was insane…he had just had the most amazing orgasm he had ever known at the shy but glorious hands of the only woman he had ever or would ever love and Kagen trailed teasing fingers through his silk hair as she sighed his name in the suddenly soft air that stretched between them and Evan looked up at her, their eyes locking as he eased forward again to loom above her with his arms braced on either side of her head as her hands rested lightly on his back.

“Kagen.” Her name passed naturally from his lips.

“Evan.” She smiled easily.

“I have a confession to make to you.” He had just made the decision…he had to be as honest with her as possible before he made love to her again.

“A confession? That sounds serious.”

“It is. For me, at least. And I hope it will be for you, too.”

“What is it? Are you having second thoughts…” The warmth in her body began to fade at the very idea, but he was quick to shake his head and she sighed.

“I haven’t had second thoughts. I couldn’t, Kagen. I have wanted you for so long, and not just…” Pausing, her searched for the right way to explain…but it all came down to the simple truth, so he chose to say that. “Kagen, I am in love with you; I have been in love with you for a long time. For years, really. I have watched you and…I have seen the times you have hurt, when your mother died and when your brother disappointed you and so often I have wanted to come to you and take you in my arms…”


“I need you to know.” Looming above her, he went on as if he had not heard her effort to end his words. “I kept a distance. I made myself do it. I was certain you had no interest in me; I told myself my feelings were one sided and there was no possible way I would pressure you or push you…but I have watched and ached for you and cried at times when you have been in pain; I adore you, Kagen. So much. You are so much more than you realize you are; you are bright and beautiful and gentle and you are loyal to an almost insane degree when it comes to the people you love and…God, tonight, I have seen the distant, conservative image you show the rest of the world fall away and I have seen a passion in you. A need. A desire. I know I am babbling like a fool. But I have to say all of this and I need you to know this is more than a single night for me; I want more from you and with you, sweetheart. I mean that. And if you will let me, I will…Kagen, I want so much for you to give me a chance to show you that this, what we have had tonight, has the power to last a lifetime. I need you. I love you.” It was as simple and as complex as that and Evan was surprised by the relief that came with laying his feelings and his heart out before her…it was hers to accept or reject, but at lease he would know and Kagen’s eyes filled with tears that immediately spilled over her cheeks.

“You love me?” Her words were whispered in a quivering voice as intense shock and disbelief glittered in her green eyes and he smiled.

“I love you, Kagen Maria Connors.”

“But I…I am so…” She shook her head. “I am no one…”

“You are perfect, lady.” Sitting up, he caught her hands and pulled her forward so she was sitting before him and he didn’t allow her eyes to leave his. “You are all I want. All I need. You make me smile. Laugh. You make me want to live life as I have never lived it before; Kagen, I wish to God you could see yourself the way I see you each time I look at you…” It was his turn for tears to come to his eyes and Kagen laughed and threw herself against him, knocking him back on the bed with the force of her body as her lips came down on his and she kissed him with emotion and passion and need as his hands went into her hair…she held nothing back as she devoured him with her mouth and they were both breathless when she lifted her head and looked down at him.

“I love you, too. So much. I have loved you for years…”

“Are you serious? You never showed it…”

“I work for you and I…God, I never believed you could care for me; I am just…I didn’t think you could see anything in me to love.”

“Oh, Kagen.” He cupped her face in his large hands. “I adore you and I…baby, I am not letting this end with one night. I can’t.”

“You don’t have to. I want to be here. I love you, Evan. I mean what I said, that I have never met a man like you. You are wonderful. Smart and kind. You are not weak willed or…I have seen nothing but disappointments in my life from men, my brother and father, but you are…you are all I could long for or want and I love you…” She laughed as she said it again and Evan kissed her, rolling their position so she was again on her back and he consumed her mouth…tongue teased…he cupped her breast between them so his fingers could torment her nipples until they were hard; her need for him was again spilling from her…she wrapped her legs around his waist and ached her back so his he could kiss her neck and Kagen dug her nails in his back.

She was on fire for him…he loved her…loved her…she relished in the feelings as he took her nipple in his mouth and sucked so hard she screamed when her wet cunt contracted and Evan could feel her heat against his belly; she was withering and damp and clinging to him as he told her again that he loved her and Kagen gasped and almost cried when he pulled away from her…but relief came when she saw him reach inside his nightstand to retrieve a condom that he ripped open with his teeth and she watched in true fascination as he sheathed himself with a few motions and she spread her legs wide so he could kneel between them.

“Are you ready for me…” He again braced his arms on each side of her head and she nodded, flushed and sweating.

“So ready. I have been for a long time.” She drew up her knees to make it clear and Evan smiled as he brushed her hair from her face…their eyes held and she felt no fear or hesitation as slowly, gently, he eased inside her carefully…an inch at a time…one thick and massive inch at a time…her flesh stretched to accommodate him; there was a single moment where it his invasion stung just a bit, but it faded quickly as he made his way completely into her and she shifted, locking her legs around him so he was all the way inside her slopping pussy and she pressed herself against him as he drove deep and the went still for an endless moment.

“Evan…” She kissed the side of his face.

“I think I have died…”

She giggled and moved under him. “I take that as a compliment.”

“It is. God. You are so damn tight and wet…”

“And you are so big and hard. I like it. I like having you inside me.”

“Good. Because I intend to be inside you a lot.” His eyes found hers again and she smiled through her tears. “I know I promised you six orgasms tonight, and I intended to deliver, but I am upping the stakes; I swear to you I will give you as many orgasms as you want every night for a lifetime, Kagen…” He gasped when she moved under him in a slow, sensual dance and her hands cupped his butt, jerking him hard into her as their eyes held and he gave into his body’s natural demand to move; her thrust…pulled out…in again…slowly…then fast…all control was gone as her breast crushed against his chest and her cunt clutched his cock and held him tight in hot lava that was slick…slapping…her flesh against his…her soul his soul…their hearts were as much one as their bodies were as Kagen lifted her hips to take each thrust and give her own and all at once, at the very same moment that she exploded, her lips wrapped around his and sucked hard and they came in a wild, sweating, screaming tangle of limbs and lips…her name was ripped from him and his was ripped from her and she heaved and sobbed in release as Evan’s back arched and she shattered into what felt like a million pieces when he eased down on her with his face buried in her neck and she pressed her lips into his hair.

What he had done to her before, as glorious as it had been, had not compared to him inside her…him sharing her pleasure…it was perfect and natural and right and Kagen felt merged with him; his body was plastered against hers as he kissed her neck and she sighed his name once again and he laughed.

“Wow. Wonderful.” Evan lifted his head. “I think I am lost in you and I pray to God I never find my way out again.” Wrapping his arms around her, he rolled to his back and held her against him with her head on his chest; he stroked a hand through her hair as they sweat began to dry on them and Kagen trailed her hand up and down his stomach.

“I never knew it could be like that.”

“It has never been like that for me before. You blow my mind. I am yours.”

“I like that. And it is a fair exchange because I am yours.” She still couldn’t wrap her mind around the reality that he loved her…Evan…she giggled and he looked down at her as she smiled…her face was flushed…her hair was damp…she was beyond beautiful and he adored her as she shook her head.

“What is it?”

“When I came to you, to offer myself…I knew you wanted me and I…well, it never occurred to me that you felt what you do for me.”

“I never knew you loved me, either.”

“I guess we kept that hidden well, but no more.” Slowly, she set up. “Listen, this is…I know we had a deal…”

“I intend to keep my part of the bargain.”

“No.” Kagen said it firmly as she looked at him. “No. I have thought about this, and I am not taking money from you; I love Bart and I always will and I love my father, but I have taken care of them for too long and they are both capable of taking care of their own lives and they need to start. Now. I will help Bart find a lawyer. I will make certain he knows I love him, but I am not going to allow him to guilt me into making his stupid mistakes go away. He has to grow up once and for all. I know I have. And I know now I want more from life than to be their keeper.” It was an impressive speech coming from her and Evan smiled as he pushed himself up on his elbows.

“Are you sure? I don’t mind helping your family, babe.”

But she was shaking her head. “What you and I have is special and I will not let my family’s problems or anything else ruin that…I love you, Evan, and I want to be with you…” She held out a hand that he took with ease as he set up beside her and she locked her eyes on his.

“That decision is yours, Kagen. But know I will help. If you let me.”

“I will work it out. In the mean time…” Her expression grew intense.

“In the mean time…”

“Well, you did say six orgasms tonight and I have had three.”

“Which means I owe you three more.”

“Yep.” She winked and straddled him, pushing him down on his back as she took his hands and put them under her breast and Even held them in a warm grip. “You know, I loved it when you told me how you watch me eat those fudge pops…”

“And you made my dreams about being that fudge pop come true.”

“And I enjoyed it. But I have a dream of my own.”

“Do you?” His sensual silver eyes were bright with need and love. “And what is that dream, Kagen? Tell me. Let me make it come true.” His fingers brushed over her nipples very lightly.

“Come is the key word…” Leaning over him, she licked his lips. “You see, I am always having this dream where my sexy, wonderful, boss just lays back on his bed and allows me to have my wanton way with him…I think I might even like to use some certain red scarves to tie his wrist to his bed, just to make certain he follows the rules and lets me take the lead.”

“I like that. And I am game. In fact, Kagen, that right there is the second offer you have made to me that I just don’t have the will or the need to refuse.”

“Is that so, Evan.” Her voice was seductive as she slid down so her cunt was once again pressed against his swelling cock. “Well, I think I will devote many years to doing all I can to make you offers you can’t refuse…if you are up to it, of course?” Her raven hair fell forward to curtain both of them and Evan laughed and loved her more.

“Baby, I am up for any and all you have to offer.”

“Ready to prove it?” She challenged and he nodded.

“Ready and willing and eager to go…” Again and again…the night was young, and their time together had just begun and Evan knew, just as Kagen did, that neither of them would regret her first illicit offer and the pleasure that would forever stem from it.

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